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  • Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced   Tetra Pack  200 millilitre
  • Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced   Tetra Pack  200 millilitre
  • Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced   Tetra Pack  200 millilitre
  • Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced   Tetra Pack  200 millilitre
  • Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced   Tetra Pack  200 millilitre

Amul Masti Buttermilk
Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

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Nutrition & Ingredients

Food Type

  • Vegetarian

Nutrition Grid

  • Serving Size 100 gm
  • Total Calories / Energy 29.3 Kcal
  • Protein 1.7 gm
  • Total Fat 1.5 gm
  • Saturated Fat 1.0 gm
  • Trans Fat 0.1 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates 2.3 gm
  • Added Sugars 0 gm
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More Information

  • Shelf Life
    6 months
  • FSSAI Number

Ratings (68)

overall rating
Taste and Texture
value for money


  • Healthy
  • Chaas
  • Dairy
  • Summer Drink

Brand comments

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Amul Masti Buttermilk
I like mostly Amul Products, Amul Masti Buttermilk is one of them. I love this taste, its appropriate mixture of all things Jeera, Salt, Spices. I like to drink it everyday with lunch. Its so yummy.

This variety of buttermilk is what I look for whenever i have to pick up a soothing drink while travelling. Its packaging is very convenient and safe while travelling. The salt and spice combination is also very apt and soothing especially during summers. For people who can't have curd daily, buttermilk surely serves the purpose of soothing the stomach acids.

Best Buttermilk
Amul buttermilk is the best refreshing drink it cools down one's body heat. I use it in lunch it is very tasty and reminds me of having homemade chach during summers.

Not recommended
It doesn't really taste like buttermilk and the spices in it dominate the whole thing which makes it unpleasant to taste. It would be better not to have high hopes with this.

A spicy Buttermilk, for your Summer Cravings!
Amul products are the best in the market and this one is no less! One of the best Spiced Bittermilk available in a portion size package. Serve Cool and Shake well before drinking

Taste is real unique. It tatses good enogh The color is good The constintency is good Texture is ok Needs some improvement in pacakaging Overall a must try product

Amul is very trusted brand.
It has a good blended semi thick texture, it is nice buttery and well spiced. It is very refreshing and i would highly recommend to try it once.

Punjabi's Favorite
All the Punjabis should try this product out as they will love it. It is one of Amul"s best products. I love its consistency and I love the freshness it brings after drinking it.

I like every product manufactured by amul including this the amount of spices, salt and evrything is balanced perfectly and i can trust this brand blindly.

Tasty and healthy
Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is your immediate thirst quencher during sweltering days. It is very exclusive of its kind from other soft drinks. It is a stimulating and wholesome drink ideal for healthiness and taste

Health in a tetra pack
It is very tasty and healthy. If we had an intake of this perday, it would take heat and lactose intolerance far far away from us. It is really very good product.

Pocket friendly
This buttermilk is worth money. Taste is awesome. Packaging is very nice so as to carry it anywhere by just slipping in your bag. Spices are nicely blended that gives them homely feeling. Try it once.

This product actually has a buttery texture to it. It tastes great and at the same time it's healthy. It is a go to drink after a tiring day

Average product
It's nice for those those who like spicy and minty flavour but I don't like it much as I personally don't like mint. But it is a refreshing drink and availabile at a minimal cost.

Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 Millilitre
This buttermilk is my true friend in summers. A perfect combination of spices makes it more demanding by everyone. It’s just a boon for people working long at fields to keep themselves hydrated.

Not a fan of buttermilk in general but my flatmate used to love it and we used to have this at home very often and I've tried it multiple times. He used to always say that it's just the perfect buttermilk to have after a meal!

Pure taste
Amul packed products are very popular nowadays because they came with a guarantee of hygiene , i love this masala buttermilk , it has a perfect blend of all spices and its also helps in the digestion , i also use this product for the marination of the fried chicken.

Great for your taste.
Amul products are simply awesome and the taste that amul buttermilk gives its hard to find some where else. It has a pure taste of spiced buttermilk without any adulteration.

Amul buttermilk has perfect consistency what I like and the balance of salt and other spices in it is mild that makes it soothing. Being with tasty it has health benefits too.

