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01 March, 2018


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I am very passionate about cooking and can spend hours in the kitchen trying to dole out food that's high on taste and visual appeal.Cooking is absolutely therapeutic to me!!









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Cadbury Oreo

Lemon Twist Chocolatey Sandwich Biscuits Pack 120 grams

This is a new flavour from Oreo and its a nice change from the usual vanilla and chocolate cream filling.The lemon flavour adds a very refreshing taste and is quite enjoyable.

11 October, 2018

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Dairy Milk Home Treats Pack 140 grams

I simply love Cadbury chocolates especially the plain milk chocolate variety.However,when it comes to purchasing their chocolate slabs I refrain as I don't want to overeat chocolate,but the home treats come in small portion sizes ,perfect to indulge!The taste of these are for me the 'perfect taste of chocolate' ,rich ,creamy,chocolatey and sweet.Everyone in my family prefer Cadbury Home treats and it's a family favourite.

13 October, 2018

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Marie Light Orange Biscuits Pack 120 grams

Marie Light orange is a great variety in marie biscuits.I enjoy these because of the orange flavour and the lightness in the biscuit.They are great to dunk in tea and have, or simply just like that.My daughter loves Marie Light Orange biscuits too.

13 October, 2018

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Pasteurised Butter Box 200 grams

When it comes to butter,I can say confidently that most Indians choose Amul Butter and so do I.This salted butter,has the perfect taste and texture.This packaging is absolutely convenient compared to the 100g and 500g brick packaging it comes in.Apart from this the brand value of Amul being a trust of purity adds to my choice of this butter.

22 October, 2018

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Brown & Polson

Custard Powder Vanilla Dessert Delight Box 500 grams

My daughter loves custard and i make it often for her.I choose Brown and Polson custard powder(Vanilla) usually because I like the finished custard product it gives- smooth,creamy and thick texture,also the vanilla flavour.I adjust the sweetness according to my choice,add eggs to make it richer in protein and my daughter just enjoys eating it,which makes me quite happy.

22 October, 2018

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Crunch 'n' Cream Crunchiest Strawberry Flavoured Cream Wafers Pack 150 grams

My daughter likes cream wafers and after trying out various brands,I can say Tiffany cream wafers are really good.The wafers are crisp,and have a good cream filling which contributes to its good taste experience.The wafers are quite well-priced too.

26 October, 2018

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Pure Ghee Box 500 millilitre

Ghee is a prized food product for me ,because of its aromatic and health-giving properties.Apart from making homemade ghee,I keep stock of store bought ghee too ,and I choose Amul ghee as I feel its pure.I also like the aroma and flavour it renders to my dishes.The only drawback is the packaging as its made of cardboard,and it is very inconvenient to take out ghee from it by opening the flaps and the inner foil while cooking.

26 October, 2018

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Atta With Multigrains Pack 5 kilogram

This Atta is my monthly staple purchase .I prefer this product because its a mix of soya,channa,oats,maize and isabgol with wheat which makes this product high in fibre,protein and carbs.Not all multigrain flour mixes have isabgol(psyllium husk) in their composition but Ashirvaad Multigrain atta does,thus increasing the fibre content of the product remarkably.The rotis turn out soft and pillowy and are definitely nutritious,which makes it my preferred multigrain atta.However,for a 5kg product ,the carry bag should have a handle for ease while carrying .

27 October, 2018

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Green Tea Box 100 pcs

One of the first green tea that I have used was Typhoo Green tea and everytime I buy it ,it doesnt dissappoint.I like the intensity and flavor of the green tea .I love using it in winter as I really can feel my body temperature rising after consuming it ,making me feel quite warm and toasty.

31 October, 2018

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Cheese Processed Box 1 kilogram

Amul processed cheese for me , is absolutely a great choice to make cheese sauce and I enjoy the cheesey, creamy and silky texture it brings about in my cheese sauce.It will be great choice for making cheese fondue too.

06 November, 2018