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19 May, 2020

Pallavi Bohra

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Whether there is a pea season or not, peas are always available in my house make delicious curries or other products. My best item for snacks is mutter or pea kachories. Whole family just loved it, so i always keep one or two pack of safal pea in my freezer. Thanks to such a innovative idea.

29 May, 2020

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Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams

Coriander is one of the main ingredient of any curry and we all are dependent on its flavors and freshness as it will effect the taste of our recipe. Have been used many brand of spices but the taste and aroma in catch's coriander is unmatchable. Five star to this product.

29 May, 2020

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Orange Pack 500 grams

Tang orange juice is not a real fruit juice. It is mixture of flavours, sugar, added vitamins and minerals. We just need to mix in recommended quantity of water. I like this product and gives to my daughter some time because she likes the flavour and this way she drinks some extra liquid which is very necessary in hot summers. Kids are very careless in eating and drinking so I try to give her liquid in the form of tang.

30 May, 2020

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

From my childhood to my daughter, Maggi remained our favorite. Same taste and texture for years. Amazing product which can be prepared in few 2-3 minutes.

31 May, 2020

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Ragi Bites Choco Fills Box 250 grams

Many might don't know that ragi millet (Finger millet) is very healthy grain. It is a good source of calcium and fiber. To feed ragi as such to kids is very challenging for me, but soulfull solved this problem with this innovative product. I give ragi bites with milk to my daughter in breakfast or 4 pm snack. It has amazing taste and flavor.

31 May, 2020

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Turmeric Powder Pack 200 grams

Turmeric is one of the basic ingredient of any Indian cooking. I used to ground fresh turmeric earlier but since i started using catch product, i do not feel any need of ground turmeric myself at home. The product is really clean and with fresh taste.

31 May, 2020

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Oats Pack 200 grams

Oats are always a part of our breakfast. Quaker plain oats with some blanched veggies make a nutritious and healthy breakfast every day. Number of recipes i have tried with oats which encourage my child to eat oats as well.

03 June, 2020

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Classic Thick Tomato Soup Pack 53 grams

Solution of 11 pm hunger. Tasty, healthy and quickest way to fulfill stomach. I use this product even i have cold, a cup of hot soup helped me in recovering cough and cold many times. I like this product very much and always keep few packets at home.

04 June, 2020

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Sattvic foods

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Bottle 500 millilitre

Cold press of any seed is full nutrition and natural benefits. Though the self life of cold press oils are less in compare to regular refined oils but the richness of natural ingredients is much higher. It get absorbed by skin and help in nurishing skin very fast. The product is really good.

07 June, 2020

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Punjabi Papad Pack 200 grams

Dal chawal and masala papad is a dish I can have at any time. My daughters' first cooking was hotel style masala papad with tomato, coriander leaves and chaat masala. Punjabi papad is very tasty, hygienic with professional packaging.

07 June, 2020