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23 May, 2019

Jiya Rohit

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I'm a home cook an like trying new new twists an innovative in my food









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Biryani Masala Box 50 grams

I bought this product fr the first time since one of my friend suggested me to buy it. Since when I tasted the biryani it was yumm . I asked my friend fr the recipe ,she shared the recipe with me . I made at home . I followed step by step an I used ths powder to give a perfect taste of biryani. Though I being an eggetarian , I used it for making vegetable biryani its taste was totally different an the aroma ws awesome. Since for non vegetarian food the biryani would taste different. Since ths powder can be used for making egg curry,non veg gravies, mix vegetable gravy fr vegetarian people . The taste differs & the aroma differs . Use more quantity of powder for making biryani if u want it's taste more yum. Since along with ths powder u're adding fresh full garam masala like elachi, dalchini, lavang, pineapple flowers,bay leaf to ur biryani . It gives a rich taste. In curries an gravy use less quantity of biryani pd to give a good taste . I use ths powder wen I want to make biryani. I preserve ths powder in refrigerator in order to retain its colour, flavour & texture. This product lasts for about 6 to8 months if u store it in ur refrigerator.

13 August, 2020

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Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread Box 100 grams

This product when it came in the market ws fr the first time ,wen I gone to purchase my grocery store. I happen to come across ths product . I purchased it . Usually I myself hv a craving for butter& Amul has gt its name none can beat its taste. I used ths garlic butter in place for my cheese toast. It gave an awesome taste. Since it was a combination of mixed herbs& garlic . The butter would taste more yummier. I tried making garlic bread ,it tasted awesome . My kids too enjoy eating it. I used ths butter on my pizza an spread it ll over . It was so yummier . Usually wen I make garlic bread I need more of garlic pods . In ths it is very simple jus spread it on ur bread an add grated cheese chopped capsicum it makes the dish more yummier an richer .... Ths cheese spread u can used it on ur parathas. Store in refrigerator for abt 6 months. I request the Amul company to come out wth different varieties in butter it would be great . In ths butter the fresh herbs & garlic makes the dish relishing

17 August, 2020

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Chana Masala Box 100 grams

This product I used has a substitute if I don't get Everest channa Masala. The flavours r totally different & the aroma also would b different. The taste varies. This brand name MDH is known from so many years . They have come out with different things like red chilli pd, haldi, biryani pd an many more. Thr latest deggi mirch is also come in the market. I used this channa Masala pd in my dishes ,it gives a rich taste in my dish. I hv used ths powder fr my kadai paneer, vegetables ,rice items. This product can be stored in the refrigerator for abt 6 months or more depends on the usage. The packaging is too good, but the quantity is a bit less but when u go to get the box it would be big but the quantity would be less. In this spices r well grounded& fine

20 August, 2020

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Milkmaid Tin 400 grams

This brand is an Indian brand an it's products r awesome . I came across this product when my cousin made me taste fr the first time by applying it on the rusk. It tasted awesome. After that onwards I started to buy. It's so creamy an yummy in taste. This milkmaid is used fr making cakes, or u can used has a spread on ur parathas,bread,or biscuits. It tastes yum. Kids generally love it when u spread it on the roasted bread. They to enjoy an relish it. This product is easy to store . U can store it in refrigerator for abt 6 months or more . It's easy to open an close. Ths product can be used in making sweets like sweet bread, laddoo, halwas, an many more. It is nt too sweet ,in place of sugar u add ths in ur tea it gives a different taste . U can use ths milkmaid has a dip an serve with soup sticks . Children an adults enjoy it, u can eat it plain

24 August, 2020

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Sattvic foods

Dried Oyster Mushrooms Pack 100 grams

It is known as dhingri in Punjabi& sindhi. It is mainly used in sindhi cusine . Since the rates r too costly an it's seasonal . This is prepared during Holi festival. Those people who r fond of non veg , it's an substitute for non veg food. It tastes like non veg but it's a pure vegetarian. It is used by drying the mushrooms . It is nt so easily available. Ths dried oyster mushrooms r used in making matar aloo . The taste would be of non veg . It is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, minerals& fibre, they're low in calories. It helps to strengthen our immune system. It is gluten free . This has to be stored in refrigerator for months . This oyster mushrooms have a velvetty texture with a flavour of woodsy an earthly flavours of any mild mushrooms

21 September, 2020

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Classic Thick Tomato Soup Pack 53 grams

