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05 April, 2020

Anjana Sheladiya

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California Almonds Roasted & Salted Plastic Jar 300 grams

This product is best ever I have used till now... Californian almond have high value of nutrition and it makes brain sharper..and this product has salted almond which has touch of salt is best for digestive system than other salts...touch of black salt in almond is like cherry on the cake...just amazing...

11 April, 2020

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Chia Box 150 grams

Chia seeds are very healthy for our is excellent source of omega3 and also best is best and I use it in smoothies,summer cooler,summer juices...etc..

14 April, 2020

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Bounce Choco Twist Biscuits Pack 82 grams

These biscuits are having great taste n texture...freshness of it gives original taste of chocolates...just melt when enter to your mouth...overall it is just wow...

12 May, 2020

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Pure & Hygienic Sugar Pack 5 kilogram

Madhur sugar is best sugar I have ever tried.. it is pure and hygienic... Pure white sugar without any chemical.. Madhur sugar is best for making traditional sweets and dessert. Best product in best price.

04 August, 2021

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Gold Homogenised Standardised Milk Tetra Pack 1 litre

Amul gold is homogenised and pure milk..having richness of milk it is best for milkshakes,kheer,rabdi,etc... It gives richness n purity to the dishes .... It is also best for making homemade ghee and butter.

04 August, 2021

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Fresh Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 1 kilogram

Kissan tomato ketchup is best product. My family just love it ... It is our all time partner in bread pakoda,samosa,sandwich,pasta,pizza even with Maggie too.. I can't refuse to any snack with kissan tomato sauce..

04 August, 2021

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Pure Cow Ghee Plastic Jar 1 litre

Gowardhan ghee is my all time favourite since childhood.. it is trusted by my mother and then I trust on it for my kids.. Gowardhan cow ghee is pure,rich and aromatic.

04 August, 2021

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Pazzta Cheese Macaroni Pack 70 grams

When I think about pasta, cheese macaroni pasta strikes in my mind.. it's too yumm,cheesy,rich and tasty.. no need of long process of making is too easy to prepare like making Maggie..

04 August, 2021

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Syrup Genuine Chocolate Flavor Plastic Bottle 623 grams

Hershey's is my favourite brand and I trust blindly on it. Hershey's chocolate syrup is my best partner in kitchen for making new new dishes for my kids. My every new experiment make successful by Hershey's chocolate syrup like topping for brownie,ice cream,cakes,pancakes,choco lava idlis,churros etc

08 January, 2023

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Aloo Bhujia Pack 175 grams

Haldiram Aloo bhujia is my best companion during midnight cravings,it is also my kids support system during late night study,my husband's late night office work.overall it is helpful n precious member of our life

08 January, 2023