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04 July, 2019

Zainab Khan

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Premium Pasta Pack 250 grams

Bambino pasta is amazing product for make any instant snacks for kids or for yourself it has amazing taste and great texture to absorb any spice we add into it. Price is low compare to any other brand.

27 November, 2020

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Olive Oil Tin 1 litre

I am using Figaro olive oil since my childhood and now am using for my kids trust me it's the best product you will ever get in the market. Great for massage and cooking because its has no taste of his own.

27 November, 2020

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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Chocolate Spread Fudge Plastic Jar 350 grams

I am using fun and food chocolate spread since 2 years it's really delicious and has great taste whenever I crave for chocolate I just put one scoop of spread on brown bread and enjoy with little work done.

27 November, 2020

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Snack UP! Salted Banana Chips Crunchy Tasty Pack 180 grams

Compare to other brands it has less oil and a healthy option for snacks. If you travelling great chips for carrying plus you don't have to worry about the health as we all know it's a healthy option compare to regular potato chips.

27 November, 2020

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Instant Oats Pack 100 grams

I am using kosh oats since 2 year and trust me it is amazing brand which gives us oats at really less price compare to other brands and the best part is its take really less time to cook.

27 November, 2020

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Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams

I am using this coriander powder since 3 years and trust me guys it's just amazing, it give great texture and thickness to indian gravy prefect for indian dishes on daily use go ahead without thinking.

04 December, 2020

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Tasty Tales

Goan Chicken Cafreal Pouch 150 grams

Firstly I will talk about the packaging its comings with great and attractive packing and easy to carry. Secondly when I they say instant its was actually instant and took me around 20 mins to cook. Now talking about the flavour and taste. The taste was actually good as compare to the time of cooking you will get the tangy flavor and can taste the black pepper its was not too spicy but the taste was subtle. If you don't want to give much in your kitchen and want to eat home food give it a try.

03 February, 2021

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Oats Homestyle Masala Pack 400 grams

If you are conscious about your health and weight gain but not able to eat tasteless boring food then replace it with healthy, tasty oats which is rich in protein and fibre. I personally using it from past 1 year and able to manage my weight and trust me guys taste is really amazing from other oats which are available in the market I give a thumb up for this product.

06 April, 2021