Nourishment with refreshment
Really like this drink in summer time. The spicy taste is superb, and the aroma is also good. I prefer this drink for all, as it is full of nourishment and good for health also

Amul - buttermilk
I love this taste, its appropriate mixture of all things Jeera, Salt, Spices. I like to drink it everyday with lunch. Its so yummy. Its packaging is very convenient and safe while travelling. The salt and spice combination is also very apt and soothing especially during summers.

It is a nice product that helps in fighting heat during summer. It is considered healthy and the spices added to it makes it more delightful. It is a perfect relishing drink. Worth trying.

    Usage Tip:
  • Serve chilled

the packet is really amazing its a blend of chilli ginger jeera and coriander . its best for summers and tastes awesome when served chilled

Tasty and refreshing
I drink this lassi when i need some energy and refreshment now its been many years i have been drinking lassi and chaaz on daily basics being from harayna its normal to drink lassi and this amul lassi with little bit of salt give me extra taste as compared to other brands

    Usage Tip:
  • 2 glass daily

It is such a refreshing drink which quenches all the thirst in the summer. If consumed chilled it tastes heavenly. The spices added to it make it more flavourful and it's worth spending for.

    Usage Tip:
  • Serve chilled

This product is perfect to have on a hot summer day, instead of the sugary drinks available. I usually have 2 at a time. I prefer Amul butter milk over Mother dairy as this is less spicy and tastier.

I love amul products. This is so fresh, healthy and flavourful beverage to have, especially on a sunny day. Because of its packaging it's so easy to carry. And it's so affordable to have.

Amul Masti Buttermilk
Great tetra pack drink for travelling or for storing, the perfect blend of savoury to compliment any dish or can be taken as it is. I recommend it as it is very refreshing and healthy at the same time.

Amul- Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack
Amul-one the best quality dairy product brand in Indian markets introduces the traditional Buttermilk (chhaachh) which is milk based refreshing drink. It's made of milk solids, salt , spices and other ingredients. This drink imparts freshness, spicy with tang to our taste buds and has a creamy texture. Its 100% vegetarian and made good quality ingredients. This product has an absolute tetra packaging which ensures the freshness of the product.

    Usage Tip:
  • Direct consumption

Quench the thirst with an cooled drink...
Amul is trustworthy brand, it's almost all products are value for money. & it's buttermilk is perfect churned and is riched with flavor bust!!

    Usage Tip:
  • Add more species to it.
  • Keep it little rich.
  • Packaging could be nore attractive

Amul butter milk
I like amul products... Amul butter milk is very tasty... Good packaging nd very very tasty.

My family favourite...
My family favourite...

In summers, I usually prefer buttermilk. Usually the homemade one, but while travelling this is the only brand I buy. This one is so refreshing, the texture and the taste is so good. Neither more salty/spicy nor less. Just the apt flavours.

Butter milk is love
Amul is the most popular brand in dairy products so if we talk about taste it is absolutely very tasty and authentic green chillies and coriander this butter milk contains one of my favourite drink and if we talk about packaging is in tetrapack which is nature friendly

    Usage Tip:
  • Open and drink

Good product
This product is of Ok types. Doesn't get that home wala feel. No sweet ness is their,only salt and jeera is there. shake well before having as for me quite a times it got stuck at end .

    Usage Tip:
  • Shake well before drinking

Excellent Refreshing Product
Title says it all. Must try product. Excellent during Summer season. Can have after lunch and dinner. Smooth texture. Good quality packing. Best serve cold.

Whenever i used to come back from my hectic college classes i needed a refreshing drink .. yo restore my energy .. Here it us Amul buttermilk has been my constant friend for many years

Very refreshing!
Whenever I feel tired, i open my fridge and take the amul Masti buttermilk which is cooling and very refreshing. It's healthy and packaging is perfectly packed in tetra pack.

I love this taste, its appropriate mixture of all things Jeera, Salt, Spices. I like to drink it everyday with lunch. This variety of buttermilk is what I look for whenever i have to pick up a soothing drink while travelling. Its packaging is very convenient and safe while travelling.

    Usage Tip:
  • Good for health

Amul Masti spiced buttermilk
It is a really good product. The quality along with the taste is quite decent and nice. It is really soothing to drink this buttermilk during summers.

Amul Buttermilk is of very nice taste.
This buttermilk is really creamy and has a fresh taste.It is also very tasty and refreshing.It is value for money and in addition to that,we also get nice quality of buttermilk .A must buy.

