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Vanilla Essence Glass Bottle 500 millilitre

This is yet another case of duping the indian customers. Vanilla essesnse that contain not a tiniest amount of Vanilla. I was using it over 2 decades and only started reading the labels since past few years. To my utter surprise, the most beloved BUSH vanilla essense is full of artificial chemicals and caramel flavouring agents. It is far from the original Vanila. That was the moment I realised why my cousin's cakes leaves a pleasant aftertaste in mouth for she use vanilla extract. As a born puritan, she prefer infusing slitted vanilla beans in absolute vodka and let it matured for not less than eight weeks to develop the flavours. I soon poured the nasty BUSH down the drain and bought Madagascar Vanilla Beans from Crawford market to make vanilla essense a la my cousin's recipe. PS: Pure Vanilla extract is readily available locally as well as online and require little half than vanilla essense in the recipe. DON'T be a victim of this age old tradition of FOOLING the indian buyers. Its a Health Hazard. Prolong consumption of such chemical leads fatal situatuons

21 July, 2020

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Darjeeling White Tea Box 40 pcs

I was never into Tea. I was more concerned (and interested ?) about the munchies Mom would served along. Read a lot and research about the health benefits of Green Tea lately and started consuming it as a feelgood medicine since couple of months. I was able to develope a taste for it . Did you know that the oxygen is playing dual role when it comes to our health?. True, its a life gas but ever thought what happens to this gas after burning/used up in our body?. You are right, it slowly oxidise our internal organs and in long run, leads to an early ageing. No doubt , Green tea is rich wirh antioxidants which slows down aforesaid ageing process and majority of people experienced the good results after started using it. I too was bit sceptical about the new kid on the block - White tea. I googled it, discussed with my nutrionalist and even some of the friends from North Kolkata about it. Surprise , surprise!! Though they dont call it white tea but Kaccha Cha, they assured me of its superiority over all other tea variants. Bought my first pack of Darjeeling White tea and i am literally in love with this product by now. Darjeeling white tea superseded other tea varieties - including Green Tea for its ' High Antioxidants and LOW caffeine' content. A definate MUST HAVE in your TeaBox???

22 July, 2020

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Mother's Recipe

Andhra Gongura Pickle Pack 200 grams

My mouth is salivating just by thinking about it. Ghongura, sour sorrel leaves that are grown and used extenssively in and Around the Entire state of Andhra and Telengana. There are two varieties- one is pale green leaves and the other is leaves with reddish tint. The layer is used this mouthwatering pachadi- as hardcore Andhraite call it. No Andhra meal would be considered complete in podi ( dry powders) and pachadi ( wet hot chutneys) not included in it. Savoured it from my colleague' tiffins couple of years ago. His Mom was very precocious while selecting ghongura leaves and used the local Ambadi Vegetables only when the reddish one is not really available. Recently I visited her and was served the gongura pickle. The taste heavenly and was unchanged. It was real.shocking moment for me when Aunty spilled the beans. She told me that she stopped searching for authentic leaves as she found that Mother's Recipe Gongura Pickles tasted same as she grown up relishing. Do I need to tell you that thia became the essential item in my grocery list onwards ? its a big thing, Mother recommending Mother's Recipe. Cant thank you enough!!

22 July, 2020

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Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

Deggi mirch for MDH put that extra Punjabi Desi touch to our dishes, turning out onionl-tomato based preparation into lively crimson delicacies without adding the heat. Deggi morch is not hot as Ghati or Sankeshwari mirch , neither sipid or tasteless as kashmiri chilies. Rather it combines bests of the two worlds. Bright color with flavousome yet mild taste that not just pleases your eyes but also good for health. Ab Dhabastyle food banega Ghar mein hi?

22 July, 2020

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Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

Contrary to the popular belief, Hing.( known as Devil's dung or shit worldwide) doesn't hailed from Rajasthan or Gujarat ( not related to bandhani- tie and dye clothings) but from Iran. The hing in resin (plant"s sap- solidified) form is so hard that you can't grate it and hence brands like Patanjali compounding it with edible floor and Gum arabic to offer free flow hing powder. Hing for vegetarians plays the same role as gatlic does for others.. Imparting flavour with anticeptic properties. Hing is also known as a quick reliver during stomach ache. Verdict: A big No to Patanali hing for A. It comtains edible floor, but did not mentioned which one B. Lack in flavour and burns quick C. Because of floor contains , can not be ised in preserves I just can't find the single reason to switch to it from the one I am using since years.

22 July, 2020