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Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams

hello everyone As I have used many of brands for dhaniya powder but before some month ago I have started using catch dhaniya powder. it was just for change bcz it's my habbit to find something new which can give better taste to my food and new new experiment.and in food ur basic ingredients are ur spices. but after using it I found its actually smells gud and texture also different which gives kick to my food. quantity also my house we are spicy lover so I need to use it most of my dishes so 100 gram not enough for me for a month so use to buy 200gram and if u want to keep remain it's taste and smell of powder so I would like to suggest to refrigerate. After refrigerating I have found that it's remaining same with colour,smell and taste. Just 1 thing which I was not happy that they should have some different packaging from others brand so people can feel its own quality.packaging is too comman so people are not finding any excitement to buy or atleast try this. So I would suggest that brand should look after on packaging otherwise I am satisfied with everything. 1 more thing which I have observed in catch dhaniya powder behind the pack they have mentioned theire nutritional info but as I was using ambari brands dhaniya powder they don't. So that's also big difference I have found. Overall it's too gud and I will recommend this for others to buy. Thankyu

18 April, 2020

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Gulab Jamun Mix Box 100 grams

Hello all of u When my heart goes to eat sweet and if it will be gulabjamun so I always go for "gits gulab jamun mix" If u r cooking as beginner or if u don't have much time to combine all ingredients so I would like to suggest for this. U have to just open packet, knead dough, shape, fry and sock in sugar measurement needed and guaranteed gulab jamun will just go fearless with it. If u go to buy gulab jamun from sweetmart so u will get 250 gram gulabjamun in 95 rs and with 12-15 hotel they charge 50 rs for 2 pices of gulabjamun but here in just 44 re u will get 20 and if u will shape it smaller so u will get 25-28 easily. So it's worth for money and taste also good so soft juicy and mouthwatering. If u will look for its packaging u will see quality of it and u can feel how hygiene it is.hard box with attractiveness and in that theire is anather packet in that u will find mix powder. Best thing which I have to mention and I observed that mixture has beed made with weat flour which is good for health. All over its best remady for all of us.i would suggest everyone to try this and worth it for everything. Thanks

19 April, 2020

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Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

Bourn vita it's only thing which my family following from years and years just like tradition.i steel remember in my childhood memories this was the only thing for what I was waiting eagerly that when my mom will come and handover me glass of bournvitta milk.most of the time I ate only powder of bourn vitta and it's taste like I am mother of 2 childrens and my mom still recommend me bournvitta for theire growth.bcz as I feel being mother kids are very choosee for theire food and taste.and bcz of that they can lost theire protein and for protein milk is best source but only milk is not sufficient and many of kids are don't like smell of milk so for that bourn vitta is the thing which can improve taste of milk and smell totaly like chocolate drink which kids going to love to days theire are lost of health issue found in kids just bcz of not eating properly and not having that strenghth and immunity to fight with we have to look after for that so we should start with this and every kid love chocolate so it's gives that flavour.without complaning kids get ready to have plz I would like to suggest all of u to try it and and give best growth to ur child.

25 April, 2020

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Women's Horlicks

Caramel Flavour Plastic Jar 400 grams

When we all were kid milk was the very important thing in our life and its get over in our childhood period itself.after that we all are getting busy day by day and we think that we are healthy enough and not taking care of our health.and specially a woman.on daily basis or if we can go through a womans life every stage she have to face lots of extra work and she always try to do extra for theire family even at work for that energy and strength she need that energetic drink which help her to fight with her daliy I would like to suggest woman's Horlicks and add it in ur daily help u to improve ur energy level and it will gives u strong bones with lots of I was gone through 2 operations in my maternity periods so I was feeling so weak and my body also getting lots of pain bcz of less calcium so one of my freind suggest me to have this woman's horlicks.its my personal experience I am feeling so well and having fit n fine life.many of woman don't like smell of milk but milk is very important thing for calcium and protin so u should try this caramel flavoure woman's horlicks and caramel flavour is as good as chocolate so don't worry about the taste.u will feel so secure n confident after watching packaging of it.u will get all important info on that jar so just go for it.give nutritional drink to ur bones and keep healthy ur body.womans Horlicks come with every important ingredients which make us healthy day by day.its worth for money even worth for fitness.dont think too much to build ur health bcz we are going to build our family and we are playing important role so just go for it.drink woman's horlicks caramel flavour and stay healthy.

