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15 June, 2018

Harveer Sahni

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Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

The best part of using this spice is that you are using a natural product which imparts a vibrant colour to your cooking and not any synthetic or other food colouring. It is mild and not too hot, so ideal for use especially when you need the colour for your international guests who cannot bear the intense spices. Other similar products are either too hot or do not impart the desired colour. It is the right level of spice and colour. a must for every kitchen.

19 November, 2019

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Cheese Slices Pouch 100 grams

This is an ideal product whose taste suits the Indian palate. Has the right colour and can make any dish amazing. In the evening as a snack that you are looking at in the refrigerator, it is a great one to have it straight as it is. For an added bulk can lay it over a slice of bread or even grill it as a sandwich by adding whatever you wish to. I use it also as a topping on my egg, simmer it till it melts. It is simply amazing in taste. One can design its usage in many ways as per ones imagination and create wonderful taste.

19 November, 2019

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Tasty Tales

Bengali Mustard Prawns Pouch 130 grams

An extremely versatile product. On the very outset it's taste reminds you of the mustard sauce served by the colonial clubs reminiscent of the British Era. One can blend it into any kind of food; they can be eggs, veggies , chicken, seafood or even create imaginative dips coupled with cream or yogurt or ketchup or whatever your creativity demands. An ideal product that can create fusion dishes. The accompanying coconut masala mix can provide the specific flavour and sweetness. I take it as optional and use to the dictat of my palate. A word of caution is that the taste maybe very strong for some so it is advisable to start with using in moderation and then increase as your taste demands. I will be posting some recipes that I created using the products "Bon appetit"

29 July, 2020

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Indian Hot Sauce Original Glass Bottle 230 grams

The sauce is mildly spiced, sour and just a little hot. it is possibly to twist the recipe with any herbs or ingredients like yogurt or cream. i just took two medium sized potatoes cut in 1 inch pieces, stir fried a little in oil and added two heaped tablespoons of the sauce. added water put it on sim untiled softened until cooked but a little crunchy. when dried to coat potatoes evenly I added some Oregano. i could have at this stage modified anyways. interesting sauce that allows improvisation.

18 January, 2021