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19 April, 2019

Brishti Ghosh

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I am a youtuber .If you want to know my recipe follow my channel.... My FB page link.... Academically I am MA in Archaeology.But by profession I m a fashion designer.Cooking is my passion.Got so many prizes from cooking contest.It's my achievement. I always try to make healthy & perfect food for my family & GotoChef review section is the right place to help me for selecting the proper ingredients.









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Tasty Tales

Bengali Mustard Prawns Pouch 130 grams

I have tried this Mustard Prawn paste to make an authentic veg dish & the experiment is successful. Excellent product which almost gives great home cooked taste. Without any hard job of soaking, grinding of masterd & poopy seeds you can get this perfectly grind paste. Simple to cook & really delicious. Moreover it has no artificial colours, flavour & preservative. Proportion of ingredients is perfect. Tasty tales mustard & coconut masala are individually packed. If you don't want to use full pack, you can store it for later because packaging is too good. Overall it's value for money.

19 October, 2020

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India Hot Sauce Bhoot Glass Bottle 230 grams

Finally I got an Indian bhoot sauce which is not only spicy but tasty also. It has an initial sweetness that I really can't like it. But you can feel the heat & fire after few seconds. I liked it's texture, consistency & smokey flavour. A spoon of sauce is enough for extreme spice but according to the price of other sauce it's costly enough. So think about it. It's a perfect blend of all spices which goes very well with rice, noodles, wraps, momos & pakodas. The sauce bottle is also well sealed . Those who likes spicy food go for it. Overall an amazing product.

20 January, 2021

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Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly Pack 50 grams

I always like cadbury product. Cadbury Bubbly is really very tasty,light, fluffy rich chocolate bar with full of little bubbles that melts in your mouth easily. I love to share this chocolate with my family & friends. It's really a delicious chocolate at reasonable price.

11 February, 2021

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Tikhalal (Hot Chilli Powder, Red Too) Pack 100 grams

Long time I am using Everest Tikhalal & it's really nice product.If you like spicy food then go for it.Mainly I like it's colour & quality is also very good... Reasonable price & easily available in market...Highly recommended.

19 October, 2021

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Healthy & Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil Plastic Jar 5 litre

Emami healthy and tasty kachi ghani mustard oil is a really good choice. Being a bengali we love to cook with mustard oil. The aroma & taste of this oil is really good. Packaging is very nice. It's easily available in market...Go for it...

19 October, 2021

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Turmeric Powder Pack 200 grams

Truly speaking it's just like other turmeric powder...Nothing special.Its aroma & colour is good...Easily available in market.But packaging is not impressive...But overall it's good product.

19 October, 2021

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Easy Life

Garlic Powder Plastic Jar 225 grams

Personally I like fresh garlic. But when I first time tried Easy Life garlic powder I must say I am satisfied. It's aroma & taste are really good. I have used it for making bread,french fries & also in curry. Packaging is too good,value for money, highly recommended.

24 October, 2021

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Spreads Cocoa With Almond Plastic Jar 350 grams

Hershey's spread is the best chocolate spread in market.I have been using it from long & don't want to change the brand.It has a nutty & creamy taste that I like most. You can have it with bread roti anything. I make it's chocolate ball also. Even sometimes you can have it as it is. It's just yummy....Go for it.

24 October, 2021

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Milk Compound Chocolate (CO M21) Pack 400 grams

I am using Morde chocolate compound from long time. It's the best quality compound I have ever used.Price is also reasonable than other chocolate compound in the market. Quality & taste are just awesome. It can be use for cakes, homemade chocolates or you can have it as it is. But packaging can be better because 400gm compound wrapper is not so thick. So it's very tough to store for long. Otherwise it's good.

25 October, 2021

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Fresh Cream Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

I am using Amul fresh cream long time. It has creamy good texture. Consistency is very good . I use amul fresh cream for making chocolate, cake frosting, fruit salad & so many.Make your gravy items more delicious with this cream. Price is reasonable & it's easily available in market. Packaging is good but once you opened it ,you have to be finish it within 3 to 4 days . Otherwise it will waste even you refrigerate it. Allover it's good cream.

06 November, 2021