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03 May, 2019

Shruti Raman

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Agro Fresh

Premium Ragi Flour Pack 500 grams

This has a good grainy texture but when roasted has a soft texture. Bakes come out well and the rotis come out soft. When made thin it turns crispy like a khakara.

23 July, 2021

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Nutty Yogi

Sorghum Flour (Jowar) Pack 1 kilogram

The taste and texture of the product is very good. Packing is excellent. The price of the product could be more reasonable.Can be more marketed.

23 July, 2021

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Salt Plus Less Sodium Pack 1 kilogram

Its free flowing and does not have impurities. Can be used for blood pressure paitents as it has less sodium.Packing is good but could be better.

23 July, 2021

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Chakki Fresh Atta Pack 2 kilogram

The pricing is good and the packing . The texture is great . When the atta is mixed with warm water the results are excellent. It remains soft for a long time.

23 July, 2021

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Marie Light Orange Biscuits Pack 120 grams

This is superb with a delicious Orange flavour. It’s crispy and goes very well with cold milk without sugar. It’s a little it’s little thick not as thin as Marie vita but nevertheless too good.Packaging and price is also good.

10 August, 2021

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Orange Pack 500 grams

This is my childhood drink . I still love the freshness it gives the body after drinking . Lovely in texture and taste. Packing could be better like a zip lock .

13 October, 2021

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Pani Puri Masala Box 100 grams

Just by adding little jaggery powder and chilli powder with little fresh coriander and the pani Puri masala , the water Tastes awesome . Fast and easy to make with great texture.

13 October, 2021