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  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala   Pack  70 grams
  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala   Pack  70 grams
  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala   Pack  70 grams
  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala   Pack  70 grams
  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala   Pack  70 grams

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles
Masala Pack 70 grams

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Reviews : 90 ( write a review )
Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 437 Kcal
  • Protein 10.4 gm
  • Total Fat 15.7 gm
  • Saturated Fat 6.8 gm
  • Trans Fat 0.24 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates 63.5 gm
  • Total Sugars 3.4 gm
  • Natural Fruit Sugars / Sucrose 1.6 gm
  • Fiber 3.9 gm
  • Sodium 1232.2 mg
  • Iron 3.7 mg
  • Calcium 153.5 mg
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Nutrition Notes

Noodles: Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Palm Oil, Salt, Wheat Gluten, Mineral (Calcium Carbonate), Thickeners (508 & 412), Acidity Regulators (501(i) & 500(i)) and Humectant (451(i)). Masala TASTEMAKER: Hydrolysed Groundnut (Peanut) Protein, Mixed Spices{(23.6%) (Dehydrated Onion, Coriander Powder, Red Chilli Powder (3%), Turmeric Powder, Dried Garlic (2.5%), Cumin Powder, Aniseed Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Ginger Powder, Black Pepper Powder (0.4%), Clove Powder (0.1%), Green Cardamom Powder (0.1%) & Nutmeg Powder)}, Noodle Powder {Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Palm Oil, Wheat Gluten, Mineral (Calcium Carbonate), Thickeners (508 & 412), Acidity Regulators (501(i) & 500(i)) and Humectant (451(i))}, Sugar, Edible Starch, Palm Oil, Thickener (508), Caramel Salt Mix {Salt, Colour (150d), & Palm Oil}, Acidity Regulators (330 & 500(ii)), Salt, Flavour Enhancer (635) and Mineral (Ferric Pyrophosphate). Contains Permitted Natural Colour. May Contains Milk Solids, Mustard & Soya.


More Information

  • Shelf Life
    9 months
  • FSSAI Number

Ratings (90)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • 2- minute noodles
  • Instant
  • Comfort Food
  • Easy To Make
  • Masala

Brand comments

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Instant Food
I love Maggi. It's instant food prepare in few minutes and everyone can prepare this easily. I have it one time in a day, i really like this taste. It's available in different packaging in the market with affordable price.

Helpful review
Very helpful review
Very helpful review

Maggi- All time favourite
Maggi is my favorite since childhood. I just love its taste. It is so easy to cook for small hunger pangs. The price is so feasible. It tops my grocery list.

Maggie is that one product which does not have any specific time. From snack to lunch to dinner, It serves the purpose of both taste and fullness. Nutritionally definitely not a good choice but can be eaten 1-2 times a month to treat the taste buds,.

Easy to cook
one of Nestle's amazing product and a life savior for bachelors. easy to cook, versatile in use you can use it as a snack or turn tit into a meal, can be made by different methods and flavors. like egg Maggi, fried Maggi, cheese Maggi. and now the Maggi comes in different flavors.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala
I am a lover of Maggi noodles but today Maggi once again is in news. The last time Maggi was banned was due to MSG and now Nestle has admitted that they haven’t entirely removed all the toxic ingredients. Not sure if I would have it for a long time now.

Maggi by nestle
Maggi a perfect breakfast,snack, midnight snack whatever you want to say you can. The quality,taste has never changed & remains to satisfying all palattes equally. I still stick on to chai & maggi when it rains.

This is by far the best instant noodle brand. It has a very distinct flavor that is liked my almost everyone. But on the other side it is not at all healthy to be consumed on a regular basis.

Easiest Instant Noodles!
Japan has Ramen, India has Maggi. This not just a delicious 2 Min Snack, It recaptures so many memories of Childhood or maybe a trip to a Hillstation!

This is a genuinely new flavour with a different take. It's a little more spicy than my liking.

