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28 June, 2021

Monika Gupta

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Khatta Meetha Poha - 3 Minute Breakfast Pouch 60 grams

MTR poha is very soft & delicious it's taste just like wowwwwwww i always like it too much my kids always says mom make MTR poha soon they love it too??

12 July, 2021

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Salted Peanuts Pack 150 grams

Haldiram salted peanuts are very nice product my kids and my family like it so much it so crunchy and delicious it's taste makes any dish so yummy ?

12 July, 2021

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Seasame Seeds (Till) Pack 120 grams

Avni's seasame seeds this product is very trustable i buy this product first time it gud quality makes it perfect i recommend to buy this product

12 July, 2021

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Pure Cow Ghee Plastic Jar 1 litre

Gowardhan pure cow ghee is very tasty and pure in quality it enhances the taste of my all dishes it is very useful for my family so i always bought it and i recommend to everyone to buy this product ?

15 July, 2021

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Conscious Food

Buckwheat Flour Organic Pack 500 grams

It is the best quality buckwheat flour i bought it 1 st time it fine quality is supabb and it's smoothness is very nice it's flour makes puri ,partha kachori so tasty

15 July, 2021

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Mishkat Energetic

Sooji (Semolina) Pack 500 grams

This product is very nice & high quality i always use this semolina in my kitchen it becomes in nice packaging i always bought it and makes different types of breakfast recipes from it i trust this product ?

15 July, 2021

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Cheese Processed Box 1 kilogram

Amul cheese processes quality is so high and easily available in market i always put it my refrigerator and makes yummy pizza and burger from it it's taste makes my kids day they like it too much every dose and Partha they always eat it kids most favourite Amul cheese processes ???

29 July, 2021

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

Everyday Many types of noodles comes in market but noone can find Maggie noodles taste and quality that's why my family love Maggie noodles it's makes our day we love Maggie noodles

29 July, 2021

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Select Superior Sharbati Atta Pack 1 kilogram

Aashirwad select super Surbati aata is best quality product it's comes in nice packaging it's quality is so fine this flour makes roti soft and taste kids just love it ?

29 July, 2021