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21 November, 2019

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Nacho Crisps Tomato Mexicana Pack 150 grams

Nachos are slowly being well accepted in the Indian community and gradually becoming a favorite snack, thanks to Cornitos. There are loads of flavors to choose from, each with its distinct and unique characteristics and tastes. The product in context here is Cornitos Tomato Mexicana flavor. To round it up, I won't say this is the best Cornitos has to offer, the Sizzling Jalapeno and Cheese ones being clear favorites. The taste leaves a tinge to the tastebuds, being a mixture of both saucy and sour, with more inclination towards the Saucy part. Tomato flavor surely has the upper hand here. If you like tomato gravy, then this is your option. But for me, who is not the saucy guy, I would prefer the other flavors anytime over it. But being an unbiased reviewer, I would really appreciate the immaculate packaging that Cornitos does, keeping the contents crispy and crunchy. The price is INR 35 and the packet is filled with Nacho crisps, unlike Lays, where they serve a few chips with oxygen. :P

10 December, 2019

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Appy Fizz

Apple Juice Based Drink Plastic Bottle 600 millilitre

Appy Fizz is an amazing drink. Of course, being an aerated drink, it comes with its own consequences, but for those who indulge in beverages, then this is it. A fantastic fizzy drink, which tantalizes your tongue at the very first drop and continues till the last. A cool find for me. Although the favorites still are the Universal ones, like Coke, Fanta and 7UP, but Appy Fizz surely would find its way to my refrigerator pretty often. The bottle with the content is designed pretty well too.

10 December, 2019

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Coca Cola

Coca Cola Plastic Bottle 1.75 litre

Who thought that I can review Coca Cola. Well, now that I can, I would love to spell out how Coca Cola is an important and integral part of our daily lives. No party, no gala dinner or no gathering is complete if there is not a Coca Cola bottle used. There is severe competition from the likes of Pepsi and Thums Up, but Coca Cola has held up its name across India. This particular bottle is always found on the rack on my fridge, ready to be gulped down. Despite it being unhealthy (in terms of artificial sweeteners being used), it is somehow become an addiction of sorts, one that is hard to let go. The fizzy taste is simply amazing. The bottle is widely available and ideal for house parties and gatherings. In case you are travelling, then probably you can let this one go and choose the smaller versions of the package.

11 December, 2019

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Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread Box 100 grams

What a product. What a find. Amul Butter is used by almost every Indian. It cannot get more Indian than this. Amul butter's taste is just lovely, with a thorough texture throughout and taste as well. When this, Garlic and Herbs variant came in, I gave it a random try and boy-oh-boy, it turned out even better than it's mass-accepted counterpart. The aroma and taste of garlic is evenly spread out on your bread and you can feel the taste of garlic in every bite. Because of this particular butter, most of the bakers had a run for their money, as you can turn a normal piece of bread into a garlic bread in no time. No baking, no cheese, no garlic required. Just spread it out and you are in for some real good taste. Highly Recommended.

11 December, 2019

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

Another favorite for millennials. Maggi, is an instant noodle that made headlines for all the wrong reasons and ended up being taken off shelves. It opened a huge doorway for competition as Patanjali, ITC, Top Ramen made incremental sales out of Maggi's ousting. But Maggi came out of all legal proceedings, proving critics wrong and was immediately accepted by it's lovers across India. Such is the taste and fame of Maggi. This acceptance in itself is a statement that it's taste cannot be better. The Magic Masala, that is the catalyst of Maggi's taste, is a winner in itself. What is it made of is a secret to me, but I am sure the spice in itself can be added to any veggies to amplify it's taste. Even though it is an Instant Noodle, the best place to have it is in the Mountains. Even at the beach, it's super fun to dig into a hot bowl of Maggi. There are loads of recipes including Maggi which can be customized based on the palate of the patron and each such recipe is cooler than the other.

11 December, 2019

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Kesaria Thandai Pack 750 millilitre

I seriously don't remember having any Holi without Guruji Kesaria Thandai. There are loads of bottles circulated during Holi and our gatherings are incomplete if we don't have a good number of Thandais. It goes perfectly well with 3/4 th portion of milk and top it up with some dry fruits. I can drink a few glasses at one go. The taste is great and there is no other Kesaria Thandai that can give it a tough competition.

13 December, 2019

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Mad Angles Achaari Masti Pack 45 grams

No matter howsoever poor the advertisement of Bingo chips are, yet, the taste of its snacks are completely in contrast with the TV advertisements. Super fun taste and with the introduction of Achaars or pickled flavor, there is a tangy twist to the taste. The taste is even on each chips in the packet and serves as a great starter. You can add diced onions, tomatoes and coriander leaves, and you have a fantastic appetizer. It's super easy to make too.

17 December, 2019

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Masala Munch Pack 100 grams

Thanks to Kurkure, it gave a lip smacking appetizer for munching every now and then. The Kurkure Chaat is my favorite wherein we mix Kurkure with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn and some spices. Whether you are binge watching or gathering with friends, its a perfect snack. There were several rumors though regarding Kurkure, that it contained traces of plastic to give it that puffy shape, but I have ignored these rumors to a great extent, hoping that they are not true. There are so many flavors now available, but personally, I would always pick the Masala Munch flavor (the original one) over others anytime. The small pack is very convenient too. There are loads of these munchies inside the pack and costs INR 10 only.

17 December, 2019

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Dairy Milk Crackle Pack 36 grams

If you love chocolates, like I do, you will surely had listened to the name of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. It is by far the best chocolate bar one has come across in India. The Crackle version of the already favorite bar is even better. The cereals that are inside the bar, "crackle" when bit. It is nothing fancy but the regular chocolate bar filled with crunchy cereals. That crackling sound gives some sense of extra happiness that already comes along with the elegant chocolaty taste. The texture is very very smooth and thick throughout the bar. It is unlike other competitors wherein chocolate is overrun with either milk or other substances, losing the basic texture. Cadbury was in the news for all the wrong reasons, like a person finding a worm inside a bar, and it put a huge dent on the brand. It took a long time for Cadbury to come up with a face and then it's back to normal these days. These bars are easily available and convenient to use.

17 December, 2019

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Paper Boat

Anar Bottle 200 millilitre

The rustic advertisements led me to buy one of these. The other versions, like the Aamras is a huge hit. But this turned out to be a disappointment. There is too much adulteration in this drink, as the anar or pomegranate quotient dies down. There is a grainy feel to the drink, with the grains not feeling like the pulp of the fruit. It leaves a bad after-taste on the tongue. What I liked about the product was the unique packaging. The bottle is sealed with a plastic cap. There is a small outlet from the package to drink the juice. Cute packaging for the liquid content. But overall, I would not suggest to buy this drink as it far from being a pure pomegranate juice.

18 December, 2019