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  • Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri    Pack  300 grams
  • Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri    Pack  300 grams
  • Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri    Pack  300 grams
  • Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri    Pack  300 grams
  • Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri    Pack  300 grams

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri
Pack 300 grams

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Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 574 Kcal
  • Protein 15.39 gm
  • Total Fat 38.98 gm
  • Saturated Fat 14.40 gm
  • Mono Unsaturated Fat 15.70 gm
  • PolyUnsaturated Fat 3.70 gm
  • Trans Fat 0 gm
  • Cholesterol Nil
  • Total Carbohydrates 40.30 gm
  • Total Sugars 0.5 gm
  • Fiber 1.5 gm
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Nutrition Notes

Contains Peanut & Gluten, Puffed Rice (16%), Spite Chick Peas (10%), Chick Peas Flour (8%), Rice Flakes (4%), Black Gram Flakes (3%), Contains Peanut & Gluten May Contain Tree nuts & Sesame Seed.


More Information

  • Shelf Life
    6 months
  • FSSAI Number

Ratings (25)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • Ready To Eat
  • Snacks
  • Bhel Puri
  • Bombay famous sweets and sour

Brand comments

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Perfect for instant snacking
I love Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri for instant snacking. It fulfills my anytime hunger pangs. It is so quick and easy to prepare. It is worth the price. The quantity is good too.

All time favourite snack. Very good in taste and quality
This is our all time favourite snack and we esure to have at least one pack of this product at home at any given point of time and the quality and quantity both are to good and the taste was good and flavorful

This product is pretty good. It has nice flavors but are not as good as the original ones. It is really easy to make and is a quick snack for your cravings.

Easiest way to get a street food classic!
If you love BhelPuri then you have to go for this product as this is the easiest way to get good and hygiene Bhel! It's very easy to make and store for later!

    Usage Tip:
  • Add some fresh herbs and Lemon Juice at the end for a nice fresh taste

Ready to Eat
It is an amazing product . I love the taste and it is very easy to prepare. I usually carry this with me on all the road trips. One must try this product undoubtedly.

Great product
There are times when we craves for bhel puri, so this product makes it easy for us, as we just need to mix everything given in the packet and dig in. Bon Apetit!

    Usage Tip:
  • As per required

Bhel puri
Haldiram's nagpur - Bhel puri pack is a good product. It helps you to make easy bhels at home. The mix is perfect to serve to a guest. The packing and quality are good.

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri Pack 300 Grams
I am from nagpur . I love Bhelpuri of Haldiram very much. It is an ideal snacks for everyone, be it children or older. Flavourful, delicious, crunchy and very easy to make. Its packaging is also very good. It is an amazing product.

Instant happiness
Everytime we have surprise guests at our home or when we want a hassle free tea time snack or salad I with my closed eyes choose this and have recommended this too many of friends as the taste is consistent and quality of raw ingredients used is good. Packaging keeps it fresh for longer

    Usage Tip:
  • Open n mix all the chutneys together as per ur spice preference

A best evening snacks
Haldiram bhel puri can be your best evening snacks option because of its mouthwatering flavours and amazing taste it my favourite evening snacks.

There are many Namkeens in the market but this Namkeen is also tasty more than other and also it is the best breakfast. Something tasty for friends if there are guest in your house you can get this Namkeen and I am sure they will also like it. .easily available .and price is also affordable

It is an easy to make product with full of flavours and is very delicious. Chutney and sev is given and it just need a good mix and is ready to eat

Bhel puri pack
The bhel puri mix is just wonderful . It has great blend of all the spices , it also has a tangy flavor. It best goes with some veggies like onions tomatoes coriander etc. The packing is also nice and travel friendly.

Easy to make
It is an easy to make product. Whenever I feel hungry it is the quickest and the most delicious thing I find. It has a tamarind chutney and sev to sprinkle upon it. It is very appetizing and everyone can make it. Highly recommended.

