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17 July, 2020

Swaranjeet Kaur Arora

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Mixed Herbs Bottle 20 grams

This product is a combo of oregano, basil , thymes and Rosemary , four dry herbs. Origano has been written in its ingredients, but when I make pizza, pasta , sandwich or any Italian dish I have to add oregano separately. the amount of oregano is very less. Flavour should be little strong.. Sometimes I add it in pakora batter. Use it in Raita it gives nice flavour.

31 July, 2020

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Chakki Fresh Atta Pack 5 kilogram

In my family we never purchase readymade atta...actually my mother doesn’t like the readymade one. But during the high time of lockdown, unwillingly I had to buy the 5 kg pack of fortune chakki fresh atta. After using for 2-3 days we realised that it tastes no less than our regular one. Inspite the dough is kept in refrigerator for 7-8 hours, chapatis are always fresh, soft, fluffy and white. I was always hesitant to bake wheat flour cake as many a time wheat flour cakes become dense. But for the very first time I baked simple vanilla cake by using this atta. To my surprise , my cake came out very fluffy and porous with a very nice texture. I highly recommend everyone to use this once. It is actually a boon for working class families.

31 July, 2020

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Dark Chocolate, (Made with Finest Cocoa Beans) Box 150 grams

Dark Chocolates are my weakness because i have read somewhere that they contain antioxidants and keep our heart strong. Yes this chocolate bar is a bit hard but positive point is that I used to grate it and use it to decorate my black forest cake or cold coffee. Specially When I make Chocolate Biscuit Cake in appe pan, I put a piece of dark chocolate in the center and the result comes out great . One advise from my side is to eat it in limit as too much cocoa is not beneficial for health.

01 August, 2020

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Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 500 grams

Memories of my childhood are associated with Kissan Jam. Now my children also like it. Same taste , same aroma , same quality . I use it to make jam cookies, cakes and some deserts. Kissan jam roll Paratha is one of the never-ending memories.

04 August, 2020

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Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

My mother was diagnosed anaemic last year. Apart from medication, our family doctor suggested some diets along with dates to overcome anaemia. These dates are actually a big hit in my family. It is soft and quite big in size . Not only my mother but also we all enjoy it a lot as it gives energy in true sense. I used to make jaggery dates chutney, dates burfi and also add it to my dry fruit vanilla cake. It’s also a good gifting option on diwali and other festivals.

08 August, 2020

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Pani Puri Masala Box 100 grams

See market bought paani poori masala can never take the place of paani that is made at home by using raw mango, tamarind, adding mint and all the spices in it. But if you are in hurry and still want to tickle your taste buds, this paani poori masala is a complete savage. It not only saves your precious time but also gives you street vali feeling..socho nhi ..go for it...

08 August, 2020

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Moong Dal Pack 350 grams

I am basically fond of moong daal . This moong daal is neither spicy nor too salty. Totally of my type. I enjoy this with evening tea . Haldiram has unique speciality of not changing quality and taste of their products even after so many years.

10 August, 2020

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Aloo Bhujia Pack 175 grams

This aloo bhujiya is something different that everyone wish to relish it. It is very light, crunchy and tangy in taste and goes well with chaat, sandwiches,canepes, dabeli etc. My reason for loving Haldiram aloo bhujiya is very simple ...due to thin sev it’s quantity is quite sufficient.

12 August, 2020

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All-Bran Wheat Flakes Box 425 grams

It’s nothing but wheat flakes with sugar. It contains a lot of fibre. Sometimes it is okay to eat it to change the taste. I think freshly made breakfast is good in every way.

16 August, 2020

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Chhole Masala Box 100 grams

Typically punjabi chhole requires blending of so many whole spices. But if you are short of some of the spices at home and yet wish to enjoy authentic chhole , then blindly go for everest chhole masala. It gives nice flavour, colour and texture to your dish as if masalas are freshly grinded at home.

17 August, 2020