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03 May, 2019

Shruti Raman

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Nacho Crisps Tomato Mexicana Pack 150 grams

This is a great snack loved by all kids, the tomato flavour gives it’s that edge to taste buds and Mexican flavour which is close to our taste buds makes it enjoyable.

04 September, 2019

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Soft & Nutritious Paneer Classic Block Pack 200 grams

Excellent texture and very soft.. love it raw and when put into dishes it’s very tasty.Rich source of calcium but the rate could be little less.

05 September, 2019

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Chhole Masala Box 100 grams

Be it chole masala or channa rice I love the flavour and taste of it. This is so rich in taste that any dish made with it even if it’s Satvik reaches a point of satisfaction to taste buds.

05 September, 2019

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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Crunchy Plastic Jar 340 grams

This is amazing in taste and good pricing too. Love to make chocolate filled with peanut butter .. when mixed together taste like Imported chocolate Reese’s . Great source for protein for vegetarians.

10 September, 2019

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Premium Chocolate Flavour Box 400 grams

Ever since my daughter Started having this drink she does not like boost bornvita etc . It’s excellent for height and weight . There is steady growth in the child.

18 September, 2019

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Nacho Cheese Flavour Pack 150 grams

The flavour is amazing I loved the taste they should sell it in all the shops i Bangalore because its taste is amazing. Overall it was awesome

02 October, 2019

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Spreads Cocoa With Almond Plastic Jar 350 grams

This is so yummy and gives a lot of satisfaction to your taste buds. Best way to give your kid almonds.Its texture is a nice feel in the mouth.

19 November, 2019

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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

This is superb in tatse , does not have any odd smell like few other brands .. can be little less expensive but the texture is so soft and cooks fast.

19 November, 2019

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Act II

Butter Flavour Popcorn Pack 99 grams

This high in fiber product is loved by all. It easily pops in the microwave and just takes mins to make it. This flavour is particularly loved by kids and enjoyed while seeing cartoon .

19 November, 2019

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Exotic Pickle Green Chilli Sliced (Without Garlic) Bottle 300 grams

It’s yummy in taste the texture is great and goes well with roti and curd rice. Yes will always recommend to buy it also .If kept in fridge lasts long.

22 November, 2019