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  • Catch Coriander Powder    Pack  100 grams
  • Catch Coriander Powder    Pack  100 grams
  • Catch Coriander Powder    Pack  100 grams
  • Catch Coriander Powder    Pack  100 grams

Catch Coriander Powder
Pack 100 grams

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Reviews : 82 ( write a review )
Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 426.32 Kcal
  • Protein 15.11 gm
  • Total Fat 17.07 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates 53.06 gm
  • Total Sugars 4.20 gm
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More Information

  • Shelf Life
    12 months
  • FSSAI Number


  • Rs. 40.00

Ratings (82)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • Indian cooking
  • Spices
  • Masala
  • Curry
  • Gravy
  • Coriander Powder

Brand comments

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Great taste
I like the taste of this coriander powder by catch, infact after trying few other leading brands this one has become my personal favorite. Good taste and texture and enhances the flavour of the dishes I prepare.

Must have
Ohh...what a product. I do a heavy cooking. Coriander powder is so fresh and aromatic. Had it not been made the only option i had was to roast amd grinf corriander seeds everytime. Thanks catch

Good for every recipe
I like the aroma and taste it adds to my dishes. It is a must-have for every kitchen. I find its price reasonable and also the quantity is good. I Use it almost everyday while cooking.

Best available in market
Really good Product I'm using it from the last year on a daily basis in my savory dishes. Quality is really good it gives a good flavor and taste.

Corriander powder by Catch
Overall a good product wherein the brand has various other masala varieties. Moreover I have used it for bulk cooking done for more than 20 people.

Catch Coriander powder
This product of catch is very good in taste and texture. I used to use coriander powder of my own home made by roasting it and then used to grind, but from the day I have used Catch Coriander powder, I never felt that I am using product from some oudside. Believe me the product of Catch is really great. Must be there in every kitchen.

Quality and quantity
Quality was so good and when you cook with catch coriander powder food is give a good aroma and taste and use this powder from some around last 3 year and i am highly satisfied

This product is pretty good and is not adulterated. The product is quite fresh and wont disappoint you in any way. The price is a bit higher than the other brands but it is quite good.

In the A League.
This is not comparable to Everest Masalas, but it is the next best thing. The quality of the spice is appropriate and the colour is also perfect.

I generally make coriander powder at home, but i just thought let me try ready made once. This is product is same as you make it at your home.

catch the taste
catch has variety of products and the spices by catch can make food tasty, coriander powder is real good product by catch taste and consistency is perfect. you can surely use this and will get awesome results. imagine your kadhai paneer having the great aroma of dhaniya powder or say coriander powder, anyone who is going to have it will already be the fan of your prepared dish.

Give a rich fragrance to your veggies
Catch coriander powder is the strong fragrant coriander powder which enhance the flavour and taste of my makes my dish is cheaper than other brands of coriander powder.

Catch is the best
Coriander is one of the main ingredient of any curry and we all are dependent on its flavors and freshness as it will effect the taste of our recipe. Have been used many brand of spices but the taste and aroma in catch's coriander is unmatchable. Five star to this product.

Catch Coriander powder review
The coriander powder has a good texture powder but the taste of the powder varies from the grinded fresh coriander seeds . It is slight more fine . It should be a hard powder to enhance the aroma.

I liked it
I like this product by catch. It brings out the flavor in a dish which i like. One should always keep it stocked as it is used in most of the indian culinary dishes.

Catch Coriander powder review
Coriander powder is a commonly used masala powder in every household for Indian cooking. It is a must in most of the gravies and dry vegetables preparation. I love the aroma and flavour it adds to the dish. Especially when I add it in chana masala or Rajma gravy preparations . It’s cost is also reasonable and this product saves lot of time as you need nor grind coriander seeds for getting the powder. Hence I definitely recommend this product to my friends and family and would request them to try it too as it’s really nice and a must in every kitchen.

Fresh and clean
This product is so fresh and clean with no adulteration and i use it in making my dishes it never fails my expectations i love it its never a product to be thinked twice before buying.

Perfect aroma
Catch Coriander Powder is the vibrant and strong fragrant coriander powder plays a major role in enhancing your cooking preparations tasty to the great extent.

Good product
This is rightly said " Catch ka koi match nahi". It's all spices really adds and enhance the flavour of the dishes. It is very tasty and great product.