First love for kids sorry humans.
Many types of noodles are lauched in recent times but please its not that easy to replace a king. The first thing comes in your mind when parents are away, when you have short time for lunch but want something tasty in your meal, Maggie is the answer my dear friends. you simply do not buy any other tasteless noodle because we all the value of maggie in our lives. Even my mom is a big fan, she made cake of Maggie on my birthday night and it was wow. how can you eat something else. you and your friend can refill your empty stomach in less then rs.50 and that too in just half an hour. Maggie is the best product you agree or not but this is the truth. and making it is just too easy. take 1 glass of wwater boil it put your maggie and the masala in it boil and stir it for a while and yes the stomach is full. Thank you and let me finish my maggie

Best mate
Maggie is one of my favorite snack of ready to eat food. It is easily available in various sizes and can be stored easily.The flavor balance is totally amazing. It is easy to prepare and can be made by almost everyone.

Most favourite snack.
It is literally 2 min me khusiyan. Most favourite snacking option of almost everyone in india. It is quick yet super tasty dish but one must not intake it regularly as it may cause health problems.

very helpful

Flick the hunger instant
Maggie is not a 2 minutes noodles seriously if you say it you are lier.But yeah I will definitely say if you want to flick the hunger instantly so you can make it with in 5-10 minutes.when I was child I had a good memories of maggie.I really used to love the smell of it's spice which comes with it.I seriously felt the difference between the condiment which was before and which is right now.I also noticed the difference in noodles which are not in a good quality as it was comes in different amount of packaging.In term of price it is a cheap product. That's why anyone can afford it.

A childhood favourite eaten by people of all ages.Very easy to make and one of the best midnight snacks.One of the best noodle brands in the whole market.

Maggi forever
From my childhood to my daughter, Maggi remained our favorite. Same taste and texture for years. Amazing product which can be prepared in few 2-3 minutes.

Good product
Knows from childhood , Maggie is always been favourite for many. It is perfect noodles you can try anytime. Value for money . But not cooks in 2 minutes as claimed by the brand.

My favourite midnight munch
Who would not love maggie i just love the taste ,the masala even more when mixed with cheese whenever i m hungry maggie is my saviour i cant say no to it.

I grew up eating Maggi noodles , I was happy with it all the time . Great quick meal if you can find anything or if you spend some extra time you can make a delicious dish with veggies.

    Usage Tip:
  • Add some butter while cooking , it will increase the taste

Always a Maggie Lover
Maggi is one of the best snacks in present day . It is very easy to make and serve. It is also available in many price range. Its masala makes it much better in taste .i and my family take it regular .whenever I am alone in house only thing that I made is maggi. It has its own taste and also the best present in market .

Maggi Masala a Two minute Instant Noodle.
Maggi Masala is one of the favorite instant snacks of people of all ages. It gets ready in no time which is great. The masala tastemaker is amazing and has a Indian flavor which appeals to your pallete. The texture of the noodles nice and springy when cooked correctly. The texture of the noodles beautifully compliments the masala. The most efficient factor is that you need nothing but just water to cook this delicious bowl of noodles. The instructions for cooking on the packaging is pretty clear and easy to understand. The portion delivered is enough to satisfy your hunger and urge for having a bowl of hot noodles. The packaging also provides with certain recipes some times to modify and enhance your noodles, which is a nice initiative.

    Usage Tip:
  • Cook it in a deep saucepan to cook it faster and evenly.
  • You can add your favorite veggies to make it healthy and colourful

Best product.
It is a very versatile product. Can satisfy the midnight cravings. Very easy to make and not at all time consuming. Many dishes could be made from the same product.

    Usage Tip:
  • Use less water

Maggi is one of the easy and quick recipe. It has zero trans fat and 15% protein. I have rated 4 stars in taste and texture column, because it's texture is basically saucey;which is good but I personally think that, if it has something crispy in it, it gives much better texture. It smells gorgeous and makes everyone feel appetite. Maggi tastes good.

2 minute noodles
Well is there anyone who can rate maggi? It's perfect soul food for me. It can be prepared quickly and is very tasty. It goes well in any form it is used in.

