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  • Catch Hing    Plastic Jar  50 grams
  • Catch Hing    Plastic Jar  50 grams
  • Catch Hing    Plastic Jar  50 grams
  • Catch Hing    Plastic Jar  50 grams
  • Catch Hing    Plastic Jar  50 grams

Catch Hing
Plastic Jar 50 grams

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Reviews : 76 ( write a review )
Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 404.62 Kcal
  • Protein 8.02 gm
  • Total Fat 9.58 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates 71.58 gm
  • Total Sugars 2.20 gm
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Nutrition Notes

Wheat flour 55% Approx.


More Information

  • Shelf Life
    12 months
  • FSSAI Number


  • Rs. 120.00

Ratings (76)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • Indian cooking
  • Spices
  • (variant name)
  • Masala
  • Curry
  • Gravy
  • Hing

Brand comments

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Very quality product and value for money, product smells awesome,gives more taste to your food and I recommend all the members in our group to taste this product.

Smells too good
nice strong smell that can attract any dal lover with its tadka.. i just love its aroma when I open a new box n trust me it's aroma stays as same for the whole month....

Perfect flavour
Catch hing imparts perfect flavour to my dishes. I loved its flavour and texture. The packaging is good and so does the quality of product. It also helps me in digestion. I will definitely buy it again.

An excellent homemade remedial Ingredient
This brand of asafoetida has a very strong aroma and flavor. Just a pinch of it adds flavor to the food. It also has excellent therapies properties as it helps to relieve acidity when swallowed with hot water.

Personal Review
Perfect combo for adding tadka to your dal, a kick to your sambar & many more. Catch has always given a good range of masalas to my kitchen. The smoothness in the texture & the consistency in the flavours has always remain the same. Thankyou catch for the range of products

Catch hing
What to say about this product ?? This Catch hing is so unique that you yourself is speechless when you open the lid of the jar and the aura the khusbu of hing comes out is very awesome. When I used this hing in my baghar or fry, literally my neighbor used to come out of her house and asked me that today I had gave some baghaar in my kitchen. So you can understand the product of Catch and specially this hing. Mind blowing.

I always prefer Hing purchased form a local market but just tried this once. It has a really mild aroma and is not at all natural. It is suitable for emergencies but not for daily purpose.

Highly useful!
The packaging is perfect and it is highly useful and important to have in your stock, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do Indian food right!

Hing ka tadka !!
hing is very much good for health and helps in digestion, stomach stays healthy. also Catch hing is a taste enhancer to your food. It has the best aroma and taste among other branded hing in the market and it is not so costly. whenever buying hing go only for catch !!

Hing is also very effective in acidity and it also improves the digestive system
Catch hing is easily available in market at very marginal price 25 g of 50 rs in a plastic bottle. Its flavor is amazing and even a pinch of it is enough for its aroma.


Catchy catch
One of the best brand of Hing. Catch hing is one the best product manufactured by catch company. I have been using it for almost 1 and half month and i am fully Satisfied. Catch hing is 100% pure. It's taste and smell is far better than other product's. Now we don’t even want to try any other brands of hing. It's a value for money product and it's packaging is also catchy.

Catch Hing Plastic Jar 50 Grams
This new packing of hing is good. In this when we open the box it has a pack of seal in it. When we open the seal the aroma of the hing comes . This is value for money product. I am happy customer of this hing. This is new type of attractive looking pack of hing.

Loved it
You should definitely go for Catch Hing as it is worth every penny spent on it. This is the best in the market according to me and I would suggest everyone to try it.

I purchased this Catch Hing due to urgent requirement. As per the name of brand it's not up-to the quality and taste. Price is also very high. And moreover it destroyed my many dishes i hate this product.

Digestive aid
Catch hing plays a critical flavouring role in Indian vegetarian cuisine by acting as taste enhancer. Used along with turmeric, a standard component of lentil curries such as dal, sambar as well as in numerous vegetable dishes, especially those based on potato and cauliflower.

This spice is used oftenly in our indian kitchen and we all know the authentic smell of hing flowing out of the kitchen. This is reliable product with pleasant odour

I personally found the taste of this hing a little stringer than required. Otherwise the price is quite affordable. It can be used in any recipe to control the acidity of the food.