Texture taste and aroma
It is in light green colour and it is grounded and not smooth and it put too much it tastes bitter and it's aroma is so good it can be put in any dish you like (indian) be it bhurji be it gravy or curry .. It is available in many brands , Everest, Catch, cook me

Coriander powder
This product provides qood quality of coriander powder. It might be costly than the local sellers but it has a pleasant smell of the coriander in it

Catch Coriander Powder
Coriander Powder plays an important role in Indian Dishes. Coriander is a key masala in every indian curry and gravy. And catch Coriander Powder gives a very nice flavour to gravies. Very satisfied with the quality and taste.

Nice product
The Aroma is just too good. I almost use it in every dish. It really enhances the taste of every dish. It comes at a reasonable price and the packaging is also very good.

Catch Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams
I always use homemade coriander powder but when ever it finished, I always prefer to buy Dhaniya powder of this brand. This product is so fresh , having strong aroma. Packaging is good and simple. Best part is , it is available in different weights ,you can buy as per your requirement. It needs to be slightly coarsely ground.

This product was really nice. As we all know that our indian food are incomplete without coriander powder because it is used as a masala which give taste to our curry or vegetables we are making.

Freshness in Catch Coriander Powder
Catch as a whole is a great brand in the spices industry and I use this because of the aroma and freshness it provides in the coriander powder. The moment you open the packet, you can experience the same. Quite fine a powder and very aromatic. Price wise it's a little pricey but worth the quality it provides ?

Good product by go-to chef
Really good , best quality ☺️, pure coriander powder, thank you Hoti chef for such a good quality coriander powder in such a great rate .

Coriander powder
What a product it is . The aroma it gives when you open the packet . It seems they are freshly grounded . Its not too fine nor too rough . A perfect masterpiece one can get hand on

    Usage Tip:
  • I add this to everything i make in Indian cuisine specially

Pure product
I used this product in all my dishes , because this product comes with 0% adulteration it has 100% pure ingredients in it. It's provides a great aroma and taste.

Catch coriander powder
So in indian cooking we use lots and lots of spices and coriander powder is the widely used spice throughout the Indian cuisine. Catch Has a wide variety of spices and i love to use those because they are fresh and aromatic and is premium.

Catch is good products. It is good quality. Superb. I have used catch. Packaging also good. Taste also there. Texture is awesome. Overall good.

Catch - coriander powder
This product of catch is very good in taste and texture. I'm using it from the last year on a daily basis in my savory dishes. Quality is really good it gives a good flavor and taste.

Not preferred
If it's flavour is compared to freshly crushed spices I would prefer that over it. It doesn't make the dish more tasty as the one which I use give. Spices that are prepared at home are more aromatic than those that are packed.

Coriander powder is a must in every Indian house. One cannot possibly cook Indian food and any Asian dishes without it and hence its an essential. However one may find many brands of coriander powder which are not aromatic and will not give the particular dish its flavor. Catch coriander powder is one of the best out there and as an aspiring chef I recommend for daily use.

Coriander powder
The packing of the product is so travel friendly as it comes in a pouch . The powder fells so fresh and aromatic. Its a must have product .

I didn't know before using this product that coriander powder could add a lot of flavour to the dish but this is just amazing. It has a fresh smell and it is a must try product.

    Usage Tip:
  • Keep at a dry place.

Very good product
I personally use this is my kitchen this is really budget friendly product and it is important for daily use in kitchen I personally like to use this even i have many spices from this brand this is very good at reasonable price although there packaging is also good you can purchase small packet as well if you don't want a big over all I like the product the texture of this is very fine and no added colour and preservatives price is also very affordable according to the quantity.

Catch Coriander powder
I am always using hand grinded Coriander powder. I use this product during Covid time. It's good product. Now I am not using home grind powder. Only use this product. Very nice product.

Mera roz ka sathi..❤
Being a savory food lover, I make lots and lots of north Indian dishes. And spices play a major role in punjabi and north Indian cuisine. So catch ka coriander powder is my go to product which is always readily available in my kitchen. Coming to the quality, catch serves one of the best spices after MDH. So for garam masala I prefer MDH SPICES whereas for coriander powder catch is my first choice. Must recommended!

Trusted brand
I love the taste and flavour of coriender powder in all type of my curry or dry sabji and stuffing nd catch is one of the most trusted brand for me

Adding flavours to food
I have used this catch masala for cooking , and the taste which added to food is very good and yummy . The fragrance from masala is so natural and fresh.

