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Smith & Jones

Ginger Garlic Paste Pouch 200 grams

Smith &Jones ginger garlic paste is best in the market. The texture is perfectly same as homemade ginger garlic paste. The shelf life of this paste is longer than other brand paste. After using this paste, the taste of your dish remain exactly same as when traditionally prepared ginger garlic paste used. The best part is that you don't need to peel off the garlic, ginger for your flavourful recipes and you have a hassle-free time in your kitchen. In the same time, you can prepare more dishes for your loved ones. So, Smith &Jones ginger garlic paste can bind your loved ones together on a dining table. After using this, I have stopped preparing homemade paste, as this paste have made my life easier in kitchen. Love this so much. I recommend all to switch to this product than the traditional way of doing.

30 October, 2020

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Oats Magic Mango Pack 30 grams

This Kosh-Oats magic mango is a very healthy, nutritious, delightful breakfast/ snack. Firstly I was confused about the new mango flavour with oats. But after eating, I got very happy and I recommend this to everyone. You can get a chance to enjoy the summer Mango flavour any time in the year. This is very filling, flavourful and scrumptious. At the same time, you can loose weight by eating oats and enjoy your favourite flavour. Just ho for it and enjoy the awesomeness.

30 October, 2020

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Organic Farmers Co.

Tulsi Original Stress Reeving & Boost Immunity Tea Container 100 grams

I have tried many types of green tea but the Organic farmers co. Brand has the best green tea available and there are huge no of varieties. The basic Tulsi green tea is very soothing and healthy for our body. Those who are interested to loose their weight, take this twice a day and the result is amazing. Sipping tulsi tea will help you prevent respiratory illnesses that can range from asthma, bronchitis to cold and cough. Tulsi leaves have helps to enhance immunity and expel phlegm in case you have a cough. I recommend all to give a try, you will be amazed to see the benefits of this green tea.

30 October, 2020

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Crunchy Muesli, Nutty Delight Healthy Breakfas Cereal Box 400 grams

This Gaia muesli is a wholesome breakfast which contains lots of protein, iron and vitamins. This is very scrumptious in taste. As it describes crunchy and nutty, it is absolutely correct. The nuts will give your body beneficial fats. Gaia brand muesli is lesser price than other brands. The flavour, nutrients, price will attract everyone. For a job holder, this is the best breakfast which takes no time to prepare and body gets overall nutrients. For kids who are choosy in thier meal plan, they will enjoy this and get the nutrients. Do, just go for it. Every household should have this muesli pkt in their kitchen. Eat healthy, stay healthy

30 October, 2020

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Early Foods

Dry Dates Powder Pack 50 grams

I have been using this Early foods dry dates powder since 2 years for my baby. Dates is rich in iron and calcium and the best past is you can get all the nutrients of dates every day in your daily diet. I always give this to my baby and my mother who is diabetic in stead of sugar. So, this is a boon to those, who don't want to include refined sugar in daily diet. Early foods dates powder is very pure and the taste is exactly same as fresh dates. The packaging is also awesome. Worth every penny. I recommend everyone this product, bring home healthy food and stay is disease free life.

30 October, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Goan Chicken Cafreal Pouch 150 grams

This tasty tales Goan chicken Cafreal curry paste is very easy to use and your scrumptious chicken dish will be prepared in very less time. The packaging of the product is very attractive and the grandma picture on it is the cutest part to drag your attention. The aroma while opening the package will activate your sense organs. The texture of the past is like the traditionally preapared masala in mortar pestle. The curry is infused with balanced amount of oil, salt and other spices so that you don't need to get worried for any measurements. It's a boon for the bachelors and working women who has more inclination towards chicken. Just go for it and enjoy.

05 February, 2021

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Masala Oats Chinese Pack 250 grams

The flavour is awesome and it gets prepared in few minutes. The flavour will amaze you and you will enjoy your breakfast. Very healthy and weight loss recipe. Can be prepared without any hassle. The texture will activate your taste buds.

29 June, 2021

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24 Mantra Organic

Jaggery Powder Pack 500 grams

This jaggery powered is very pure and taste exactly same as our other jaggery. I always use for my dessert recipes and also add to my kids food as a sweetner. The taste and texture are really awesome.

05 July, 2021

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Easy Life

Cardamom Powder Bottle 65 grams

This cardamom powder is very flavourful and give your dish a lovely aroma. You don't need to crush cardamom always. Easy to easy. Very authentic and aromatic and can be used for all desserts.just go for it and enjoy the flavour.

12 July, 2021

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Chakki Fresh Atta Pack 5 kilogram

This atta is very pure and authentic. I always prefer to use this for my family. The roti made up of this atta is really soft and stay soft for longer period. The texture and flavour are exactly same as the atta we prepare at home. You can trust this product and ho for it.

19 July, 2021