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30 June, 2021

varti Jaiswal

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24 Mantra Organic

Poha Pack 500 grams

As for me, i am a die-hard lover of food and at times, Poha is the only rescue for my hungry stomach. I love it as breakfast, save it for lunch and even eat the rest for evening tea. :D

11 July, 2021

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Organic Tattva

Suji Pack 500 grams

Really , 5 star product as it's packaging is a great part of its success, you feel every packet fresh as it packed in Vacuum so no chance of missing flavour, freshness and it's granualization.

11 July, 2021

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Sankalp Shri

Rajgira Atta Pack 200 grams

This is a very good product. The flour has great flavour and does not seem to contain any impurities. I definitely recommend trying this product.

11 July, 2021

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Sabudana Pack 1 kilogram

I'm using this brand sabudana since last 6 month really nice non sticky and pearl white sabudana, very well known brand really healthy option for my family

21 July, 2021

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Wheat Flour Barik Pack 948 grams

Nice product pure ang good quality og wheat flour no mixing maida ....u can Make very soft chapattis and parathas and puris ................

28 July, 2021

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Desi Atta

Urad Dal Atta - Skinned Black Gram Flour Pack 200 grams

This brand urad dal atta perfect for making chorafli laddu, idali, dosa and many other recipes. Very good. Fine flour. I'm loving it.........

27 October, 2021

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Salt Proactive Pack 1 kilogram

Free following grenual salt good and helthy for my family it's make my food testy and helthy to full of iodine salt 100% pure aashirwad salt

27 October, 2021

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Everyday Basmati Rice, Full Grain Pack 1 kilogram

This basmati rice is very useful for daily use the rice becomes very long but one thing I have to it because this basmati rice you have to soak the rise in water at least 40 to 50 minutes before cooking. Very light rice.. all of my family members enjoyed the rice with fish tomato and chicken curry...

30 January, 2022

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Agro Fresh

Maize Flour Pack 500 grams

This is the best makki atta I have used for making makki roti. The colour, taste and the crispness of the rotis made with Gokul Gopal Makki Atta, is far superior than other makki atta I have used

30 January, 2022