Good product
Maggi is a heart-throb of millions of people. It is so delicious and it can be prepared within a short span of time. Moreover it is made of wheat thus it provides carbohydrate. Thus it is good for health. Also the price is affordable.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 Grams
Mangi 2 minutes noodles is an instant snack. Children also make it easily. The spice packet inside it , makes it taste very good. People say that it is not healthy, it is right, but if we make it by putting lots of vegetables in it, keeping the taste of children, then it will be healthy as well as tasty. There is no time to eat it, even at night when you feel hungry, you can easily open its packet, make it add spices and just calm your hunger. But my advice is not to let children eat it every day

Luv five minutes Maggi
I love maggi from my childhood..very easy. Very tempting...and many ways to make this. Easy to cook. Children are also love to eat this . I can't imagine my holidays without Maggi.

All time favourite
It's an all time favourite product for everyone. Maggie is providing a unique great taste from every long time . I use Maggie as a base product , i have tried alot of variation with this base product.

quite recommended product
one of the best instant noodles quite good packing and an amazing taste

    Usage Tip:
  • in an warm water first add masala rather adding noodles

The best and easy food especially for bachelors
What else could be better than a packet of Maggi for a bachelor? Kitchen without a packet of Maggi is incomplete at a bachelor's place. Not oy for them but it is very much liked by every person mainly children. A 12rs.packet of Maggi just requires 150 ml of hot water and the sachet of masala which comes along with it and just a stir of 2-3 minutes after the water boils, it does not only saves time but satisfies one with his/her appetite.

Good product
A 2 minute product that you can make it and have it. Its easier to make and have it on the go. This particular packet of Maggie is favourite

Be it in our school tiffin boxes or as a late-night snack, maggi has been a rescue to everyone’s hunger pangs over two decades. One 70g pack (300 calories approximately) of maggi can satisfy a kid, but not a hungry adult. Though it is a comfort food for many, nutrition has always been a concern since these are deep fried before packaging, which in turn helps it to get cooked so fast. Our love for maggi may not change, so it’s better to savour it as a healthy meal loaded with vegetables (or egg/ chicken) occasionally. Our intense love for maggi skyrocketed its market share this quarantine, surpassing even milk, as reported by Nestle.

Easy to make
It is so easy to make and one of my comfort food. I can never say no for Maggi. And the masala sachet that comes with it is so flavourful that no one can resist.

It is good products. Maggi is very tasty. Super taste. Variety of products. Like Hakka noodles, chicken and veg Maggie. I love chicken Maggi

Satisfied as always
Maggi noodles has been a part of my life since childhood and its taste has only improved since then. The taste and quantity is satisfactory but I would really appreciate if the amount of the masala is increased.

Humari Maggi
The caption says "2 Minutes noodles " it take more than usually 5 to 6 minutes . The taste of this product hasnt changed since I have started eating them . There are many instant noodles in the Indian market but Maggi brings a certain "Indian -ness" to noodles which any brand hasn't touched it yet.

Who doesnt kw this product maggie ,i think everyone kwns it ,as it is a love for everyone specially a child ..for me it ia s love ..because if u r in hurry..or let for ur office ..just cook maggie nd take it is instant snack ,instant brkfast .. nd it also a midnight snack for us also saves our hunger at ni8 i really love it .. If uh didnt try yet try it.nd uh love it

Ready to make
I have not met anyone yet who could say no to maggi. I would say that I have grown eating this product and still I feel the need to have more. It is the first thing that everyone learns to prepare and it is very tasty. Although that 2 minutes fact is wrong but one can never get enough of maggi.

Every Indian household will have a packet of maggi in their kitchens. Maggi serves as a whole meal for some while can also be eaten as a snack. Everyone has their own signature maggi preparation to fulfil their noodle cravings and make it however, maggi always tastes delicious and a go to food for almost any occasion

Maggi Honest Review
The 2 minute maggi small packet costs Rs. 12 and is idol for just one to suppress their cravings for the most loved maggi. The packed does not include a lot quantity of noodles, however it is sufficient for a single person to eat. The packet includes a bar of dry noodles and a small packet of tastemaker, which is best taste adder in itself, you don't need anything else than the tastemaker. Although this small packet can not satisfy your hunger but its taste will give you immense pleasure.

