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Spicy Smokey Baba Ghanoush With Pita Bread Recipe

In Arabic, “baba” means father and “ghanoush” means spoiled. This “spoiled dad” dip is the creamier companion to hummus. Popular in Arab countries throughout the Middle East, it is also a common appetizer on the Sephardic Jewish table. In Israel, it is known as eggplant salad, or Salat Hatzilim.

  • Prep time:
  • 10mins
  • cook time:
  • 15mins
  • serves:
  • 2-3

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Level : Easy

Cuisine : Turkish

Course : Appetizer

Allergy Information

  • - If any one have problems with eggplant they can used cheakpea also
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Ingredients For Spicy Smokey Baba Ghanoush With Pita Bread Recipe

  • 1. First grilled the eggplant in grill pan with little oil. When both side perfectly soft , take out in a plate.
  • 2. Now skin off the eggplant. Put it in blender. Now add olive oil, sesame seeds, masala a magic, garlic and lemon juice.
  • 3. Make creamy smooth paste of it . Now pour it in a serving bowl .
  • 4. Drizzle some olive oil and little red chili powder.
  • 5. Your spicy Baba Ghanoush is ready to serve with home made Pita bread Trangle.

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