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01 March, 2018


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I am very passionate about cooking and can spend hours in the kitchen trying to dole out food that's high on taste and visual appeal.Cooking is absolutely therapeutic to me!!









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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Creamy Plastic Jar 340 grams

When Fun Foods came up with peanut butter products,I bought this peanut butter creamy variant.I used it for making my chicken satays and it gave excellent results.And for the price of 155 rupees for a container of 340g ,its very cheap.

06 November, 2018

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Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard OIl Can 5 litre

Mustard oil is a great cooking oil as it has a high smoking point and works great for indian cooking .It also lends a great flavour to certain indian dishes like dals, fish curries and the like .I always stock up on mustard oil for cooking most of my indian dishes and tend to prefer Fortune 'Kachi Ghani' as Fortune for me is a trusted brand and its products are pure and of high quality. The 5 litre container lasts for around 6 months which is a great value for money.However,it would have been convenient if the mouth had a nozzle to pour the oil out.

05 February, 2019

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Hommade Lemoneez Glass Bottle 250 millilitre

I often run out of fresh lemons,and finding this product has been extremely helpful for me.Dabur lemoneez is easy to use, just pour the required quantity onto a spoon and add or pour straightaway.The taste is concentrated ,however it can make a dish bitter if used too much.I like the glass bottle packaging of this product. Products like these are a 'lifesaver' to me!

07 February, 2019

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Roasted Vermicelli Pack 900 grams

Vermicelli upma has been quite a favourite dish of mine since childhood.My mother has always chosen Bambino Vermicelli and now i choose the same.This roasted variety of Bambino is better than the non-roasted one as it delivers better in taste.

08 February, 2019

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Cow Ghee Tin 1 litre

Presently,I am using Amul cow ghee and i really like this product.The aroma and taste it gives to my dishes is very favourable.The tin packaging is convenient to use and store.

13 February, 2019

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Sweet Chilli Sauce Plastic Bottle 400 grams

A sweet chilli sauce for me is a great condiment to add to meat marinades and also pairs well with appetizers.Weikfeild sweet chilli sauce delivers quite perfectly in sweetness and mild notes of chilli pepper heat.

15 February, 2019

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Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Plastic Bottle 350 grams

I recently bought a bottle of Vinaigrette from Cremica to use on my fresh green salads, it does deliver the taste of a vinaigrette but alongwith gives a very synthetic taste that i find distasteful.I rather stick to making fresh vinaigrette at home than going for store- bought ones.

15 February, 2019