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Olive Pomace Oil Plastic Bottle 1 litre

It is nice product..Olive Oil has a strong flavor that depends on olive varietal, but typically tastes buttery or peppery and fresh. ... Olive Pomace Oil is going to taste much more bland because it is a refined oil — like a sunflower, grape seed, or safflower oil would.

14 July, 2021

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I just love Maggi even though everyone loves Maggi. It’s very tasty and yummy and it’s smell is just wow. But it’s also dangerous to our health only when we eat beyond limits.

15 July, 2021

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Chakki Fresh Atta Pack 5 kilogram

It is trustable and nice brand..the perfect combo of taste and texture that fulfils the promise of soft roti. The Fortune Chakki Atta is made from some of the finest fields of handpicked wheat. It is made from 100% atta with 0% maida.

15 July, 2021

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Nature Fresh

Sampoorna Chakki Aata Pack 1 kilogram

I bought NatureFresh as the packaging was attractive and I could see and feel the quality of atta through its see through pack..Nature Fresh flour is made from the finest quality wheat grains..

24 July, 2021

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Salt Proactive Pack 1 kilogram

Free-flowing granular form; Easy and clean handling as well as storage; Enriched with Iodine..There is nothing more important in our daily life than salt. It is in everything we eat, in our rituals, in mythology and was once even used as currency. It is this goodness that goes into every pack of AASHIRVAAD Iodised Salt.

28 July, 2021

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Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

It's delicious and thick tomato ketchup with 100% natural tomatoes. It contains ingredients like tomato paste, sugar, salt, onion powder, garlic paste, and spice extract. So, it gives a good spicy and sour taste. ... Overall, the consistency is thick but it's high in sugar and carbohydrates..

05 August, 2021