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Syrup Genuine Chocolate Flavor Plastic Bottle 623 grams

This one is best if you are searching for choclate syrup in comparison to others.I have been using this for long to make my dishes more delightful and yummy. Hershey's chocolate syrup is pure choclate taste and the texture is so smooth and can easily add this with your nutty deserts or ice-cream to add flavours.The packaging is so good that you can squeeze it nicely and easily.Loving this product!!?

16 January, 2020

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Penne Rigate Pack 250 grams

Barilla penne pasta is amazing to cook.Its texture comes out nicely after boiling and it never cracks.The size of penne pasta by barilla is quite good compare to other brands.The packaging gives you an idea how it looks like from inside as it has a small transparent area in the packet.I always make veggie penne pasta and baked pasta...Love to do experiment with this product. U must try!!

16 January, 2020

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Soft & Nutritious Paneer Classic Block Pack 200 grams

This brand serves amazing nutritious and delicious products .I have tried its desi ghee and now I have used this very soft and spongy paneer Which is good to eat and easy to cook.Must try!!

14 February, 2020

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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

Amul spiced buttermilk or amul (chaach) is an amazing and healthy product.Its refreshing and a bit spice & masala add n owsm taste! It's very simple to use and packaging is standard.Its also travel friendly.I always carry it while travelling. Price is also Worth it.??You can have it anytime.

16 February, 2020

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Soya Chunks Box 200 grams

Nutrela soya chunks is my favorite one as it is has amazing health benefits and of course it add flavors to your dish.It has two variety small and medium chunks.You can use it to make different recipes.I personally add this with my diet plan and I love the vegetable stew made with it.This is a must have product in my kitchen.Packaging is also very nyc.Its totally Worth it.??

24 February, 2020

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Farfalle Durum Wheat Pasta Pack 500 grams

Borges Farfalle pasta in bow shape is an amazing product.Packaging is perfect as it has a transparent small square shape designed to check the product.Quality is also very nyc as when you cook and boil this it would never break. I used to cook pasta adding lots of veggies and it comes out so well..amazing product...worth it??

28 February, 2020

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Green Coffee Box 60 grams

Hello friends! This greenbrrew coffee is an excellent and a very healthy choice for all.Its aroma is fantastic and you will feel refreshing with every sip. To stay fit I choose to add this in my daily routine.Just go grab yours.Amazing health benefits.Packaging is good and worth every penny.

21 March, 2020

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California Pistachios Roasted & Salted Plastic Jar 240 grams

Hey all! I want to introduce this amazing packed pistachios from Borges.The quality of these pistachios is super and large in size.Quantity is worth the price and also very crunchy in taste.You can add this in your daily healthy lifestyle.The packaging is also very nice.Must try!!??

02 April, 2020

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Milky Mist

Shrikhand Mango Pack 100 grams

Hello friends.. This is an amazing product by milky mist.The mango flavoured shrikhand is divine and delicious in taste.Its texture is so smooth and also it is very healthy.You can have it anytime as a dessert also.The best point is you can carry this if you are traveling as its packaging is very nice.You must try this mango shrikhand.Childern at your home will also love this for sure.

02 April, 2020

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Pani Puri Masala Box 100 grams

Hello Freinds, This pani puri masala by Everest is so good I tried it at home and the masala added an extra flavour to pani puri.It has everything which requires to make pani for your pani puri so just add it in water and little bit coriander and your tasty pani puri masala water is ready... You must try it once.

03 April, 2020