Catch Hing Plastic Jar 50 Grams
Sometimes this hing is good for use. It is aromatic but not so strong. I will not recommend to always use it. Packing is small. That's good. It is easily available in market in reasonable price. I use it to make Punjabi Kadhi, daal etc.

Good product
The is really a very good product. It smell very well and it is used in tadka which enhance the taste of food and it gives a pleasant smell in the food. It is good for health also.

Catch Hing - The aroma and flavour of Indian Dishes
Hing is a spice which is added to many Indian dishes like some daals, aloo sabzi etc for not only taste but also to aid digestion in addition to many other health benefits. So authenticity is a must if it is to work. Catch Hing satisfies as to its flavour and of course authenticity. As its name goes 'catch'-the packaging in the slim handy bottle is very convenient to handle.

A perfect combination of taste and texture
After trying 2-3 brands of hing, I have finally sticked to 'Catch Hing'. It's aroma is so good and not to miss it's texture. It's neither very powdery nor the solid granules type. A little pinch of Catch hing just adds taste to your food along with helping in digestion. A must go for it product!

Catch - Hing
when I open a new box and trust me it's aroma stays as same for the whole month.Catch hing imparts perfect flavour to my dishes. I loved its flavour and texture. The packaging is good and so does the quality of product. It also helps me in digestion. I would highly recommend to all the members in our group to taste this product.

This product is available in almost every household but personally I feel that this one by catch has a really nice flavour also it gets dissolved easily in oil. Everyone must give it a try as it is also budget friendly.

Asafetida is essential and very common in Indian cooking . These days you will find a lot of brands manufacturing Hing in the market however they don't quite have the aroma like Catch Hing . They don't add any color and at the same some the aroma is perfect.

It has a very strong smell which attracts all the dal lovers out there. The taste is amazing and its so strong that only a pinch of it will do.

It is not like other brands of hing which lose its aroma easily. It has a rich flavour and aroma and I honestly love this product. It adds such a delightful flavour to curries that one can not resist eating the dish.

    Usage Tip:
  • Keep away from moisture.

Catch- Hing Platic Jar
Catch is a noteable spice brand in Indian market. Hing ( Asafoetida) a traditional spice available in all Indian households that helps best in digestion. Catch-Hing is good quality product that imparts a pungent aroma and a sooting taste and flavours to any dish. This a value for product pack with a good packaging I personally prefer catch hing.

    Usage Tip:
  • Catch- Hing Plastic Jar
  • V J
  • November 06, 2020 at 5:01 am

We need this 365 days
I use this product whenever I cook like almost everyday and you can add this product in almost every meal for a good metabolism. Now it's about the product quality well i rated it.

Multiple benefits
This heeng by catch is a necessity in every household. After using it for generations here is my review. It is an ideal condiment to add in every dish be it gravy or dal or snacks to enhance the test with its strong aroma .in addition it has medicinal value to offer like useful for indigestion ,acidity. This can also be used to treat stomach aches.

    Usage Tip:
  • Add a pinch of it in your gravies

Catch hing
I love this product. My daal and kadhi is incomplete without this hing. I tried to many products, but my trial ends here. Really a good product

Value for money
Great product and a great value for money product.

Favourite brand
This brand is already one of the best spice brand in the market. The Flavor is too strong .. packaging is good ! Make the food more tasty and aromatic. ?

Best Product ever
I use catch hing only, best quality and awesome product, regional price in market and best packaging, hight recommended to all, to use my recipe every more restful and also good for digestion. love this proudct

Best hing
I love using this hing it’s got a very nice fragrance. I recommend all of you to use this as this is the best hing I have been using since a long time

Product is overall good
I have been using this product for around 1 year . Catch hing is perfect . The flavor that it adds to my sabzi is just awesome. Its perfect product available at reasonable price

Great product in great prices
I use Hing almost daily in my Dal Tadka, Arhar dal is a staple in my kitchen. I used many Hing brand early and all worked fine and one day I saw a cute small yellow pack on the store shelf costing quite less than my usual brand. I brought it only because it is of low cost and in a cute bottle. but once I put it in my dal next day and each of my family member including teenage son and daughter asked, why dal is tastier today. I thought it is a fluke, but it continued for the next few days than I realise that this Hing is what makes all the difference in the taste of my dal. I recommend it to everyone now.

    Usage Tip:
  • put 1/4 white cooking the dal. and 1/4 with tadka

If you want to add that kick to your daal or sabji and making it super delicious then the answer is this. Smoothly blends in the food and gives it a taste which makes you lick your fingers off . Great for Indian dishes and must have in an Indian kitchen.