The flavour and aroma
I am using this catch coriander power since few months and results are not only good but very flavoursome and aroma is like super authentic. This mostly I am using for all dry veggies for making them more aromatic and tasty. The tea tire is not the 100% I want but most important the aroma and taste which is totally up to the mark

Very nice
I have been using it since a decade it seems, and it is one of the nicest coriander powder. Seems very natural and gives good flavour. It is decently priced for a good quantity.

If you are looking for budget spice mix powder at an affordable price yet don't want to compromise on the quality then Catch is the brand . The spice powder is aromatic and adds a flavour to your food making it tasty within a minute.

fresh product
I always love to make my own spice powders fresh at home. But this time bought this as i had no time to make my own. And i am really happy with it. It has good flavour & freshness. Anyone looking for good coriander powder can go for this one.

Catch Coriander
Catch Coriander powder is a genuine spice. It's authentic and pure. It's flavorful and tasty. It's perfect for my cooking. It's easily available in the market and the packaging is also good.

Spice magic
This is one spice that has added flavour to each dish I made. No other coriandr powder stands a chance next to it. It is hands down one of the best spices from the Catch family.

Catch coriander powder
What to say for catch coriander powder? It’s aroma is so fresh , that I couldn’t resist myself to use this for almost all vegan preparation. Since 5/6 years I am using this.

Amazing product
Catch coriander powder is a amazing product, quality and taste is very good, increases aroma of food, using this product for so many years.

Very good product
I like the aroma and test of this’s really a very good is reasonable price and can use Catch-Coriander Powder.

Catch ka koi match nahi
I use this dhania powder at my kitchen. Its taste and smell is awesome. I refer this dhania powder.This is my personal experience. Actually in my recipes dhania powder plays main role.

my favourite jeera powder
This is my favourite jeera powder. it's pure and best in the market. Packaging also very very good. Smells good and boost recipe taste. i really love catch products.

very good quality n texture
catch coriander powder comes with a very good quality n texture which blends perfectly with the food....I just love catch coriander powder.I use this in my every recipe.U can even mix this with other spices n use as sprinkler.

It has too nice flavour & aroma. Enhance every dish to which it is added. Gives superb taste to food. Must have in every kitchen. Does not goes with rice recipe.

Catch coriander powder
It is very aromatic and tasty spices. And is very essential in our is very useful in making food delicious.its colour is also very natural.ans taste is awesome.

    Usage Tip:
  • You can use this in making dry masalas and also thickening of grey.

Catch coriander powder
Catch Coriander Powder is a basic Indian spice required in every kitchen. Coriander powder, also known as Dhaniya Powder is a staple Indian masala... Go with this product...

We never use market brought spices as we don't feel taste and flavours are as good as homemade spices but once I used catch brand Corriander powder and it was same as home made texture and frangrance.

Catch coriander powder
coriander powder is an important masala in the Indian kitchen. Very few dishes can be made without the touch of coriander powder. It has a pleasing aroma and taste. Coriander from which the powder is made is one of the world's oldest spices. It is considered both a spice and a herb.

Great product
This product is overall very nice whether it's flavour, taste, price or quantity. It adds nice flavour to dish especially Indian cuisine. I would recommend to use atleast once this product.

Good product but little expensive
I am using catch spices from long times.the products are good but it is little expensive.coriander powder tastes good .texture is fine.packaging should be improved

Great Fragrance & good quality
If it comes to spices I always prefer catch and refer it to my friends also. Great aroma, Great taste & texture too, yet value for money. Best for Indian cuisines whether it's vegetarian or Non - vegetarian, just add catch coriander to make your food delicious and healthy.

Catch is the best
When it comes to masala's....and I am in the department shop..somehow I always go with catch...whether is the branding or the fact that the food cooked at home has never tasted bad...Coriander powder is something i always go with and catch is the natural choice

Yes true!!

Catch Coriander Powder
Catch Coriander Powder is very amazing. It saves my time of roasting and grinding coriander seeds every time. The taste and smell is just wow. We can use in curry's, masala bhat, it enhances it's flavour.

Fresh n Authentic
Freshness intact and Authentic taste of coriander powder

Catch Corriender Powder
Corriender has many health benifits.Our Indian recipes are just incomplete without corriender powder.Catch corriender can enhanced the taste aroma n nutritional value of ur recipes.It can be added to add to texture to your dish.Its available in 100 gms convinient air sealed pack to lock the freshness n aroma.You can easily transfer it to any air tight container n increase it's shelf life.

