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05 October, 2019

Rani soni

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Orange Pack 500 grams

Very good taste and very refreshing. Good for summer..everyone in my home loves it. Tang flavors are very good. Excellent ones.I recomend it

13 October, 2019

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Pure Green Tea, 100% Natural Box 40 pcs

In todays world everyone is having very busy and tired lifestyle by which they do not take care of their health and consume unhealthy and fast food products. Lipton green tea is a great beverage which do not only make body population free but also kill many diseases and keeps us active everytime. It is a very popular brand in market serving its quality since many years. Having Lipton Green Tea Daily may help you in getting a good and permanent health. The bio active contents in the Lipton Green tea will boost out your health.Make a habit of taking at-least 1-2 Cups of Lipton Green Tea Daily.

13 October, 2019

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Classic Pure Coffee Glass Bottle 50 grams

The aroma of the coffee is very awesome. The flavor is so nice. As compared to other coffee brands product quality is very nice and the packaging is also very good which retains its aroma and freshness in it.

15 October, 2019

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Upma Pack 170 grams

Really wonderful and authentic tasting Upma.. I absolutely fell in love with the taste. I'd happily recommend this product to anyone who likes Upma or wants to just give it a try. Overall it’s a good product for those who are in hurry and need to make something quickly.

15 October, 2019

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Masala Oats Masala & Coriander Pack 400 grams

The Saffola masala oats are delicious and tasty and I used it many times for my breakfast. It's full from Protein and Vitamins. Good for children and young generation as a healthy substitute to fried stuff n fast food.

15 October, 2019

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Syrup Genuine Chocolate Flavor Plastic Bottle 623 grams

Its the best and yummiest chocolate syrup. Always have it in my pantry and it a saviour on many occasions. It never fails to satiate my sweet tooth. Use this easy squeeze bottle to create cold glasses of chocolate milk, chocolate floats, chocolate sundaes, rich hot cocoa and more..

15 October, 2019

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Honey Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

It tastes so real and quality is different from others, amazing taste with a very good packaging. It comes in market after so many laboratory tests so its is a reliable product. You can use it in many different ways in your food however you want. It is also use in so many home remedies. Packing is good jar is big and easy to take honey from jar and jar is reusable. Overall product is very good and I recommend to all and stay fit stay healthy using honey.

15 October, 2019

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Khaman (Instant Mix) Box 400 grams

I will recommend Ramdev kaman for people who have not prepared Khaman ever at home.Its indeed soft and fluffy as claimed on their pack. Best choice for anyone who want tasty and delicious taste in their snacks or in lunch Gives you the nutrient to stay healthy and fit.

15 October, 2019

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Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Pack 75 grams

I love the cadbury always and this flavour of cadbury is very nice.When I started eating something start crackling in my mouth and then I realize that it has actually got popping candy with jelly inside.Prize is little bit high but the taste is really amazing

05 November, 2019

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Rasgulla Tin 1 kilogram

Very nice packing! Mouthwatering It's very delicious, having moderate size and perfect sweetness. Worth buy.Always better than expectations

12 November, 2019