Best hing
After trying many brands, I found catch hing best one. It gives nice aroma to my food and I just love the texture of this hing. A pinch of catch hing is enough for my curries

The best hing powder
Catch hing is of the best products as it really give a nice flavor and smoke especially to daals and sabzis and helps In digestion, small pinch is sufficient

Superb smell
Hing helps in digestive system and also prevents constipation. The ingredients of this hing are wheat flour, edible gum etc. So nice product.

    Usage Tip:
  • For snacks, rice items, chutneys

Very good
This brand is very popular and easily available in the market. It is very fresh and good. The flavour of this hing is very nice and it increases the taste of any recipe.

Awesome flavor
Few dishes of Bengali cuisine like veg aloo dam and choler dal is incomplete without the strong flavors of Catch Hing and the enhanced taste of these items are always appreciated in my kitchen

Most Favourite
My cooking is incomplete without this . specially dal . the aroma of this hing is so so good. and gives extra taste to your food. so much satisfied

Strong Flavor
I like to use Catch hing as the flavor and smell is strong and when used in tadka the flavor is awesome. Hing helps in digestion and hence using the right brand is important. Catch hing hence so far not failed me in any aspect. The bottle is good for storing as it does not catch moisture easily.

Overall good
Catch hing is one of the best hing in markets. I really like this. Hing is very good for our digestion . I usually use this in my dals nd vegetables, also in my pickle. It’s aroma . Easily available in market.

Adorable pungent
I love to use this while making adai dosa & various dal recipes. Gives a nice aromatic flavour to the dish. But be careful while adding it. Dont add more than tsp.

Genuinely Good
I have been using it for the past one year. After using hing from various sources, settled for it and am happy with the results.

Asafoetida powder
This truly is the best hing ever. This raw hing (asafoetida) powder has a pleasant aroma and is essential to Southern Indian vegetarian cooking. It comes from the dried resin of a species of giant fennel. This hing powder is pleasantly aromatic and pungent raw and becomes mellow and garlicky when cooked in ghee.

Little bottle of happiness
Catch Hing is my little bottle of happiness. It was the first thing that I bought when I shifted to my new kitchen. It imparts great flavors to all the dishes. I use Catch Hing in preparing different kinds of pulses, ladyfinger, and pakoras. It has been close to one year since I have been using this special ingredient, and trust me I have never been disappointed. It not only gives a great taste, but also has a smooth texture and pleasant aroma. It also helps in digesting the food easily. Catch Hing is my secret ingredient which gives my dishes a unique taste. I am so happy with the results. The packaging is so comfortable and the powdered form of Hing makes it so easy to use.

It's ok
I have used catch hing 2 to 3 times but I am not impressed.It's needed a large quantity in food to get the proper aroma.Otherwise it's ok...Easily available in market at very reasonable price.Packaging is also good.

Catch Hing
This product is too good .I am highly satisfied with the quality of the product.I really love it.The aroma is strong and makes you really hungry.

Catch Hing
Hing is used for digestion problems including intestinal gas, upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome ,and irritable colon. Other uses include treatment of whooping cough, croup, and hoarse throat.

Price value product
I really like this catch hing is very good product by catch.the flavour and aroma of the hing is just perfect.really try this amazing product by catch.

genuine hing with strong aroma
Don't want your stomach trouble much in digesting some food, a pinch of hing will do the trick. One of the best brand hing, this is genuine hing with strong aroma. Taste is also good.

Catch Hing
Catch is really very good, very strong flavour and aroma. That's why I always used catch Hing. Good quality and also luv the chhotu dabba of catch hing

Extemely Good
I use this Hing in almost all the curries and gravies that I make. This Hing is great, its texture and nicely grinded is just awesome. Helps in digestion as well as increase the taste of the curries as well. A must to put in all indian food.

Catch heeng
It's very aromatic and gives our food authentic taste. Go for it for fabulous aromatic tadka.its keep your digestion good and keep your stomach light .