Catch Ka Koi Match Nhi 100%
Corriander is one ingredient, which offers freshness and unique flavour to every dish. However, Catch provides brilliant quality Corriander powder meant to enhance the flavour of all the dishes. Therefore, I highly recommend it. Substantially, it will help you make the dishes more tasty and healthy.

Coriander powder
I love coriander powder because it helps in digestion and i put it in every recipe i cook. my mom uses this in all curry recipes veg or non veg .

Catch Coriander Powder
Whenever we make Veg-Non Veg we use catch coriander Powder it makes more tasty to my vegetable and we would like to suggest you can use this products. it is very good.

Catch coriander powder what is good what is not so good
hello everyone As I have used many of brands for dhaniya powder but before some month ago I have started using catch dhaniya powder. it was just for change bcz it's my habbit to find something new which can give better taste to my food and new new experiment.and in food ur basic ingredients are ur spices. but after using it I found its actually smells gud and texture also different which gives kick to my food. quantity also my house we are spicy lover so I need to use it most of my dishes so 100 gram not enough for me for a month so use to buy 200gram and if u want to keep remain it's taste and smell of powder so I would like to suggest to refrigerate. After refrigerating I have found that it's remaining same with colour,smell and taste. Just 1 thing which I was not happy that they should have some different packaging from others brand so people can feel its own quality.packaging is too comman so people are not finding any excitement to buy or atleast try this. So I would suggest that brand should look after on packaging otherwise I am satisfied with everything. 1 more thing which I have observed in catch dhaniya powder behind the pack they have mentioned theire nutritional info but as I was using ambari brands dhaniya powder they don't. So that's also big difference I have found. Overall it's too gud and I will recommend this for others to buy. Thankyu

    Usage Tip:
  • 1 spoon of this powder is sufficient for ur food and if ur spicy lover so buy 200 grams pack
  • After opening plz keep it in refrigerator
  • If u r new user so don't go on packaging do try and experience it.

Coriander powder
whenever I go for foodstuff shopping .. I always prefer to buy catch coriander powder as it makes gravy thicker and tasty. Try this once in gravy.

Prefect for indian curries
I am using this coriander powder since 3 years and trust me guys it's just amazing, it give great texture and thickness to indian gravy prefect for indian dishes on daily use go ahead without thinking.

Increase taste
When i cook food, comes to masala section. Always use coriander powder because it have its own taste and gradually increase the taste of a dish. It also helps in digestion. So i prefer that everyone use this masala in there indian dishes.

Catch Coriander Powder
Catch Coriander Powder is a magic which adds a delicious taste in the dishes. It’s really amazing. I prefer having it and you will know how worth it is. It adds a good storm fragrant to dish and in enhancing your cooking preparations tasty to the great extent. It’s excellent quality and reasonable and easily available brand in market. I recommend you all to buy it once and try.

Good to use
It's one of the few products that can be used in every day cooking. It not very fine but good spice powder. Catch is a good company and its spices are really competitive. I have used it's chilli powder and haldi powder too.

The masala flavor
The brand says it all, very fine powder. Good to dwell in many if the recipe adding the flavour. The essence which we usually use it in multiple cuisine, specially indian spicy dishes.

Excelent product
A very good product. The flavour is very fresh. I have been using this brand for many years. the 500gm pack is the best. Good value for money

I prefer coriander powder even ever I cook karela, bharva sabji than coriander powder is must.
I using this product since I am cooking as . It really enhance the taste of food. Packaging is good. It's available in different grams or kg as up to your requirements. It's really value for money

    Usage Tip:
  • While using this the flame has to low other wise it will taste sour.

Catch Coriander Powder
I am using this Catch Coriander Powder from many months. it is fresh and nice aroma. Always catch products are nice. This Catch Coriander Powder is natural colour without adding any colours. Good going. I am using this for all spicy dishes

Nice product..
1. Taste is similar to other products. 2. Price is competitive in market. 3. Packaging is very good. 4. Texture is simple and elegant. 5. Available online or offline easily.

Catch coriander powder make sabji tasty .
Coriander quality is very good . Neat and clean . Very fine quality of powder which is mix perfactly in to any sabji . And smell is superb .

All time favourite
I have been using catch spices since 6 years. I don't like any other brand as much as I like catch................................................

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