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21 January, 2020

Urvashi Rangwani

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I am passionate about cooking and exploring food to know different cusines, products. I LOVE experimenting with food ideas . Have my own food blog page where you van check my own cooked recipes. TASTE OF SAVORY









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Kitchen King Masala Box 100 grams

If you are looking for some mild spicy yet all spices aromatic flavours blend . Everest Kitchen King Masala is best to use it in you dishes . Try it on Palak Paneer and Curd based gravy dish 1tsp Kitchen King masala, it will give a delicious taste to your dish absolutely. TRIED AND TASTED.

11 March, 2020

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Rich Aroma Coffee Glass Bottle 100 grams

ONE who is looking for medium roast strong Aroma Coffee . This is best coffee to have , its instant coffee perfect to have , very smooth and buttery and has an earthy aroma.Like not bitter to the tongue at all yet very strong in essence. Its worth Price though its expensive Approx Price 500 if one having regular nescafe coffee .However one must try to feel a best aroma coffee like you are having it at a goof cafe styled

11 March, 2020

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Dal Makhani Masala Box 100 grams

USe 1tbsp Catch Dal makhani masala mix it with one small bowl of milk.Add to your gravy of dal makhani , it gives you mix spices aromatic flavour which blend perfectly to dal gives mild spicy flavour dish with creamy texture. Complete your dish same as restaurant style. If you use this Masala no need to use other spices except salt and red chili powder. Its perfect combination of all spices

11 March, 2020