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03 June, 2020

Shubhankar Agarwal

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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Crunchy Plastic Jar 340 grams

This product is just not an healthy option but we could make cakes and cookies also with it. It just adds to a dish and is really healthy because of vitamins a, b, d and e. High at iron and magnesium.

08 June, 2020

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Spreads Cocoa Plastic Jar 300 grams

It is a really good product. It is very tasty and children who don't it vegetables, this can be given to them with chapatis and bread. This can also be used as dressing on cakes and cookies.

08 June, 2020

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Sangi's Kitchen

Mustard Mayonnaise Glass Jar 210 grams

It is a very tasty product and we can use it as dressings on hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and sliders. It could also be used as dip with fried snacks. Moreover, it is healthy because mustard is high on iron, potassium and vitamins.

08 June, 2020

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Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

This is the only ketchup that I prefer because it has that pungent and tangy tomato flavour which adds to a dish. This can also be used as dressings in salads.

08 June, 2020

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Sriracha Chilli Garlic Sauce Plastic Bottle 320 grams

It is very versatile product and can be used in making tacos, salad dressing, dips for snacks and very very tasty. It adds to the flavour of the dish and is very delicious.

08 June, 2020

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Pure Honey Glass Jar 250 grams

We also use this honey at our homes, it has many medicinal properties and we can also take it early in the morning with a glass of warm water. It is very tasty also and it can also be used as a dressing in salads.

08 June, 2020

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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

It is very tasty and healthy. If we had an intake of this perday, it would take heat and lactose intolerance far far away from us. It is really very good product.

08 June, 2020

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Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

It is a very tasty product, it is not that we can only drink it but, we can also use it in making cakes and various other desserts. To be honest, I personally eat it.

08 June, 2020

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Evervess Club Soda Plastic Bottle 600 millilitre

This soda water can be used in making various moctails and cocktail such as sangrias and mojitos. Gives a perfect fizz to the drinks. Moreover, very good product

08 June, 2020

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Organic India

Tulsi Green Tea Classic Container 100 grams

I always have this green tea at night. It is really tasty and it helps to improve metabolism and boosts our immunity also. All in all it is a great product

08 June, 2020