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Gond Ki Shukdi Recipe

Sukhidi or Gond Papdi is one of winter delicacies we always enjoyed during winters everyday.Infact Winters call for some amazing Indian Mithais that taste super wonderful in winters. These recipes are made in pure ghee so that the body can fight the decreasing temperatures. Adding gond or edible gum again produces heat which in turn keeps our body warm. Do try this version of Shukdi.

  • Prep time:
  • 10 minutes
  • cook time:
  • 15 minutes
  • serves:
  • 6

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Level : Easy

Cuisine : Bohri

Course : Dessert

Recipe Notes

Roast the flour on slow flame. Add jaggery in medium hot ghee.


  • Veg

Ingredients For Gond Ki Shukdi Recipe

  • 1. First take a pot and dry roast the WholeWheat flour & Suji till nice aroma appears.
  • 2. Set aside
  • 3. In the same pan add the ghee & fry the gum.
  • 4. The gum will all pop up,drain n remove the gum and set aside.
  • 5. In the same ghee add the grated jaggery and melt it.
  • 6. Now add the roasted flour,the nuts,the ginger pwdr and mix well.
  • 7. You will notice the colour has changed a bit and ghee starts to separate.
  • 8. At this stage remove the mixture in a greased plate.
  • 9. Pour the fried gum over it and cut into desired shapes.
  • 10. Enjoy ...1 piece will make your day.

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