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22 October, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Bengali Mustard Prawns Pouch 130 grams

Unlike a lot of other proprietary spice and curry mixes in the market this product succeeds in providing an authentic touch to your mustard gravy based dishes. It's labelled as "Shorshe Chingri" for prawns but worry not as you can add this to any of your dishes where you would want that succulent tang of mustard, like the classics "Ilish Bhapa" or even "Potoler Dorma". Being a Bengali(who's quite sensitive about Bengali food!) I can attest to the effectiveness of this product. The only thing which is missing is the signature tangy hit of the mustard in your nasal cavity which is nigh impossible to obtain in any packaged curry paste, which you can bring through adding a little bit of raw mustard paste during cooking. Otherwise, it's a very versatile product which as mentioned, you can use in any mustard curry by adjusting the amount added. This product comprises of 2 separate packets for the masala mix and curry paste. For vegetarian dishes or mild flavoured fishes, you can just reduce the quantity of the masala mix or the curry paste as per your taste, and vice versa for any strong flavoured dishes. Go on, try it out, and create your own recipes, without the usual struggle of making the mustard paste!

22 October, 2020

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Indian Hot Sauce Original Glass Bottle 230 grams

This is as spicy as it promises to be and it's as exciting as it can get. We had a lot of hot sauces and dips but never one with the Indian essence. I can feel that "tadka" and maybe a bit of cayenne in it and it goes really well with samosas or pakodas. A perfect match for the Indian snacks, even kababs. I won't suggest it for cooking unless used as a spicy marinade. But overall, a real praiseworthy experience! Definitely recommend

11 February, 2021