    Usage Tip:
  • Add chopped vegetables to have a unique colorful and healthy maggi.
  • Add half tsp red chilli powder and half tsp haldi powder to make it a little spicy.

Everyone's favourite
Many noodles come and go but maggi remains forever. It is the first thing a person learns to make (even before tea) and the consistent taste makes it worth spending for. Personally I feel that it has a mouth watering aroma that could make anybody lose control.

Review of the Maggi 70 grams pcak
It is a good food for everyone for all type of people. It is little time consuming food to prepare and everyone can make it within just 2 mins.Although many other things will can also prepare for this maggi and its texture and quantity is good.

Delicious and Fulfilling
Maggi is the favorite snack I have been enjoying since my childhood. The best thing which differentiate maggi from others is it's masala. And the best part comes when it is available in various packs of 1,2,4,6&8. In my opinion, it's the best 2 minutes ready snack which cannot be replaced by other brands.

    Usage Tip:
  • 3/4 glass of water per piece

Maggi- 2- Minute Noodles Masala
MAGGI 2-minute Noodles is an instant noodles from the house of Nestle which is made with the finest quality spices and ingredients with the goodness of Iron in it. This pack contains a portion of 70gm which has 15%of daily iron requirement. Maggi noodles has a tastemaker inside the lack which is full of flavours that no other instant noodles brand can match. This is one of my favourites among instant noodles and best enjoy during winters or in hill stations.

Jab hunger sataya maggi sabko yaad aaye ?
The perfect meal and all time favorite food for every generation.. Maggie can be eaten up at any moment, good to taste and less cost. Hostel students are relying totally on Maggie but I have queries with it's species. It's masala needs to be more full of flavors because before it was little more Tangy which is missing now!!

    Usage Tip:
  • Add more species to it.

First love of every hosteler boy
I have graduated from himachal Pradesh away from my home, so i known how it feels when u away from home and u dont want to eat hostel food( well know quality ??), Answer for this is MAGGI, doesnt matter it claim for 2minutes but it takes 30min from taking decision to prepare maggi, buy from shop and cook it... no other noodle can be compared with it, due to its taste, availability, quick preparation, and most important,MEMORIES created with friends while sharing a single packet with 10 friends... it remains love for the life once it comes to your life..... love it

    Usage Tip:
  • Any quantity just need lots of friends to share

Best in taste
Maggi is awesome in taste.i love the taste of this flavour.the packaging is also good. Worth buying the product. I have tried this making at home and it tastes perfect.

Taste and Quality
Maggie has been a childhood favourite of mine but now I honestly feel the difference in the taste and the quality has lowered a bit in taste

    Usage Tip:
  • Add vegetables and spices from your kitchen shelf

I love my maggi
I belong to an era where We in India grew up eating maggi. Over years i have seen maggi's transition to different forms and probably one of those early testers for each new launch. However hands down maggi masala classic flavour wins the race and my heart. Its that thing that goes from midnight binge to classic pahad to lazy days no cooking to just soupy or spice rainday cravings. It might not be super healthy, but binging is fair , especially when you load up with veggies ? ? ?

    Usage Tip:
  • Put masala when maggi noodles are half done, and cover it, flavour n smell enhances
  • Use your dominos pizza seasonings over midnight maggi

2 minutes tasty food
I love maggi. Its masala is very flavorful and can made easily in just 2 minutes. You do not require to be a cook to make maggi and when hungry can make it fast and satisfy your hungry. You can make it with vegetables also.

taste and quality
I just love Maggi and its best part is that u can prepare by your own way but it is fried....if anyone is health concious then let me tell u that Maggi is fried.

