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10 April, 2019

Pooja Nadkarni

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I am a food blogger and a youtuber. Love to explore and cook innovative food in my kitchen.









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Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

We have been using Bournvita for my son for past 10-12 years and we really like it. My son is a fussy eater and especially with milk he is very specific of whats been added in it. :) I have tried many different brands early to make him drink his milk but ever since started with Cadbury Bournvita, our problem is solved and he doesnt do any fuss with it. Also, could see changes in him like earlier he was skinny and slowly started gaining weight. Very impressed with the product. I totally recommend it.

30 December, 2020

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Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

We love buttermilk, but due to work pressure, I cannot find time to make it at home. We dont like any market bought buttermilk so were skeptical earlier to try Amul masti Buttermilk. But Amul didnt disappoint us at all. The taste is the exact same as we expected. Creamy , refreshing and also good for digestion. Sometimes I even prepare our favorite chaas curry by giving it Tadka. Love it.

30 December, 2020

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Del Monte

Pineapple Slices Tin 439 grams

I am a food blogger and a baker too. I try out different recipes and thats my passion. I have used Del Monte Pineapple slices to make my famous pineapple upside down cake and it really enhanced the flavors of my cake. The main thing is, the slices are well cut and well cleaned . You dont have to put any extra efforts to clean them. Just use them in your recipe , or can even eat as they are. Totally enjoyed this product.

30 December, 2020

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24 Mantra Organic

Ragi Flour Pack 500 grams

24 Mantra Organic Ragi Flour is one of the best ragi flours I have used. We use ragi everyday because of its health benefits. Its very rich in Fibre, so I make Ragi Satu for my son and he loves it. Also, I use this ragi flour to prepare cakes as a substitute to maida and they taste awesome.

30 December, 2020

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Chicken Masala Box 100 grams

To be frank , I like all products of Everest. It could be garam masala, pav bhaji masala, chole masala etc etc. It really makes my life in kitchen easy and I use Everest chicken masala in most of my dishes even if they are vegetarian. I dont have to put any extra spices to make my food taste good if I use just a tablespoon of this chicken masala. It automatically enhances the flavor of any food.

30 December, 2020