Again a authentic Mumbai bhelpuri
If we talk about bhelpuri we only think we got in Mumbai but when I tried this haldirams bhelpuri it's and amazing this is my favourite lunch ,dinner , breakfast every thing they provide 2 chutneys in this green and tamrind chutney which you have to mix and then serve it taste is authentic as haldiram promise My personal most favourite.

    Usage Tip:
  • You can directly pour the packet and mix there 2 chutney's and serve it with some onions and tomatoes

Puffed Rice medley
This is my absolute guiltfree(almost) favourite snack I call it bubble of happiness. It comes with puffed rice which is crisp, peanut, chickpea , sev, sweet chutney, spicy red chutney and green chutney. I generally skip putting all of sweet tamarind chutney, use just a little bit because i like it spicy and mildly sweet. This is also perfect travelling and picnic snack

    Usage Tip:
  • Use cut onion, tomato, chaat masala, lemon, green chilli for extra zing

Bombay style BHEL PURI
Haldiram's BHEL puri comes in perfect Bombay chowpati style. Sitting at home we can enjoy the authentic chowpati style spicy bhel which is unmatchable. The pack comes in sweet and green chutney with puri and mixture. This wholesome packet can create the wonderful snack within no time. It's best for evening cravings ,on a rainy evenings and best suitable for couch potatoes munching it while watching your favourite cricket match or movie . Anybody from kids to adults can try making it ,just empty the packs mix it and serve with fresh tomatoes and onions , dabbed with fresh chopped coriander adds chatpata swad to the bhel. You can customise it boiled pieces of aloos, to make it Aloo BHEL puri, you can serve with thick curd as dahi puri ,you can dish it with Ragada as ragda puri . It's a mom's best friend to serve as timepass snack for kids who demand snacks in odd time of the day. Making sweet chutney and green chutney at home requires lot of efforts and energy . All this can be minimised by buying Haldiram's Bhel puri. Packaging is excellent and user friendly ,can be carried easily on outings. The only disappointing factor of this product ,is the quantity in the packet is very less when compared to the price . I recommend every one to buy and taste once. Then You will never forget to grab one on your every next shopping .

Haldiram's Bhel Puri
It is a quick snack. Best for munching with soft drinks and even good for travel. Packaging of the product is awesome. Also various sauces kept in the product makes it tasty.

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri
Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri is really amazing product. Packet has mixture of bhel ,separately 2 packet of each chutney are present in it. I love the crunchy, tangy and spicy taste of bhel.

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri
Haldirams Nagpur Bhelpuri is a really good product and its light snack for my little hunger. I eat it in the evening time and serve this to my family members and they were really happy after eating it.

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri
I have been using Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri since a year. Its very delicious and has a balance of spices that make it amazing, especially the fact that it has a lot of peanuts inside.

Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri
Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri is my favourite. It is amazing combination of sweet, savory, sour and crunch.It is very easy to prepare and ready to eat. Bhelpuri contains puffed rice, split chana dal, corn flakes, sev and peanuts and two packets of chutney.I prepare this scrumptious bhel puri by adding chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumbers along with lip-smacking chutneys.

It is good option for instant snacks when you get guests at home without prior information. Crispy and tasty these you can also take along while travelling.

Too good
A generous mix of crispy sev, bhel, and potato bits, Haldiram's Bhel Puri is a lip-smacking take on India’s beloved street food. Perfect on its own or whipped up with some chopped fresh onions and tomatoes, the authentic Mumbai style. I love it. Taste is super fresh.

    Usage Tip:
  • U can use in paani puri also

DIY Bhel Puri
There are often insecurities of going and grabbing a plate of bhel puri at one your local chat shops due to hygiene factors. Haldirams tackles this by giving you the opportunity to make your Bhel Puri at home. All the required ingredients from the Bhel, Papdi and Peanuts are inside the packet along with three varieties of sauces that allow you to make your perfect Beheld Puri anywhere. When I make it at home, I love adding some chopped onions, a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of chat masala to make it work best for me! Sometimes I also enjoy eating it without adding anything into. I feel like they've done a brilliant job on the packaging for this one and all their various sizes of bhel puri packets. My personal favourite however would be the individual bhel puri round container. That has a vibe of its own!