2 min noodles -Maggi
Maggi 2 min noodles for your small hunger pangs. Make your quick meal or snack with this. Street style or Moms magic, on the go or if relaxing ,This comes handy

    Usage Tip:
  • Add vegetable stock for enhanced taste

Maggie Masala Noodles review
A quick and easy product for convenient use by all age groups. A must have in every household. The taste maker is perfect and indeed tasty. the packaging is good to be stored until the expiry date. Value for money. Easily available in all stores and supermarkets.

D first thng wid whch I began my cooking journey was Maggi. Nothing has changed, be it the taste or d Maggie masala.just d way it was, perfect. I can still recall my craziness for Maggi. Maggi ka magic is even now in every age product to have once in a while.

Maggi noodles the best and quickest way when you are terribly hungry it's not only children first choice but its everyone's choice I like to do experiments with noodles making in different styles so if someone asks me can u have maggi noodles daily my answer will be always a big yes with a big smile.

Thanks for valuable review .

2 Minute Noodle
I love maggi as it is a time saver for me. I am eating maggi since my childhood. Maggi masala is unbeatable in its taste. Original flavour of maggi is in the masala only. I love the packaging of the product also as it connects me to my childhood memories

Truly agree with u
Very nice :)
Superb taste and flavour.
For more info visit

I love maggi. U can make it every ways. Variety of maggi likes oats maggi, aata noodles it. This is easily available in the market.

My lovely maggi
Always tempting maggi, my childhood was awesome because of maggi. Now that i am a chef , i invented lot of recipes with maggi, you can make maggi arancini( italian), maggi upuma, maggi curry laksa(malaysian), maggi falafel(arabic). Lot of creative dishes can be made with my lovely versatile maggi, loved it!

ofcourse i luv maggi frm d day i tastes for first tym frm my childhood. the yummy juicy delicious taste changes a person's mood. No other noodles taste satisfies as much as maggi does.

Taste review.
2 minutes maggi is a go to snack in almost every Indian household. It is very accessible to all the classes of the society in almost all the stores. The packaging is attractive and has all the descriptions and details printed on it. Although I wouldn't recommend anyone to have it on a regular basis. The noodles on its own is made out of maida which is not good for your gut hence it can affect the gut brain axis if consumed on a daily basis.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles
Since childhood I have been eating Maggi. It is my favourite evening snack. I sometime cook it by adding healthy veggies along with Maggi masala to give it awesome taste and healthy twist to my regular maggi. Just spend 12 bucks to buy Maggi 2-Minute Noodles .

exactly true

My Favorite
Maggi is my favorite dish from my childhood. I love maggi masala and it's first product which i have cooked by myself. It's ready very quickly without any extra efforts. It's available in different packaging along with reasonable price.

All time favorite
Maggi is all time favorite in our house no matter we tried so many different brands but Maggi still ranks on no.1.My family love to indulge once a week on maggi.

Maggie noodles
There is no one i suppose who does not like maggie. Maggie has that lovely flavor that no one can resist and moreover you it is so versatile that it can be innovated in any way or style.

Noodles are thick and sticky
Maggi is thick and sticky as compared to new noodles in market. it compensates tastes of masala. now it won't worth to buy and eat. There are various other noodles to try in comparison to maggie

Anytime Favourite Hunger cure (Loved by all)
it's being about 19 years am a big fan of maggi not because it have value for money. For students who lives in hostel, bachelors, who don't know how to cook, for them it's just a game of 2 minutes. Beside this it goes very well & smoothly whatever you add to this like veggies, egg, chicken, prawn, paneer, soya chunks. I say maggi is an All-rounder Kudos to maggi.

Quick and super easy food
always all time favourite time pass fast snack and healthy food items is Maggie this Maggie I can give to my child any time whenever he demanded or asking me that he want something to eat i can prepare in very less time and give it to my child

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala reviews
Need a quick meal on the go? Reach for Maggi Masala Spicy Noodles! Maggi is spreading happiness with its instant, tasty, and healthy noodles. It is very easy to make and doesn't have to compromise a taste.

review of maggi
As in my point of view, Maggi seems to be helpful for the students just because we in a short period of time we can cook and have it which saves a lot of time.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala
I love Maggie 2-Minute Noodles Masala, though nobody in my family does and it’s easily available in all supermarkets. I used to have it almost every day... it's delicious and easy to cook. I don't like that most of the food products use plastic packaging.

