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01 February, 2022

Deval Maulik

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Saffron Box 1 grams

I always use everest saffron for my every sweet dishes.. it taste n flavour make my dishes yummy n flavourful.. my kids love this n it's good for our hearts n health too.. i recommend to you all that please try at once n used it is very lovely products..

05 February, 2022

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Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

I love Amul butter. I used it from my childhood n still using for me n my family.. my kids favourite too. Its taste is amazing n healthy too. I trust Amul n I recommend to all of you that always used Amul butter for making your dish yummy n healthy.

07 February, 2022

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Pure & Hygienic Sugar Pack 5 kilogram

We always used to make sweet dishes with sugar.. our days are starting to drink tea or coffee n it will be nothing without sugar.. me n my family always used Madhur sugar.. we bought every month 5 kg package n used it. It's colour n tasty are very sweet. It's packaging is very impressive n i like it's green colour. It's hygienic sugar n i prefer it n recommend to you all that try at once i assure you that you will like it n always used it for you n your sweet family..??❤️

08 February, 2022

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Dairy Whitener Box 500 grams

Very famous n lovely products.. i always used to make my sweet dishes from Amulya.. i love it's taste n make my dish amazing.. i used only Amul products n it's easily available n easy to use.. super package n outstanding flavour.. I recommend to you all that try at once you never buy any other products except Amul.. thank you so much Amul for giving us this healthy n amazing product..

22 February, 2022

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Cow Ghee Tin 1 litre

My all sweet dishes made only from Amul ghee. It's best for our hearts.. it's made from fresh n best butter or makhan. It's taste amazing n my family Love it.. such a lovely taste like made from halwai.. thank u so much Amul for providing us this amazing product..????

21 March, 2022

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Gulab Jamun Mix Box 100 grams

When i heard gulab jamun only captured in my mind is gits.. i prefer it n my family Love to eat.. i like gits flavour n it's very easy to make.. in my childhood i saw my mother to make jamun with gits n now i making for my kids same like my mom done... I think it's special moments for me n so I'm very thankful to gits for everything n i always recommend to all that your festival is nothing without gulab jamun n ofcourse make from gits...❤️??

26 March, 2022

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Mithai Mate Sweetened Condensed Milk Tin 400 grams

My family Love to eat sweets but sometimes it is not possible to fulfill their demand for making sweet quick.. now it's very easy to prepare sweet dishes with Amul mithai made.. very easy to make yummy recipes.. i made instant sweets for my kids from mithai made.. it's taste is amazing n my family Love to eat.. i always recommend to all my friends n family to use this.. thank you so much Amul for providing us super products..❤️❤️???

26 March, 2022