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Most commonly found whole grains in India - AnAaj

Most commonly found whole grains in India - AnAaj

  • JustGoToChef
  • Sep 01, 2021

  • Sep 01, 2021


Most commonly found whole grains in India - AnAaj


The Indian subcontinent has always been a land of grains that culminated into deep penetration in its people’s daily eating habits. There is a significant trail of their cultivation, which has run down since time immemorial, therefore, let us take a quick snippet on the commonly found whole grains in India.




Finger Millets, commonly known as Ragi in India is a whole grain, which is gluten-free and is a common staple in the Indian peninsular subcontinent.  Its high fibre content helps in weight loss and diabetes. This whole grain is power-packed with calcium, amino acids, good carbs and Vitamin D.




Bajra is one of the whole grains, which is extensively cultivated in the Indian subcontinent. It is tiny brownish in colour and hence resembles tiny pearls, thus it is also called Pearl millets. Its commonality with the region has resulted in a famous dish Bajre ki roti with sarsoon da saag.




Barley is a cereal grain commonly eaten in India. It is used as a food grain, natural sweetener and is also used for brewing beer.




Maize, commonly known as corn is globally considered the queen of cereals. It is the only food cereal that is grown in diverse seasons, hence it is extensively cultivated in India thereby turning into a staple food in the subcontinent.




Oats are considered to be one of the most nutritious grains and thus are incorporated into a regular meal. There are various varieties of oats such as quick oats, rolled oats, steel-cut oats and whole oats.




Sattu is a high protein flour made from Bengal gram. It is considered a global superfood that people all around the world have started consuming. It has also earned the desi tag of Indian Horlicks.


Corn Maize


Corn maize is considered one of the most versatile crops cultivated in the world irrespective of all weather conditions. It is the third most important crop in India after rice and wheat.


Foxtail Millet Flour


Foxtail millet flour is a rich source of carbohydrates, thereby serving as an excellent source of energy from the carbs. It is rich in dietary fibre, iron and copper.




Sooji, also known as semolina, is a coarse flour made from durum wheat. It is turned into a fad in the baking world as it happens to be a healthy gluten-free alternative.


Tapioca starch


Tapioca starch alternatively known as tapioca flour is a starchy white flour enamelled with a mild sweet flavour. It is a great substitute for wheat flour.


Brown rice 


Brown rice comprises of bran and germ. It is whole rice from which only the husk is removed. It is packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals




Quinoa is a flowering plant that belongs to the amaranth family. It is rich in dietary fibre, protein, vitamin B, and other minerals.


Red Rice Flour


Red rice flour is finely blitzed aromatic powder. It has a smooth red texture with great aroma.




Farro is a whole grain having a very similar texture to the ancient grain like quinoa and is cultivated in a similar fashion. Farro is used to describing any one of the three ancient grains; emmer, spelt or einkorn.


Black rice which is also known as purple rice, forbidden rice, and Chinese black rice is a type of whole-grain rice that is quite dark in colour.




Millets are coarse grains, which comprises jowar, ragi, bajra. It is a repository of fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins.


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