Yeah, plastic should be avoided but nevertheless no one can beat the taste and flavour of Maggi 2-minute noodles.

Hazardous for health
Maggi is an international brand across the world and has various products. One of them is - Maggi noodles. I always used to eat Maggi till I was in 12th standard. I was in love with that Maggi masala taste. And even that time none other food products was providing such taste. Since my childhood maggi was the favorite and tasty food all over the India .I buy this product because it is so tasty and reliable because now it has come back from may testing and the laboratories many food health agencies have declared it safe and its masala is now also safe. I also tried Yippee noodles, top ramen, ved-aata noodles but the flavor maggi has no one have reached near to is close to people's heart. Eversince the maggi is back now my trust has grown more and it tastes better before.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 Grams
Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 gm is easily available in a general store at reasonable price. The packaging and labelling is also very attractive. Maggi 2-Minute Noodles is one of the largest & most loved food brands and It's the most-loved meal across all ages, but I'm a bit diet conscious and I wouldn't recommend anyone to have it on a regular basis. While making Maggi 2-Minute Noodles, add some fresh veggies of your choice, adding veggies here is a healthier option for your kids, sprinkle some salt and add a tablespoon of oil to prevent them from sticking. To enhance its flavor you can also add lean protein.


Maggi 2-Minute Noodles
Maggi Noodles is so yummy. I love and enjoy sharing Maggie with my friends. For me it's not Maggie, it is memories. In my childhood when I used to get ready to catch the school bus, mom used to pack my tiffin with Maggi. Maggi Noodle is my Favorite .

Totally agree with you.

Tasty Maggie
Maggie is one of the food item that i prefer from my childhood and this is one of my favourite. Maggie is a time saver food. It is easy to prepare and so versatile. The flavour of maggie masala is too good. I love maggie noodles !!

true. completely agree.

tasty and quality product
I love maggi since my childhood and the best part is the taste never changed. Best quality product with amazing taste and is prepared instantly.

Maggi 2-Minute
I like the flavor of the product, but I feel that it's availability and quantity provided is quiet less. Taste is good but i feel the quantity is little less as compared to normal Maggie noodles.

Lost Its charm
I truly think maggi noodles was far better, taste-wise before MSG scandal. I would rather have something else than this. Even Nostalgic appeal of maggi noodles not there.

Simple bhi tasty bhi
Maggi -2 minute masala maggi just gives a yummy taste. It’s easy to cook and makes tummy full. And crisis need is maggi. Kahin bhi khabhi bhi it’s an easy food to made which can be cooked by anyone anywhere.

Filling and we love it
Maggi is one product which we all love, be it me my husband and my kids. Maggi has a good taste n it's filling though maggi's masala flavour has changed a lot from before but I add maggi magic cube or magic masala then it tastes great n yummmmmmmy.

    Usage Tip:
  • If u like it more masaledaar, add magic cube or magic masala

Maggie, never changed in 20 years.
I have been eating Maggie since i was a child and i have realised that the taste is still the same. The best part is that it is quick to cook and it sits perfect for a small meal.

Typical food for every Indian
The most common item in the market. A brand name for itself. There is nothing comparing but somehow never liked any other flavour apart from masala Maggi. Have even tried the flavours which they don’t sell in India.

Agreed with your review

All time favourite
MAGGI ...the first food dish we all prepare first in our life ..mostly it is quite easy to made as well as loved by every generation.. By old aged persons too ..Me and my granny were together at our home ..I was not an adult at that time so no knowledge of food dishes prepare ..and she was quite old to make anything she was sick also ..we both were hungry ..and at that time MAGGIE came to rescue for our hunger ..she instruct me how to prepare and It was first time I made something in my kitchen ..and we both loved it ..My childhood memory

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala
A big welcome back to my favourite Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala.I prepare fast to cook and ready to eat Maggi in different style. I add chopped onions, tomatoes and mayonnaise to make scrumptious Maggi.Neither Top ramen noodles nor yippee can beat the delicious and lip smacking taste of my Maggi noodles.

