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All you need to fight Covid-19!

All you need to fight Covid-19!

  • JustGoToChef
  • Apr 04, 2020

  • Apr 04, 2020


The life claiming virus Covid-19 has upheaveled not just a country, but the whole world. The global pandemic has risen an alarm, and has made every individual more conscious of their hygiene and eating habits. At the same time, we also want to understand what the virus is all about, and how we can take precautions from it.

Here is an article that will help you do the same.

Boost Immunity and Understand Corona Virus by Luke Cautinho

Apart from the tips given by Luke, there are also two drinks that are super healthy and that boost immunity manifold. Find them below.

Immunity Boosting Drink Recipe

This drink is made with natural ingredients like star anise and green tea, and is easy to make. So, make sure you and your family have a glass of it every day.

ABC Juice Recipe

Made from the super nutritious fruits and vegetables i.e. Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot; this juice is full of nutrition and not only boosts immunity, but also improves metabolism. Check out the easy steps to make it, and treat yourself with the goodness of this miracle drink.

Apart from these drinks, but there are other ingredients too that have anti viral properties. You can include these in your daily diet to develop anti-viral cells in your body.

Here's a list of 8 Ingredients With Anti Viral Properties that You Could Add to Your Diet Today

8 ingredients with anti-viral properties you could add to your diet today

Now that everything related to building immunity, and staying healthy has been mentioned. Let us also look at some recipes that will address your taste buds!

12 Healthy & Tasty Recipe to Make When You Are Working from Home

If you are working from home, and your maid has been given an off, you certainly would want to try some yummy but easy food. We have collated a list of recipes for you that will address your cooking woes.

Healthy & Tasty Recipes to Make When You Are Working From Home

8 Recipes to stay In Shape During the Lockdown

If you are worried about getting out-of-shape while being home all the time during lockdown, food can be a great help! Just switch your regular meals with these yummy recipes to stay in shape! 

8 Recipes to stay in shape during the lockdown

10 Quick & Healthy Recipes to Make When Kids Are at Home

How can we forget the kids? They are the ones contstantly needing something good to eat. And specially at a time like this, the demands are super high. If you are looking for kids recipes, your search ends here.

10 Quick and Healthy Recipes to Make When Kids are at Home

6 Healthy Snacks for Kids When They are at Home

We understand that you can't always be in the kitchen. Worry not, here is a list of products that you can stock for your kids. They will not only love them, but will also ask for more.

6 Healthy snacks for kids while they stay at home

While at Home, Try These 8 Healthy Recipes

Well, well, well, can food have any limits? Not for a foodie, of course. Here are some more recipes for you that are a must-try when you are at home!

While at Home Try These 8 Healthy Recipes

We hope now you are armed and ready to begin your fight against Covid-19.












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