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01 March, 2018


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I am very passionate about cooking and can spend hours in the kitchen trying to dole out food that's high on taste and visual appeal.Cooking is absolutely therapeutic to me!!









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Arabian Dates Pack 500 grams

when i buy dates,I usually buy Lion Dates.They are easily available everywhere even at my fruit vendor.These are quite fleshy and are not coated with sugar syrup,which is why I prefer them.One can eat them raw,or chop them up and put in a bowl of porridge or add to desserts.They are very well priced too.I also find their seal lock bag packaging very convenient to store them once opened.

18 September, 2018

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Lemon Pack 500 grams

This is a family favourite.Absolute refreshing drink.It has a great lemon flavour and the right amount of sweetness.Very convenient,just add the powder to a glass of water,stir and serve. It tastes best when chilled.

19 September, 2018

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Nestle EveryDay

Dairy Whitener Pack 200 grams

Nestle EveryDay is my choice for milk powder, as it makes beverages like tea and coffee delicious and creamy .The sugar content is high so one need not add any more sugar . It dissolves very easily into a hot cup of tea or coffee.

19 September, 2018

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Peprico Red Pepper Sauce Glass Bottle 90 grams

I have tried Weikfield's Peprico ,and it delivers well in taste and texture for a red pepper sauce.I use it in my oriental dishes while cooking or as a condiment to pour over after the dish is done to give the heat and flavor of red pepper sauce.Quite affordable too.

09 October, 2018

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Mother's Recipe

Mixed Pickle Glass Jar 300 grams

This pickle is a staple in my household .It may not be a match to homemade mixed pickle but it comes next to it.It enhances the taste of meals especially when having rice and dal.It is quite salty which is why i do not prefer to eat it regularly.

09 October, 2018

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Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 500 grams

I love kissan's mixed fruit jam. Even though it is not a natural mixed fruit jam,i prefer it for the taste .My absolute delight is when I slather this jam on a toasted slice of bread with some butter accompanied with a cup of chai.

09 October, 2018

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Strawberry Blast Jam Glass Jar 320 millilitre

It may not be a natural pineapple squash but it has a great pineapple taste .The texture is quite similar to a natural squash.I like the convenience of this product,just pour into a glass,add water,stir and serve.Total value for money.

09 October, 2018

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Turmeric Powder Pack 200 grams

I'm quite an ardent user of Catch turmeric powder.It renders a good yellow colour to my dishes ,and makes my curries look appealing.It also saves the hassle of having to grind turmeric sticks to make turmeric powder.I also feel its pure and unadulterated,hence i choose to include this in my grocery staples.

10 October, 2018

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Tea Masala Box 50 grams

I am an avid chai person,and i love making cardamom tea, pepper tea or ginger tea.When i saw this product I was quite delighted to try it out thinking it would elevate my chai ,however i dislike the taste the tea spice mix gives,even the aroma doesnt appeal to me.

10 October, 2018

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Mother Dairy

Ultimate Dahi, Rich & Delicious Tub 400 grams

I usually tend to choose Mother Dairy's Ultimate Dahi as i find its quality excellent in terms of taste and texture.It is rich and creamy like hung curd and very smooth.I love using it in my marinades and curries.I also eat it plain with honey for dessert and it tastes great.

11 October, 2018