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Pepper & Herb Sausages Chicken Pack 250 grams

The sausages come in a well packed and vacuum sealed packet. The sausages are all in uniform size and shape creating uniform taste when cooked at the same time & temperature. I personally felt that the herbs dominate the taste in the sausages and the sausages taste slightly bland. A little more seasoning on the sausages would've made it a perfect breakfast sausage!!

16 July, 2020

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Nonfat Probiotic Drink Plastic Bottle 65 millilitre

The packaging of the probiotic drink Yakult comes in a nice compact bottle which is very much portable. The product also has a good description of the benefits and how to use it on it which is very convenient to understand. The taste of the drink is palatable to different individuals because of the slightly sour taste it possesses. Although it tastes good and the packaging speaks well for itself the probiotic drink is sweetened which I personally do not like. There are various other forms to get the probiotics into your system without inclusion of any added ingredients or sweeteners.

16 July, 2020

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Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

Amul Butter is by far the most accessible, easy to get and tasty butter as there is in India as of now. It is a product that is very accessible to all classes of the society. Like the tag says it truely is utterly butterly delicious. The butter is creamy at room temperature making it easily spreadable and solid when chilled making it perfect for products like pies and tarts.

16 July, 2020

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

2 minutes maggi is a go to snack in almost every Indian household. It is very accessible to all the classes of the society in almost all the stores. The packaging is attractive and has all the descriptions and details printed on it. Although I wouldn't recommend anyone to have it on a regular basis. The noodles on its own is made out of maida which is not good for your gut hence it can affect the gut brain axis if consumed on a daily basis.

16 July, 2020

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Coca Cola

Coca Cola Plastic Bottle 1.75 litre

Coca Cola is one of the fastest and best selling soft drinks worldwide. It is also easily accessible in almost all the stores. The packaging of the drinks is attractive and is also available in various sizes. Though it is available at a reasonable price it is not recommended to drink it on a daily basis as it can cause the gut bacteria to decay causing an imbalance in the mental health, hormonal balance and more as it contains an enormous amount of refined sugar.

16 July, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Goan Chicken Cafreal Pouch 150 grams

I loved the packaging of the product, the vibrant colors, the tiny tale regarding the dish, the naani character all of which definitely attracts one's attention. The instructions on the package are very precise & clear with step to step procedures. The pro is you don't have to add anything additional while cooking not even oil, the con might be the price because one packet is used for only 500g of meat. But overall I loved the taste it has everything that gets you drooling. #gotochef

04 October, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Amritsary Mutton Curry Pouch 130 grams

The packaging of the product is absolutely amazing. Not just the looks it also tastes amazing with the differespices tingling on your tongue for long after eating. There is absolutely no requirement to add anything to it while cooking not even oil. I tried the paste with mushrooms and they tasted amazing. The only slight difference I would probably make is make it a little more spicy to highlight the flavour of the meat/vegetable. I love how even the tiniest of details like the nani's story is printed on the package!!

12 October, 2020

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India Hot Sauce Bhoot Glass Bottle 230 grams

Finally an Indian hot sauce?. Thank you gotochef for letting me taste this not just lip-smacking product but an affordable one too. The sauce on it's own has a great consistency not too liquidy nor too thick. It coats well on products. It is well seasoned and can be directly used as a dip or in hot preparations. The only drawback I felt was that it isn't as spicy as it describes to be. Overall satisfaction of the product is great and a must try.!.

22 February, 2021

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Oats Homestyle Masala Pack 400 grams

The packaging of the product is vibrant and eye catching. The packet comes with 4 sachets - 3 Homestyle Masala and 1 Tangy Tomato. The Homestyle masala flavour is mild yet leaves a long lasting taste. I added vegetables like carrot and bell peppers for some texture. The oats on its own is easy to cook hardly takes 3 mins. While boiling the oats add the sachet flavoring to it and cook until done. Top with some sautéed or steamed vegetables for added texture and nutritional value. Overall satisfied with flavour, packaging and price.

20 April, 2021