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23 May, 2019

Jiya Rohit

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I'm a home cook an like trying new new twists an innovative in my food









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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Saffal peas no doubt ,it always be fresh, clean& hygienic. U can store it in refrigerator for about 6 months to a year. I use this saffal peas in my daily cooking for making sabjis,samosas, pulav, cutlets, . It remains fresh ,an makes ur dish yummy. They have another product with the same brand chopped vegetables. Its fresh an easy to use. The value of money is a bit high sometimes, but no issues we can afford it nothing like that . This saffal peas if u buy ,u can keep it in stock , preserve it in an air tight container. It saves our time from peeling . When my husband use to get peas from market, it would be smelly an half of the peas spoilt . If u make sabji , the peas would be smelling an would make my dish nt yummy. Ths saffal peas r the best none can beat it.

20 March, 2020

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Suhana Pravin

Mango Pickle Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

This pickle is mouth watering , every month I get this pickle it tastes yum. It is proper blend of spices. The pickle stays fresh if u keep outside also . And if u want u can refrigerator it. They have so many varieties in this brand I have tasted the green chilli pickle it's too hot an spicy . They have mixed pickle which is a combination of all vegetables. The stock is too limited availabie in the market . U taste this pickle wth hot hot dal chawal it tastes yummy . But I'm happy since u have taken out in jar otherwise in packet half of the masala use to get stuck. But in this jar it's too easy to store. I'm just waiting to grab this jar an my lll tym favorite mango pickle

08 April, 2020

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Orange Pack 500 grams

This pack juice is so fresh an tasty . Since it tastes has a natural orange fruit flavor. This powder can be stored in the fridge to retain its freshness. Since no artificial colors added . It's good for everyone. You can drink this with water,&soda . In some cool drinks they r harmful to our health. This is natural an it doesn't harm anyone . Since kids would really enjoy ths drink. It is an energy drink which boosts ur energy an immunity . U get different flavours in ths ..... In this orange drink if u add a drop of lime juice it gives a tangy taste ...

30 May, 2020

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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

I had this for the first time it tasted too yum ? ? .The spices were medium an the drink was refreshing . It was like an energy booster. U can't resist drinking one. This buttermilk you can use for making ur spicy dhokla, or khandivi. The value for money is reasonable, packaging also good. It's better when u buy it,consume it on the same day . It's so refreshing . The curds r neither sour nor bitter. It looks like it's made out of fresh milk an the buttermilk is fresh. It's good for digestion. An keeps u cool,since in ths buttermilk no preservatives r present nor color. It has its own natural color an the ingredients what they have used is ,used in our day to day cooking . Hing& fresh jeera has been crushed is used which is natural an good for health,the taste of ginger is minimal,& the spices r the commonly used green chillies & black pepper s . It's easy to dispose

28 June, 2020

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Spreads Cocoa With Almond Plastic Jar 350 grams

When I bought ths product , since I had purchased it for the first time. Since I hv a craze of chocolates ,but ths hd almonds ,so I tried it out for the first time chocolates with almonds . U won't believe hw it ws ,it would taste yum ? .. The almonds were crunchy in taste & it made my chocolate still more yummy. This spread I used it on my bread, which I normally eat with plain chocolate ,but adding almonds to it,made me feel the crunchiness in almonds, which would look like it's roasted. I use ths spread on my cakes when ever I prepare chocolate cake ,or chocolate suffle . U can use ths spread in ur milkshakes like chocolate almond milkshakes it would taste yum an the kids too enjoy it's drink. Since almonds r good for health . It gives a rich taste wen u use it for baking an making milkshakes. This chocolate spread can b used for making ice creams too . U can make choco stick, chocobar, choco almond stick . Which would make ur ice cream taste more yummier then wat u buy frm outside. Wen we buy an ice cream outside,wen we look at the ingredients they add artificial colors or preservatives but in ths no artificial colors nor preservatives r added

30 June, 2020

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Gulab Jamun Pack 190 grams

The word MTR is an Indian brand based company since it's products r awesome an easy to use. I really loved the packing. When I used this product for making gulab jamun it tasted yum, whereas when we make at home we need proper proportionate of maida,khova an many other things. I used this product for making gulab jamun & malai kofta . I use ths for gulab jamun mix for making my koftas by adding panneer to it . It makes the kotas soft. In this product thr r no preservatives nor artificial colors ,it gives a good taste in koftas they easily melt inside ur mouth. The package is too good ,u can store it in the refrigerator,it lasts for long. The amount is a bit reasonable . It's easy to make& use . Try using this mix for making koftas .

