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10 September, 2019

Anjana Chhibber

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Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

Patanjali bandhani hing is pure flavor hing as it is bandhani it is available as small granules which minimize the chances of any adulteration in it. It has a strong flavor , a pinch of it is enough for enhancing the flavor of dal tadka Or hing kachori...i am completely satisfied with this product due to less consumption and reasonable price it is a value for money. A Good quality hing, I highly recommend it as it has flavors...which are true essence of Indian food.

01 November, 2019

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Mint Mayonnaise Plastic Bottle 300 grams

Veeba mint mayonnaise is an indianised chutney flavor with mayonnaise... It tastes awesome.. This is a wonderful product for bachelors and students who want to add touch of spices and flavors in their dry breads and tasteless food... I find it little expensive if I compare it with few other brands like funfood etc.

01 November, 2019

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Safal peas packet is a must ingredient in my pantry, it has no artificial colors you can make out fresh and tender peas are packed and freezed , this makes peas available through out the season. Safal people should make it available in zip lock kind packing and price need to be brought down, as a result we keep looking for offers at the time of purchase. Worth buying at the time of sale or offers

02 November, 2019