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11 December, 2021

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Ginger Garlic Paste Pack 200 grams

If you want a hassle free cooking without any compromise in taste and quality, then this is the right product for you. Tastes exactly like homemade ginger garlic paste. A must try product

03 April, 2022

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California Walnuts Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

Borges California Walnuts is an excellent product. Quality of walnut kernels is excellent. Attractive packaging. Stays fresh for longer periods.

03 April, 2022

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Agro Fresh

Round Jaggery Pack 1 kilogram

I have recently come across this product, and I must say, this is quite nice. Very good quality. I use this to prepare several desserts.

03 April, 2022

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Safe Harvest

Green Mung Pack 500 grams

Safe Harvest green mung is an excellent product with finest quality mung beans. No stones or twigs are present in the product. Stays fresh for long periods

03 April, 2022

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24 Mantra Organic

Peanut Pack 500 grams

This is a very nice product with good quality peanuts. It's not very expensive and easily available in my place. Packaging is very good.

03 April, 2022

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Ammi Samayal

Country Sugar Pack 1 kilogram

I got hand of this sugar recently when one of my relatives gave me a pack and recommended to try once. I must say, I am surprised at its brilliant quality. I would definitely like to repurchase it.

24 April, 2022

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Black Salt Pack 100 grams

I am just loving this new black salt on which I have got my hands on recently. Requires in very less amount, thus lasts longer. Very nice quality

24 April, 2022

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Flying Bird

Artificial Food Essence Kewra Bottle 20 millilitre

This is a very nice product among all the kewra essence I've used. The smell is very strong. Only a few drops are enough to create magic in your dish

06 May, 2022

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DesertKing Dates Pack 250 grams

I have recently got my hands on this product. Taste is very nice and fresh. Dates are very soft and of good quality. Highly recommended.

08 May, 2022

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Biryani Basmati Rice Pack 1 kilogram

This is a staple in my kitchen. Very nice in terms of both quality and quantity. Perfectly long grain rice which gives amazing appeal to your biryani and pulao.

09 May, 2022