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23 May, 2019

Jiya Rohit

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I'm a home cook an like trying new new twists an innovative in my food









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Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

I really love this butter,as I use this butter in making pav bhaji, butter panneer masala,gravy items, pasta, bread,cakes . It gives yummy taste to my dishes . I sometimes add it to my parathas its so yummy mouth watering . When I make pav bhaji I use lots of butter ,the aroma of the bhaji makes me drive crazy

21 August, 2019

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Cheese Processed Box 1 kilogram

I love amul cheese ,I use it in my cooking let it be from parathas to sandwiches & then to rice an pizzas an pastas& kababs . It gives a yummy taste . It adds flavor to my food. Like wen I hv a crave fr making pizza ,if I don't have the pizza base at home . I tend to use my left over rotis to make pizza which gives me a good taste an I feel like having it again an again. I like the packing bcoz whenever I want cheese ,I can use one cheese cube at a tym, if I'm all alone eating. It's so easy to use& it gets nicely melted whether it is used in a dip,pizza or sandwich or parathas. I often use it in my daily cooking . I enjoy it wen the cheese melts in my mouth while putting a bite

22 August, 2019

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Agro Fresh

Broken Wheat Pack 500 grams

I used this agro broken wheat quiet often. In place of rice I use this in my daily cooking. I make vegetables moong dal khichidi, bese bale baath, cutlets, kheer . It's so nutritions. It can fill ur stomach . You can make for breakfast ,lunch or snacks or diner. Since in rice it would be fattening but in place of rice try making variety it fills ur stomach . The packing itself gives a fresh aroma. I make idlys which turns to be soft & spongy. Value of money is a bit reasonable . I have tried giving my innovative dishes made frm ths broken wheat I have tried out making vegetables khichidi which u can give a small baby by smashing it completely wth vegetables . It's healthy an digestive & stomach filling. While u make khichidi u serve this wth curds, . It tastes awesome

21 December, 2019

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Broken Cashewnuts Pack 900 grams

My review for this product is bcoz I use this product in all the gravies I make. I use it in making butter panneer masala, palak paneer,Malai kofta, biryanis,Salan, an egg curry&sweets. This product is bought an stored in refrigerator,when you want you can use it. This cashews give my gravy a rich look,creamy in texture an yummy in it's taste. For example if you are making any of the gravies soak these cashews in little milk& grind it into smooth paste. Then add it to the gravy . It tastes yummy. Some people say cashews increase cholesterol if you think so then in place of cashews you can use almonds but once in a while you can use cashews paste for your gravy . Since it makes the dish look richer. Without cashews in the gravy the dish looks dull . The costs of cashews are increasing in price but once in a while it's ok if you purchase this packet ,you can preserve it for 6months or a year .

23 February, 2020

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Origo Fresh

Broken Wheat Pack 500 grams

This product broken wheat I use in my daily routine. I try out making different varieties in cooking . From this broken wheat I make cutlets, vegetable pongal, bese bale baath,dosa , ,sweets. Though I'm a diabetic I hardly make sweets out of broken wheat. I make breakfast out of this broken wheat. It is good fr diabetic people an it is rich in proteins. It's stomach filling dish. It makes u feel fit. This nutritious product can be eaten by anyone ,you can serve ur children or old age people. It's easy to digest. While making this dish I add lots of vegetables to make my dish look complete ,&nutritious. In place of rice you can use has a substitute for making khichidi, vegetable khara pongal, bese bale baath.

26 February, 2020

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Chhole Masala Box 100 grams

Everest Channa Masala I like it's aroma while cooking, when I use this Channa Masala pd to my dish,it gives a totally different taste. I use this powder on my chats, biryanis it gives a perfect combination . Vegetarian can use this powder for their vegetables biryanis, an non vegetarian people can use it chicken biryani . U can use this powder for making snacks like Channa chat, panneer Tikka, chicken snacks dried ones , it adds has a different flavors to the dish. This powder you add in your matar aloo,panneer ki sabji. It gives a perfect taste

28 February, 2020

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Hing Plastic Jar 50 grams

This product hing I use in my daily cooking, I add it Dal's, sambar, rasam, chutneys, it gives a perfect taste. This hing is useful in cooking an it plays a natural role no additives&preservatives added , it's good for digestion. When u add this powder to tadka it gives a different taste in the dishes,it blends very well.. Store the hing powder in the refrigerator it lasts for longer. Add a pinch of hing mixed with water an apply it to ur navel , ur gastric trouble will go off. Without hing in ur dish makes the dish imcomplete

05 March, 2020

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Shahi Biryani Masala Box 50 grams

I don't know how to start with it. I'm fond of vegetable biryanis . Usually when I visit my friends place, I usually would love the aroma of chicken biryani. I would try to make vegetable biryani but the taste an aroma ws lagging since the chicken had its own flavor to the biryani,whereas vegetarians what would they do. Then one of my friend suggested to use this powder shahi biryani masala. It gave wonders to my dish an it's aroma&taste yummy. Then I used this powder for making egg biryani,egg masala,it tasted wonders. This biryani you can make at any occasion ,it's so relishing when u add it to the vegetables or eggs while making biryanis or curries or salan

14 March, 2020

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Milky Mist

Paneer Pack 200 grams

This company s product for panneeer too good. It's value for money a bit costly but can't beat it's texture&softness. . I usually purchase 1/2kg panneer for Rs90 . I usually use this panneer for my gravies,koftas,kababs, tikkas, or in my rice items. When u buy this panneer buy it in bulk since u can store it in the refrigerator for abt a month or two. This panneer doesn't break ,neither it has any smell. B'coz when u buy other panneer packets,when u open it starts smelling somewhat.But this company s paneer packet when u open,u don't get any smell.This company s panneer gives an excellent taste to ur gravies, while wen u make koftas it's soft texture melts in ur mouth. While making panneer tikka when u put it for grilling it doesn't break,it's soft an easy to chew. Most of the kids often like to eat raw jus sprinkle little salt,pepper an little lime juice it tastes yummy. If u don't want to eat it raw just saute it in little amul butter, add salt,pepper,chopped capsicum an lime juice it tastes awesome

15 March, 2020

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Kitchen King Masala Box 100 grams

This product is so useful an is used in our daily cooking. It brings yummy taste in the dish. It's an substitute for garam masala pd . Try making matar aloo, gobi aloo, mixed vegetables sabji &egg curry . it makes the dish too yummy.If u re making biryani whether veg or non veg or egg biryani it gives an awesome taste. To preserve this powder keep it in airtight jar an store it in fridge ,it lasts for a month . Use this powder in panneer tikka it tastes yummy.U can use this powder while making American corn mixed with butter,salt,red chilli pd , black pepper pd , garam masala pd, chat masala pd. U can use this powder while making chats in bhel puri, masala puri, samosa chat, sev puri etc

18 March, 2020