This tomato ? soup I hv tasted, it's too yum& restaurant style. It's thick an medium consistency. This soup is sufficient for two people minimum , u won't feel like sharing with others. Other then soup, I used this powder fr my gravies when they ask fr tomato puree. In this spices r medium , children relish it since it's yummier& creamier the soup. If u had croutons & a slight pepper pd, to make it more tastier an appealing. In the market ths is rarely available, u get 100 gms of knorr ? Tomato soup wth croutons added. The spices an the aroma drives most of them crazy usually during winters. . It is a stomach filling . This packet of soup u can carry it anywhere , since u hv to only add hot water. It's light in weight but stomach filling . Ths knorr company is known to me i hv used a wide range of variety of knorr products like veg manchow soup, vegetable soup, vegetable corn soup, an the starters of veg manchurian gravy , it gives a perfect taste of Chinese , no need to go to any of the restaurants to dine whr u hv the craving fr soup an manchurian . If u try at home u won't get a perfect taste like restaurant . But ths product has the taste of the restaurants. It's easy to use . They hv come up wide range of knorr products like knorr biryani masala, channa Masala, veg manchurian . It's so yum , none can beat its taste, texture

05 October, 2020

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Agro Fresh

Soya Chunks Pack 200 grams

Every month I purchase ths product , since I like the product an it lasts fr a month or two if kept in refrigerator. I use it in my gravies, rice items or snacks . It's a substitute for people who don't eat non veg . It's rich in proteins, calcium an iron . The packaging is also good when we open the packet, later store it in an air tight container to retain its colour, an texture . Since very fast small small insects would be thr if u keep them fr a longer period an it becomes powdery the granules. In ths soya chunks u have variety small tiny ones& big soya chunks . The small ones are used for making gravies in matar paneer aloo wth chunks . Sometimes I don't get small tiny soya chunks so I end up taking big ones so tat everyone gets a big one to taste

08 October, 2020

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YiPPee Noodles Magic Masala Pack 360 grams

U know what I like in ths noodles, it doesn't break . It is round in shape an when u boil the noodles it gets cooked from ll the sides. I like the masalas when I add to it. To make it more interesting I had chopped vegetables finely an add it to the noodles by ths my kids love eating . If I put separate vegetables they don't eat . I tel them inside the pack of masalas they have added the vegetables . I make it more tangy by adding a little bit of sauces like the chilli sauce, mayonnaise sauce to make the noodles taste more yummy an creamy . I add few masalas like the red chilli pd, garam masala pd, chat masala which makes it too spicy, chatpatta an tangy . I send these noodles fr my kids tiffin , they enjoy eating it during thr break time . I make fr myself in the evenings an enjoy it's tangy masalas . I would like if u would take out different flavours in yipee so the kids enjoy different flavours . In other noodles wen u boil u need to break an put in ths u put direct it is cooked from ll sides.

26 November, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Mangalorean Ghee Roast Pouch 140 grams

I'm thankful for gotochef people who sent me ths hamper . I used ths product . I really like the paste , since the spices were perfectly blended an made my dish too yummy an tastier . From ths paste I made vermicelli upma& mix vegetable sabji . In this paste since masalas were first only added no need to add extra . If u wish to add more masalas it's upto u . U can use ths paste to make ur egg curry or panneer gravy . U can store this mixture in the fridge for a week or two or a month depends on ur usage . I'm glad to use ths paste . I would be sharing my recipe , since I hv used ths paste in my two dishes

27 November, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu Pouch 150 grams

In this product I found a tangy chatpata taste . It has a South India taste with a perfect blend of spices , since I being a diabetic in ths product a bit Jaggery is added but it's too less but I really enjoying relishing it. Since I don't have the products which hv sugar or Jaggery contain . I used ths paste in my few of my dishes I made raddish sambar & tamarind rice ( puliyogre) . If u mix ths paste in plain white rice it tastes more often . This paste reminds me whenever I go to have Andhra meals they give a special chutney, it tastes same like tat. In ths paste it is a combination of tamarind, jaggery an dry spices which makes it perfect it's neither too spicy nor too sweet. It's a perfect. The price fr ths is reasonable an ths paste u can store it in an air tight container to retain its taste . This paste can be stored fr a week or two . I'm thankful to gotochef fr providing me ths paste , since I was really in a hunt fr ths paste I was nt getting. But thanks to u people fr sending me ths paste an I see tat I share this product to my friends who r craving fr ths .

03 December, 2020