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14 September, 2020

Darshana Sanghvi

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Seedless Oman Dates Plastic Container 250 grams

The best dates I have ever used for its good natural taste High Nutritional value Reasonable price Fresh available I use it instead of jagerry in many recipes but it's a best substitute for jaggery

09 September, 2021

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Cheese Cubes Classic Box 200 grams

It's very salty ,tasty, nutritional value is high,reasonable prices available at all places easily I use it in breakfast everyday on bread and in dinners too in making sandwiches

16 September, 2021

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Mother Dairy

Classic Curd Pack 200 grams

It's not sour at all,it's very tasty and yummy It's available at reasonae prices at every place I use it everyday in lunch to make raita ,lassi and shrikhand made from mother dairy is very presentable in bowl

16 September, 2021

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Red Chilli Flakes (Wonder Hot) Bottle 40 grams

I use it on pizza,tikkis,chaat,few Sabjis,in mexican dishes too Easily available in stores Reasonable prices Always fresh I can be stored for longer period of time

17 September, 2021

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Mother Organic

Red Chilli Powder Pack 300 grams

I use it since many years as reasonable prices,nice aroma of it,easily available everywhere I use it in sabji,pav bhaji,cutlet,and can be stored for longer period of time

17 September, 2021

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Olive Oil Tin 1 litre

It prevents strokes and heart disease I used it in massage for baby I use this oil in making cakes Baking recipes It reasonable prices and easily available

17 September, 2021

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Conscious Food

Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder Natural Pack 100 grams

It's red in color but not that spicy ,I use it in pavbhaji,making pizza sauce and in all punjabi sabji It's easily available everywhere It's reasonable prices.i store it for longer use

01 October, 2021

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Cow Ghee Tin 1 litre

I use this ghee since 30 years its aroma,texture is best Reasonable prices Easily available I prepare all sweets in amul ghee I use it in making punjabi sabji, Butter,condensed milk

01 October, 2021