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27 March, 2019

Mudita Bagla

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I am a passionate homechef..I love cooking new dishes and fond of trying too..









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Chocolate Delight Flavour Plastic Jar 500 grams

In my growing stage, I used to have it everyday before going to school. Full of nutrient factors and essential for kids. It gives great energy to the body

26 April, 2019

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Orange Pack 500 grams

This summer cooler is best for kids as it helps them to beat the scorching heat. Easy to make and have. Specially d orange flavour makes it worth to have

26 April, 2019

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Del Monte

Pineapple Tidbits Tin 836 grams

Easy to use in many ways be it making fruit custards,smoothies or any other desserts. gud quantity provided. Although opening the tin takes a lot of time.

26 April, 2019

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Salt Pack 1 kilogram

One of the most important ingredient when we cook is dis. nd the Tata salt is d best. I have never changed to another brand as d quality of dis product is too gud

26 April, 2019

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Nestle a+

Nourish Dahi Cup 400 grams

Texture is specially d best part about dis product. It taste like almost homemade dahi. Very good option when instantly u need to use dahi in cooking or to ur meal

28 April, 2019

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

D first thng wid whch I began my cooking journey was Maggi. Nothing has changed, be it the taste or d Maggie masala.just d way it was, perfect. I can still recall my craziness for Maggi. Maggi ka magic is even now in every age product to have once in a while.

29 April, 2019

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Classic Imli Sauce Pouch 100 grams

When it came to making chaats at home like papri chaat or Alok tikki chaat, I used to make the imli chutney at home only, but after I came across this amazing product, my so much time for saved which I used to spend while preparing it as the taste is really nice..Now chaats r ready in few minutes..all thanks to veeba imli sauce. It also goes in few curries too and even in the puchka paani..quick solution to add taste to ur delicacies

24 January, 2021

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Mithai Mate Sweetened Condensed Milk Tin 400 grams

This is surely like my secret ingredient when I make desserts or sweets.. great texture and taste..Like other products of Amul, this too won't disappoint you at all. There are a lot of dishes which I make using them like payasam, cake, laddoos etc and trust me it's loved by everyone. Get it if u haven't used it yet..You gonna love it too

24 January, 2021