Catch Hing
This product hing I use in my daily cooking, I add it Dal's, sambar, rasam, chutneys, it gives a perfect taste. This hing is useful in cooking an it plays a natural role no additives&preservatives added , it's good for digestion. When u add this powder to tadka it gives a different taste in the dishes,it blends very well.. Store the hing powder in the refrigerator it lasts for longer. Add a pinch of hing mixed with water an apply it to ur navel , ur gastric trouble will go off. Without hing in ur dish makes the dish imcomplete

Good product
This hing is very nice nice and packaging is also good . taste and texture is very good.this review is based on my own experience.i used this hing on dal tadka and it taste yummy.

Catch Hing
Catch Hing is just amazing. It having a fantastic aroma. Just a pinch of Catch hing gives a superb taste to any curry. It's durable till 1yr. Catch has no match. Awesome product.

catch hing
Asafoetida or hing is really good for stomach as it helps in digestion and reduces bloating.Just add a pinch of it in your food to enhance its flavour and taste.Its really value for money.

    Usage Tip:
  • Take a pinch hing with a pinch rock salt along with 1/2 cup water and say bye to gas problem.

Catch brand offer one of the best hing in the market. Catch hing is always available in my kitchen shelf. I use in my cooking while preparing various dals, pakoras and kachoris.This little ingredient gives amazing aroma to food.

Catch Hing
Hing is my favorite product in the kitchen. Of them this we were using when we are in Bombay. Very nice product. But here in our store itvis not availiable. We use it in. almost all subjis and in breakfast dishes, in the snack dishes .

Catch Hing
The aroma of Catch Hing is amazing and really great. Catch Hing is a traditional Indian masala used across several cuisines to add a pungent aroma and a sooting taste to any food. Hing is also commonly used in India as medication for Stomach Gas & Acidity. I recommend you all to buy it and try it once.

Hing the aroma fills my kitchen
I liked this product Southindian sambar is incomplete without hing. Not only for sambar hing also has health benefits which helps in indigestion. We can use this hing in making authentic sambar powder while grinding which makes sambar powder more tastier with good aroma .

    Usage Tip:
  • Add while seasoning for sambar chutneys

Hing benefits
Hing which is also known as asafetida, which has its known benefits, you can simply add hing in warm water and consume it on an empty stomach to keep bloating and gas at bay. Apart from this it is mostly used in all indian recipes

excellent product
This is a good product in ready to use hing variety. The product is powdered therefore can be used in preparation very easily. Add to hot oil before adding the other ingredients of tempering.

I have tried so many hing brands and found catch brand as the best of all. It is in powder state and the packaging is so easy to carry and use.

It makes me feel hungry
So honestly, I never cook anything so I don't know much about 'Indian masalas' but this one thing is so good that I'm obsessed with it. My mom makes such a good homemade meals, and she put this hing in almost every sabzi (vegetable curry, mango curry), It smells so good, and my mother also told me that hing makes your appetite better. I can't have dinner if it doesn't smell good. And I also put this in my kadha drinks in winter.

catch heeng
aroma, taste and texture is good. we can use it in dal tadka, any type of raita and dahi vada. just soak in water and use it. packaging is attractive.

Good product
It's a product that can easily available in market and good to used. Have a fine taste and gives a fine tadka to your dish and has a value for money too and has a good packing quality for long lasting freshness.

Catch Hing
Many brands of Hings are available in the market. I have been tried many brands of Hing and I found Catch brand of Hing to be the best in quality and taste. I buy this product now always since I first chanced upon it.

Wonderful aroma
Actually I had used many type of hing but not happy with any.When I got this hing, I felt satisfied with my food's flavour. This Hing has sharp aromatic flavour ? when we use this Hing, my home filled with its aroma. I really like this Hing because it's so flavourful??

Packaging is simple and sobar...
I have five parameters to describe the product. These are given below: 1. Taste is similar to other products but not do strong. 2. Price is competitive in market. 3. Packaging is very good. 4. Texture is simple and elegant. 5. Available online easily or offline it's not available in market in cities.

A Perfect Hing ka Tadka
When I start learning cooking, we use to watch mummy in the kitchen. The aroma of species, blended with Hing, ghee and jeera around the house. I still can feel when I cook food with these combinations as tadka. My mother used to purchase Hing from one particular shop for years. After marriage I left my home town and with no access to that Hing shop. The options left is to buy ready available Hing. I tried this catch Hing powder and it is really nice, in terms of finesse, smell, freshness and seal packaging. Moreover it smells similar to that mom's old shop. Today mumma's recipes will be missed very much but because of catch, I can feel and smell the food same as when she used to make.

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