27 April, 2020

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Chia Box 150 grams

As all are know that Ramdan is going on so we used to make lots of drinks and faludas so in that main ingredient which we required is chia seeds.till some days ago I was using a local chia seeds without any brand and from local place but this time when I saw bagrrys chia seeds well packed and it was giving feeling that it's so hygiene so I though to try it.and trust me it gives u so well taste.after soaking in water atleast for 10-15 minute it become just like jelly and seeds look like so transperant.even in every sharabat I used to add it bcz chia seeds gives a very coolness into our body and as per this hot season we need lots of chill things to dehydration.if u will see many of DIY suggest us to have chia seeds in lemon water so it can help to loose our weight our belly fat so for best result we have to consume some branded and hygiene product and I would like to suggest to go with Bagrrys chia seeds and most important it's organic product so it won't harm any way to our body.i have suggested some of friends to consume Bagrrys chia seeds for theire weight loose they all having on daily basis and got best results too.and I am impressed that its having 24 month shelf life as we don't know about any local chia seeds bcz they don't mention any thing it's just 1 plan plastic pocket so why we take chanse with our health?so do try it.

10 May, 2020

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Bounce Choco Twist Biscuits Pack 82 grams

Some days ago theire was birthday in my family and bcz of lockdown I was not getting enough ingredients to make a cake so theire was only option where I can make biscuit cake.when my husband went to shop so shopkeeper only had "Sunfeast bounce choco twist" So he get that I made cake of it and trust me it was one of the best cake which I was taste like so choco and it was my 1 st experience with "Sunfeast bounce choco twist" with affordable price and added lots of chocolate.even when I saw carefully this biscuit made from wheat flour it was amazing to know over all i have added this biscuit In my regular kids are also loving to have this and they found it yummi enough. U can have it with tea as well it's perfectly taste so good with tea also. If u r badly hungry so u can have this anytime anywhere it will gives u energy and satisfaction to ur tummy. And after all it's made with wheat flour so theire is no issue regarding digestion.over all I will say every one should try this atleast once and u will find out the same thoughts regarding biscuit which I am sharing with u.Have "Sunfeast bounce choco twist "and change ur regular taste.

12 May, 2020

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Garam Masala Box 100 grams

As I cook alot so I really have faith in masalas which can make ur dish I always try some new types of masala in my different dishesh.i study the taste after using it n then decide to go forward with the same.i just thought after watching add of "catch garam masala" to go with this.i went to shop and when I took the packet of "catch garam masala" I just fall in love with it.after seeing quality of packaging it gives u trust feeling.and it explain how hygiene and safe product it is. When I opened the pack the smell of masala was really original and too good.i made dish with it and it's become owesome.the propper majourment of all needed spices works magically to make ur dish tasty and delicious. Quantity of masala is enough as it is 100 gram pack and quantity is value for gives really good texture to ur snacks,gravy or mains dishesh. Still I am using it.and I received really satisfied results with the taste. I would like to suggest everyone to try it it's really amazing.

16 May, 2020

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Orange Pack 500 grams

Summer is going on and we need to have plenty of water to keep ourself dehydrated so my whole family drink this "Tang"and they love it.if u going to see "Tang" come up with very energatic nutritional fact which keep ur body always more energetic and it gives u lots of freshness after having it. My kids love to drink it any time.and it's gives u really natrural taste and texture of orange flavoure.its not less than orange juice in taste and in nutrition as well It's minute made thing which I have found.just add water and ur energetic drink is ready.bcz it comes with proper majourment of sugar also.saves ur time.when kids feel so thirsty or my husband comes from office tired so in minute I make this and freshup them.when I do my work of home ang I feel so down so I made "Tang" for myself and I just give break to myself for some time it really feel good. Packaging of "Tang" is good but as they suggest it's better we kept in airtight container for best result. It's a worth for money.i would like to recommend every one to have it.

16 May, 2020

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Chana Masala Box 100 grams

If u want to make chana masala just same as restaurant style so u should go for MDH chana comes with very selected and pure spices which gives u tremendous taste colour and texture.its smell like always fresh in every Ramdan I used to make chana masala on daily basis for iftar.and I always add MDH chana masala wich make it more tasty.packaging of masala is very good and have shelf life for 6 months so it will be better to just shift it into airtight container to maintain it. If u make chana masala on weekends on twise or thrice in mind nth so 100 gram is sufficient for 2-3 month atleast.just adding 1 spoon masala can change ur taste u will not going to stope urself by having we all know it's very old and famous brand and they maintain it by giving best must try

20 June, 2020

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Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

Wheither it is snacks or roll or pizza or burger what u need it very importantly???sauce/ketchup right..!!! Top s tomato gives u a very tangy and sweet taste in every comes with pure tomato pury no added it will not goning to affect ur health anyway. It's thickness is very good which impressive.and the most important the packaging of ketchup is in glass bottle which feels u how well packed and hygiene it I saw it has 18 month shelf life so once u buy it u can have it long time.but in my home I always make samosa,kachories, chat,pizza roll so I needed high time then also it's worth it.after opening I should keep it in refrigerator so it gets chill and whenever u will have it with any snacks it doubles the kids love it.u should also try

20 June, 2020