Best of all.time
Best in taste and quick recipe. We can modify and create our own style. From kids to grownups.. everyone's favourite. Is always useful when nothing is available at Home for munching

    Usage Tip:
  • Add some cheese or add some flour and make evening pakora

My all time favorite
I don't know if I can describe my love for Maggie in words because it has been with us from years ?, whenever mom didn't made food, I ate Maggie, when I Couldn't get birthday cake for my friend at night, I made her Maggie cake, haha. I even tried other noodles from different companies but I could only have it for few days, nothing can match Maggie's taste. And I don't think there's even a single person who don't like Maggie, especially students like me.

Who does not love maggie
Who does not love maggie!! Love the taste but i feel previously maggie tasted better ie. before the ban. I hope they get back the same flavour.

Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala
I am eating maggi noodles from many years and enjoying it. It smells so nice after cooked. It can be harmful for digestive system but i still love it.

It is so helpful. I quite liked the review

Nice quality
I have five parameters to describe the product. These are given below: 1. Taste is similar to other products. 2. Price is competitive in market. 3. Packaging is very good and hygienic. 4. Texture is simple and elegant. 5. Available online or offline easily. 6. Try at least once. 7. In Maggie products masala is different and simple to taste than other products. This quality is different and unique from other products.

Longest but Most Worth It 2 Minutes
It's a rather known fact that the Maggi - 2 minutes noodles is the biggest lie of the century, but why do we still give in to this and still buy it? Here's why; the 2 minute concept is understood to be a marketing gimmick and we are able to look past it because we all know that it's definitely worth the wait! There are n number of recipes and variation you could do with this one packet of instant noodles and even if you choose not to mix it up and having it exactly how it is, the maggi masala by itself is a perfect example of what umami is. By the time it hits the back of our throats, we are left craving for more. Ask yourselves, is there any other better word to describe the flavour that comes out of the small sachet that has you almost addicted to this noodles, I believe not. Thus, personally I'm willing to wait a little over the 2 minute mark or sometimes even more than double the time just to be able to savour this one of a kind product! I've tried everything under the sun to cook it at 2 minutes, but I've never been able to execute this task in 120 seconds. I've put it in whole and I've crumbled it up, I've tried it on boiling hot water and started it off at room temperature, I highly believe it's an impossible task and that if one could actually make it on time, they should find themselves on the Guinness World Records! All said and done, Maggi has grown with us and has been there for the most of us at all times and whenever we needed it, and never failed to disappoint be it soupy, dry or just how you like it. Very truly I would like to quote one of their campaigns, "Mera Maggi" meaning My Maggi.

    Usage Tip:
  • To get as close to the two minute mark, get your water to heavy roll boil before adding your noodles, this helps it cooking faster.
  • Always add the masala into the water while boiling so the masala gets distributed evenly among the noodles.

We Love Maggi
Another favorite for millennials. Maggi, is an instant noodle that made headlines for all the wrong reasons and ended up being taken off shelves. It opened a huge doorway for competition as Patanjali, ITC, Top Ramen made incremental sales out of Maggi's ousting. But Maggi came out of all legal proceedings, proving critics wrong and was immediately accepted by it's lovers across India. Such is the taste and fame of Maggi. This acceptance in itself is a statement that it's taste cannot be better. The Magic Masala, that is the catalyst of Maggi's taste, is a winner in itself. What is it made of is a secret to me, but I am sure the spice in itself can be added to any veggies to amplify it's taste. Even though it is an Instant Noodle, the best place to have it is in the Mountains. Even at the beach, it's super fun to dig into a hot bowl of Maggi. There are loads of recipes including Maggi which can be customized based on the palate of the patron and each such recipe is cooler than the other.

    Usage Tip:
  • Sprinkle some salt and oregano along with the mix and add some lemon drops.
  • Add some veggies
  • Mix with White sauce

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