02 July, 2020

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Vanilla Essence Glass Bottle 500 millilitre

This product is a very old& known. It's used from ages . It's used for making ice creams,cakes, milkshakes, buttermilk & cookies. The aroma is quiet strong since it's extracted from the vanilla beans . The taste is a bit bitter but it gives a great taste while making cakes, milkshakes,ice creams ,cookies, chocolates, puddings, coffee dip. I use it for making lassi I mean buttermilk to give a vanilla taste. The value for money is a bit high but it's used for a long run. Store ths in refrigerator. It helps to retain its taste& aroma. Before it used to come in small bottle ,in tat the quantity would be a bit less. But this big bottle can be easily stored . This bush company have come out with various essences like I hv used almost all of them. They have a wide range like vanilla essence, strawberry color & essence,mint essence,kesar pista essence, chocolate essence, rasberry essence , an many more. This bottle is original none can replace ths company s essence . The value for money is reasonable an easily available in the grocery store

21 July, 2020

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Sunrise Pack 100 grams

Nescafe sunrise coffee is an Indian brand ,the aroma of coffee is refreshing . This coffee I started drinking right from childhood,till now also I hv. I don't prefer neither I'm comfortable with any brand I'm happy with ths . I use this coffee brand in my cooking while making cookies, chocolates , milkshakes,cakes. This coffee refreshes my mind& soul. I really love the packing . The value for money is reasonable. I'm happy wth ths brand . None can beat it. U can make dalgona coffee out of it . I prefer strong coffee less milk ,an it's good wen u hv during winters an chilling weather or rainy season . It makes u feel warm

26 July, 2020

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Smith & Jones

Ginger Garlic Paste Pouch 200 grams

This product I used it for the first time in my cooking, usually I prefer home made ginger garlic paste. This product is easy to use an it lasts for longer. I use it for making curries,gravy, manchurian s , pulavs . The taste is awesome an it makes the dish tasty& relishing. U can store it in the refrigerator an it lasts for about 3 months. It's easy to use . Without ths the dish is incomplete , hardly it won't taste better. The texture of the paste is too soft& smooth an it gets easily blend with the the gravy ,curries ,pulav, manchurian . It's light in weight. It's an equal proportionate of ginger& garlic . It's ll in medium spices r well mixed in this paste. This company has come up with different things they hv the ginger garlic paste, mayonnaise sauce,Soya sauce,schewan sauuce lll taste awesome an has a a unique taste in its dishes wen u use it

05 August, 2020

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Mint Mayonnaise Plastic Bottle 300 grams

I bought this product fr the first time, since I didn't get plain mayonnaise ,so I hd to take ths. And the company brand ws new to me . Usually I used to add chilli flakes in my plain mayonnaise to get a taste in my dishes wat I prepare. Then I gt this product I used it in my salads,burgers, sandwiches & pizzas an I used as a dip fr my garlic bread, french fries &wafers too. The taste was too yumm & it would make my dish more yummier & tastier. My kids too enjoyed it. I'm glad u guys have come up with eggless mayonnaise an that also flavoured ones. In ths mayonnaise I enjoyed the mint flavour which ws refreshing I added few chilli flakes an oregano . It would make it more tastier. My kids were fussy in eating parathas wen I added ths mayonnaise they started eating parathas . I enjoy eating when served with wafers an french fries an garlic bread. U can store ths product in the refrigerator for abt 6 months to a year. . To retain its flavour,aroma& taste. The packaging is also good in the bottle shape easy to open an close .

06 August, 2020