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05 October, 2019

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Tata Tea

Gold Pack 250 grams

I am recommending it, as I like this product. I used to drink at least 4-5 cupss of tea a day.Its something energetic and refreshing. its quality is real best and we would believe in this company. Product packings is also very good tight and clean. I really recommend to use this tea.

18 November, 2019

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Pomegranate Flavored Center Chocolate Pack 33.3 grams

This chocolate is delicious.The chocolate is creamy and has a slightly bitter taste, which combines well with the tart- sweet fruit center. This center is a semi-soft jell like consistency, not a liquid center and I like the jell much better. The combination results in a candy which is delicious and not overly sweet! It is a little on the expensive side but is worth it. I have tried the other vanities and they are also very good but this is my favorite.

18 November, 2019

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Parle - G

Original Gluco Biscuits Pack 250 grams

This biscuit is very old and has a very good taste and many childrens used to like this biscuit.It’s truly unique. Full with taste ..full with health

20 November, 2019

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Salt Pack 1 kilogram

Tata salt is very good among all companies. No need to write any review for TATA salt as it has proven record of quality and taste.. I’ ll strongly recommend this bcz it isn’t also expensive in price.

05 January, 2020

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Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I strongly recommend to all that go for Amul cheese.No other cheese tastes better than amul cheese. it is less expensive than other cheese slices.You can use it in a sandwich or burger or you can eat it as it is. Quality is really good.

05 January, 2020

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Shrikhand Elaichi Tub 500 grams

Excellent..home made type......It tastes very good when it is served chilled. It can be a very good combination to eat with the poori.Happy with Good Quality, Variety & Value for Money

06 January, 2020

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Dairy Whitener Box 500 grams

The most excellent alternative to strong milk. It can be applied in tea, coffee and frequently as a supplement to pure milk.. It's quality, and texture are perfect. Can also be used in making desserts and substitute for milk during emergency.I would definitely recommend this product

12 January, 2020

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Turmeric Powder Glass Jar 150 grams

I just opened the jar and was surprised how rich the color was. This powder is pure, organic with intense aroma.Really Pure one.. I highly appreciate Organikrishi for their Pure quality.A pinch is enough to keep you healthy.Turmeric powder is good source of Antioxidant, boost brain function.If you want turmeric powder in a jar rather than a pack, this would be the best one for you. The jar contains fresh and pure.Must buy

06 June, 2020

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A2 Desi Cow Ghee Glass Jar 200 millilitre

100%Natural ghee.The taste is good and the quality of the products is also ghee contains many fat soluble nutrients that are essential for good health. So I would recomonded this product.

15 December, 2020

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Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour Box 75 grams

Its taste and flavours both are just awesome.Its delighted smell is totally mouth watering.Bring 1 liter milk to boil, add sugar as per your taste. Add the custard smooth paste to the boiling milk keep stirring for 3-5minutes. Your yummy custard is ready. After cooling you can add fruits or dry fruits. Or top it on cake and chill it. I will always suggest everyone to buy this product.

15 December, 2020