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25 October, 2019

sonam Jain

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I am a foodartist mommy who loves to plate healthy meals for kids in an extremely creative way. I am known as @themagicplatter in the Instagram mom communities and love to experiment with food









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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

I recently purchased frozen peas packet of this brand. The peas were perfect round, big and green in colour similarly to the fresh ones inspite of being frozen. On the taste level it was good to go - not sweet or tasteless but good enough to blend with other vegetables and spices After boiling the peas, it did not loose moisture content and shrink down intact the texture remained intact. However I found it a little hard and expected it to be softer after boiling the peas. Overall, a good product and value for money. I would recommend to go for it and prepare yummy delicacies with it

28 October, 2019

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Blueberries, Value Pack 1 kilogram

I and my little one totally loved the product. I am a foodartist and my usage of blueberries is high, and now I am a loyalist to this brand. The blueberries taste is extremely intact and not tasteless unlike others. It is soft, chewy and melts in your mouth . I feel the price is on the higher side Visa-vis the quantity of the product and should be lowered down. The packaging is friendly and easy to use. Overall a great product

01 November, 2019

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Cadbury Oreo

Choco Creme Chocolaty Sandwich Bisciuts Pack 150 grams

It is indeed a 5 star product.. love everything about it.. the sweet and chocolaty taste, cookies rarely crumbled in the packaged.. and is perfect to have it in Milk and make it fun. Right from my 3 year old to 60nuear old..everyone in the house seems to love it.

20 November, 2019