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  • Amul Choco Buttery Spread    Box  200 grams
  • Amul Choco Buttery Spread    Box  200 grams
  • Amul Choco Buttery Spread    Box  200 grams
  • Amul Choco Buttery Spread    Box  200 grams
  • Amul Choco Buttery Spread    Box  200 grams

Amul Choco Buttery Spread
Box 200 grams

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Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 542 Kcal
  • Protein 1.1 gm
  • Total Fat 47.8 gm
  • Saturated Fat 31.1 gm
  • Trans Fat 1.9 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates 26.4 gm
  • Total Sugars 19.1 gm
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Nutrition Notes

Contains Added Flavour (S) (Artificial Flavoring Substances- Vanilla and Caramel)


More Information

  • Shelf Life
    12 months
  • FSSAI Number


  • Rs. 105.00

Ratings (31)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • Butter
  • Ready to Eat

Brand comments

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Good flavour with good consistency
I like its perfect chocolately flavour. It spreads so evenly. It's neither too dark and nor too sweet. I find it a yummy and a healthy option for kids. The plastic packaging is so convenient to use.

This spread has a perfect chocolatey flavour. Very easy to spread. The packaging also makes it easy to store and use. Even kids can make their own recipes using this spread on breads, muffins, biscuits etc. Definitely tasty and an innovative food product for the kitchen. Since it is high in calories, the consumption should be under limits.

Amul choco buttery spread packing is good. Good in taste. I like to eat with bread and price also not so high . My younger brother also like to eat choco buttery spread with bread and its healty too

A huge disappointment
This product is not at all compareble to Nutella or even the Hershey's Spread, this is in hindsight Mediocre and not at all worth spending money on.

choco butter is kids fav.
This is the best thing in the market, breads and the buttery spread over it is just lovely, this packaging is very nice though, my mother uses this container later for different storing purposes. But the chocolate flavour in the amul butter is exceptional love for me !! And yes it is healthy, with a low price

Love it
Amul Choco buttery Spread has Lip Smacking taste. It Makes rotis, breads and parathas interesting and more delectable to your plate with this chocolaty buttery Spread.

The amul choco spread is good for health and it is very tasty. It can also be spread on bread, chapati and cake. I usually spread it on bread. We can also use this amul choco spread while making cake, cookies, etc. Amul cocoa spread is not much costly. Also the products of amul are really better

One time try product
This product by Amul was a one time go for me. There are many other chocolate spreads available in the market like nutella, hersheys cocoa spread,etc. It has a nice consistency though.

    Usage Tip:
  • Chocolate pancakes

Amazing product
It is a really nice product. If kids don't like butter. They can have this with chapatis, breads, etc. It is very tasty and delicious and my sister loves this.

    Usage Tip:
  • As per required

Amul choco buttrt spread
I absolutely love this product by amul. It's creamy and chocolaty. It has the perfect texture. It tastes very good with toasts and sweet biscuits like parle g.

Choco Buttery Spread
I don't know if I should be comparing this to a Nutella, because the price difference and product difference is there but it's still a chocolate spread and thus, it's worth a try but could never make space in my kitchen nor my heart.

Amul choco buttery spread
Amul choco spread is a delicious choco spread can be used in many different ways. Favourite sandwiches can be made out of it and it is a must to have in your kitchen. Easy to use and can easily make things out of it. Children love choco sandwiches and it makes the work lot more easier to make them happy with their favourite food.

Amul Choco buttery spread has mediocre taste in comparison to Nutella or other trusted Choco spread brands. Texture is creamy and its packaging is good

Chocolatey Deliciousness
One of the best chocolate spreads I’ve ever tried. Amazing for breakfast when simply served over plain bread. Kids absolutely love this as it is or over bread or sometimes even on tortillas. Perfect balance of chocolate and butteriness. Definitely recommend for kids for some yummy breakfast.

Amul - choco buttery spread
It is perfectly gives chocolate flavour.....and it can be spread easily .it is the best option for kids .it is even healthy .easily can be stored ..and price also not so high.

Nice product
It is a nice product with chocolaty flavour. It is smooth to spread and does not taste much sweet. It has a butter taste with balanced sweetness. It is packed in such a way to avoid spoilage. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. It has a pretty good flavour and has a rich texture too.

    Usage Tip:
  • Store well in the refrigerator.

I really like this product. its a perfect blend of chocolate and butter. Its absolutely delicious on some fresh hot toasts or even with milk! yes you can make a very nice milkshake out of this just by adding some val=nilla essence. I would highly recommend this product

Choco spread
The spread is just amazing it just melts in mouth and is so soft . It goes perfectly with bread cakes and many more items. Vanilla icecream can be coated with this and it gives such and amazing taste . Must try

For those people who like chocolate flavour in almost everything must give this product a try. I really hope everyone will like it as it is cost friendly and also packed well.

Amul-Choco Buttery Spread Box
Coming to choose butter then Amul is the first choice for everyone. And chocolate is something that 6-60 everyone craves for. This Amul Choco buttery spread Box is absolutely amazing which ensures the richness of real amul butter and strong chocolatey flavour. It has smooth buttery texture This comes in an air tight container with good packaging. Should be kept under proper refrigeration.

    Usage Tip:
  • Used as spread on bread, roti, bun
  • Used for making chocolate pizza as well

Utterly Butterly Chocolicious
It has an amazing taste as well as the texture is so buttery. Very good to have chocolate spread from Amul.. Kids will surely love while elders will never deny. It just melt in mouth..

For all chocolate lovers
A spread which when added to bread can be eaten whenever you are hungry. Nothing more to add in bread, only a layer of this spread makes it the best. Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!

Amul Choco buttery spread
Amul choco buttery spread has a delicious taste it self. I taste chocolate and butter like smooth going in breads.I use amul choco spread in cake also.

Amul Choco Buttery Spread
Now ur kids will enjoy delicious sweet Choco sandwiches made by you at home with Amul Choco spread with goodness of glucose in it .It's a hasalfree way of making ur dishes delicious with just one product.Its healthy n no need to add anything to it.Even the sugar is added in it.It comes in 200 gms convinient pack which can be transferred in any small box for storing n carrying it while going for picnics n journey.

choco buttery spreads
the real butter with taste of chocolate, sweet tasting butter it gives you the smoother texture & chocolate give me the love. outstanding spread for the school going kids, direct ready for consumption on bread roti etc. to be maintained under refrigerator, available across India.

Choco Butter
A well Blended Layer Of Chocolate...It was Liked by all Childs and family In house as usual Amul is Unbeatable. i love to eat it with chapatis espicially.

Butter with Chocolate ❤️??
Amul Choco Buttery Spread is no doubt a wonderful product because the best past of this product is it has Buttery texture with chocolate I think no other chocolate spread is having the same quality.

Choco spread everybodys favourite
Personally i like this product. All time all age group favourite. A great spread for bread which makes bread even more tastier. An excellent recepies can be tried with this spread

Creamy and tasty
It is really a tasty spread and kids liked it very much. Ready to use and amazing taste for chocolate lovers. But the only thing is that it is high in sugar which a concern.

Amul choco buttery spread
multiple uses and taste is really good, we can use it on paratha, bread . The packing is perfect. fresh and yummy spread kids loves it too much.

Not that great
Dint like the taste of this. not chocolaty enough and tastes a little weird. would any day prefer nutella over this.

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