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Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe -Holi Recipe

This Gujiya is thinking as the ”SHUBH FOOD ” in India. In the marriage, or any celebration or ritual can be celebrated with this recipe. This recipe is the compulsory recipe for every festival and rituals. In my childhood my mother was making ”KHAJA GUJIYA” means these are making from grated wet coconut with Khhoya. It gives very nice taste along with rich feeling. You never imagine hat taste. When Gujiya are making together with family sounds nice. Everyone is making different shape and giving different ideas. Feeling that some thing is happening new in our family. Some types of food also giving belonging feelings in the group . So that in India every festival is celebrating with it.

  • Prep time:
  • 5 minutes
  • cook time:
  • 10 minutes
  • serves:
  • 2

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Level : Moderate

Cuisine : Maharashtrian

Course : Dessert

Allergy Information

  • - Heated oil


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Ingredients For Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe -Holi Recipe

  • 1. Take the Rava in the thali. Add 1/2 pinch salt, 1 tab ghee or oil to it.
  • 2. Mix it properly and start to knead it with milk. ,
  • 3. Apply ghee or oil for kneading to make it soft as like sponge.
  • 4. Now take the Pedha's , crush it and keep aside.
  • 5. Make small Puri's of kneading flour and fill the Pedha in each dough.
  • 6. Now stick it with the milk and cut it to make design.
  • 7. Fry it with oil or ghee.

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