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27 November, 2020

Sandesh Rane

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I am Professional chef with 20 years of culinary experience....I just love exploring and creating new recipes. I have worked with domestic and international brands of hotels. i also have my own food ventures. i am always excited about learning new things in culinary...because its a journey not a destination!!!









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Kashmiri Mirch Powder Box 100 grams

I have started my culinary journey working with ITC groups of hotels, so can very confidently say, when it comes to food quality, the ingredients are always the best. This mirch powder has that right aroma and bright color required in Kashmiri mirch powder. I recommend it to be used in dish which needs the hint of red chilly flavor and yet impart the color of it....for example Kashmir Rogan josh , Makhni gravy or even some meat kebabs

02 March, 2021

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

This is one product, I always have in my kitchen. The perfect pearls of green peas required for most of the recipes. Sometimes when I need to make a quick dish, this is my all-time savior. I have used it, in breakfast items like Poha, Upma and many times just tossed it with few vegetables to make a veg curry dish.

02 March, 2021