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17 July, 2020

Swaranjeet Kaur Arora

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Chilli Vinegar Plastic Bottle 200 grams

In my house, my children mostly cook Chinese food. There is no danger of its breakdown due to being in a plastic bottle. It has spicy and tangy both the flavour,for which I like this best. If it is also available in a pack of 100 grams then it is good.

20 July, 2020

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Vivo Diabetes-Care Plastic Jar 5 litre

As my husband is a diabetic. I have started using this healthy oil. It is rich in natural antioxidants. It is mild and good in taste. You can trust on this product for your family. This product is also useful for the heart patient. Best of all, it is also available in 1L pouches.

20 July, 2020

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Premium Red Chilli flakes Sachets Pack 200 pcs

It is good for pizza ,pasta ,burgers sandwiches etc. Its too much spicy and hot . Even in normal vegetables and daal tadka you can use. It tastes awesome. But It is not suitable for small family, its small packets should also come. Opening a large packet repeatedly spoils its spiciness .

20 July, 2020

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Mushroom Penne Pack 65 grams

My children make it easily and soothe their hunger. It tastes great . Creamy mushroom flavour is excellent. Because it is made of wheat flour, it is not harmful. Eat with bread toast, it becomes a complete meal.

21 July, 2020

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Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams

I always use homemade coriander powder but when ever it finished, I always prefer to buy Dhaniya powder of this brand. This product is so fresh , having strong aroma. Packaging is good and simple. Best part is , it is available in different weights ,you can buy as per your requirement. It needs to be slightly coarsely ground.

22 July, 2020

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Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

I use so many products of Patanjali this is one of them. I often use asafoetida in everyday meals. This Hing has strong aroma ,unique taste and made from natural and herbal ingredients. Hing is used in many dishes to enhance flavour .It helps in digestion. It is expensive than the other brands but still better.

25 July, 2020

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Green Tea Ginger, Mint & Lemon Box 30 pcs

Honestly I kick start my day with tetley green tea. It’s just like an addiction to me. It keeps me fresh and relaxed for the whole day. Most important feature is its flavour that boosts the energy. Thankfully it comes in small bags . Price wise it is quite affordable. Just one advice not to consume it too much. One cup per day is sufficient. It also helps to reduce your weight if you have control on your diet. From my side highly recommended.

28 July, 2020

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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Crunchy Plastic Jar 340 grams

This peanut butter is my total love. Initially i didnt like its taste but slowly and gradually I started loving it to my core. Those who are health conscious must try it once. Not so expensive, this peanut butter can be used in various ways. I used to mix chocolate syrup in it and use it as ganache for decorating my simple vanilla cake for extra beauty. It has thick consistency ,so can be applied as a spread on bread and toast as well. Try to make your children familiar to its taste because it is really very healthy option.

29 July, 2020

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Desi Atta

Moong Dal Atta - Skinned Split Green Gram Flour Pack 200 grams

I had eaten this flour cheela for the first time at my friend's house, the cheela was good , but it is not at all good for pudding/halwa. Once you open the packet, use it within 15 days. It is good that the packet is of 200 grams.

29 July, 2020

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Brooke Bond

Taj Mahal Rich & Flavourful Tea Box 250 grams

In true sense brooke bond taj mahal chai is WAH TAJ.. I dont know why but its packaging attracts me a lot. The monument of Taj Mahal facinates me. And so I never have a second thought to change the brand of my tea. It has bigger granules as compared to other tea brands. Gives nice flavour and aroma and rich colour to the tea. And yes I recommend everyone to use it atleast once.

30 July, 2020