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25 June, 2021

Priya Nagpal

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Agro Fresh

Phool Makhana Pack 100 grams

Agro fresh phool makhana is really very very good product.these are very good source of calcium. Its Taste is too good. quality also amazing.

11 July, 2021

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California Walnuts Pack 180 grams

Borges california walnuts are very healthy option for our daliy is really a good product.its smell so tempting. I used it in cutlets,laddoos,kheer and many other my dishes it increas Taste of my all dishes.

11 July, 2021

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Agro Fresh

Regular Almonds Pack 100 grams

Agro fresh regular almonds are very good in quality. Its packaging so nice. Taste is amazing,its smell is so good.i love this product and use it at my home in all time.

11 July, 2021

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Pro Nature

Organic Raw Peanuts Pack 1 kilogram

Pro nature organic raw peanuts are very useful for me i am using in my most of dishes.its taste is natural, reasonable price also, so that's why I am saying value for money.

18 July, 2021

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Olive Oil Tin 1 litre

Figaro olive oil is one of the best olive is healthy and tasty also. Reasonable price.i Recommended for everyone. It is really good quality product.

24 July, 2021

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Everyday Basmati Rice, Full Grain Pack 1 kilogram

Every basmati rice are good but my favourite is fortune basmati rice. I really like this. This is very dilicious and healthy. After cook it's look so big and different from other basmati rice. I want to eat it after second day.

31 July, 2021