Good Summer Time Drink
Apart from the fact that butter milk is a good drink to help build a stronger gut, I also drink Amul Buttermilk because it helps me beat the summers! This is a part of my lunch box on almost a daily basis. I feel its a bit too salty but now I have acquired a taste for it and enjoy drinking it daily! If you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to ask Cheers Hungry Chopsticks!

First love
I m Jabra fan of Amul products. I like each n every Amul products for its pure and amazing taste. Buttermilk is my weakness. In lunch/dinner I compulsory serve it with my menu. It's refreshing and good for digestion also

    Usage Tip:
  • U can also prepare namkeen dahi wade using this product

trusted brand
When it comes to milk, Amul tie comes in my mouth .. I have been eating such a good band since I was little. Very good and thick milk. Very tasty

Amul masti
Anytime anywhere,Amul Masti spiced butter milk is so soothing and cool that gives a true taste of India. Be it a summer or winter or rainy ,Amul Masti with taste of jeera, coriander and ginger triggers our mood and boosts our energy. As we consume the buttermilk ,we get bits of ginger and jeera which tastes extremely good. The only drawback in this product is it turns out sour especially in summer. Although taste is good but sour butter milk is no no. May be brand has to work on packaging which locks freshness for longer period. The sellers should not sell the old stock and deceive the customers which may degrade the reputation of the company and its brand name. Sometimes I also use this Amul buttermilk to make majjige huli ( kadhi) in case I don't have curd .

This chaas is my favorite energy drink when I am out on any trip. The taste is very nice and the spices used as masala give the perfect kick to the chaas. The texture is no too thin and I love to slurp it. the packaging is also good as the drink will not spill and you can have it using a straw even on the go.

Good in digestion .
Amul masti is very good in digestion nd also very tasty.. we always take it in lunch time. It’s very healthy option for us. Add some black salt nd pepper in this , it’s good for our digestive system. Quantity nd quality is also good.

Pocket friendly and healthy
For my I prefer to serve home made food to my family. But some time we are in office or going outdoor for work . That time it is not easy to carry home made specially the liquid food. As we know that we all are living in a era were every one like to have cold drinks which according to a studies and research is not good for our health. To avoid the consumption of cold drinks I prefer to add Amul buttermilk. Its tasty easy to carry and go with all kind of cuisine. Best in summers. Even will making curd rice I add Amul buttermilk it enhance the taste of my curd rice.

Amul Masti butter milk
For any puja or religious function in our house apart from party or university we rely on this one product, that is Amal Masti Butter Milk.Very tasty food is prepared using this product and it does not harm the body.Kids also enjoy a lot. I will tell everyone that once you use this product, you will always want to use this product.

It's very nice
During summer we always wanted to have something chilled many prefer coldrinks but I prefer to have this amul masti butter milk which is really taste like homemade and make you cool from inside when u have this good for digestion also.

My favourite Summer Drink
I recently discovered this product, and was amazed with the taste. It tastes really good and the level of salt and spice is just perfect. I stock my fridge with the small tetra packs of Amul Buttermilk and carry 1 or 2 everyday to work. Most of the times I end up consuming it on the way, even before reaching office. This surely helps me get rid of my hunger pangs, and is quite a healthy drink to have in between meals especially between breakfast and Lunch or even sometime in the evening around 6 pm. The only issue I have is that the product is not available of a recent manufacturing date. Almost all stores have the tetra packs of old manufacturing dates at least 2-3 months old. Though the shelf life of this product is 6 months, but because I buy in bulk, I prefer picking a fresh stock which I very rarely find in the stores.

Tasty , Refreshing buttermilk
We love buttermilk, but due to work pressure, I cannot find time to make it at home. We dont like any market bought buttermilk so were skeptical earlier to try Amul masti Buttermilk. But Amul didnt disappoint us at all. The taste is the exact same as we expected. Creamy , refreshing and also good for digestion. Sometimes I even prepare our favorite chaas curry by giving it Tadka. Love it.

The cool cool Chaas or buttermilk from Amul always tastes fresh and feels homemade with nyc aroma of ginger and curryleaves flavor. my refrigerator always has stock of it. keeps body cool and controls body heat. easy to carry.

Amul Masti Buttermilk- Utterly butterfly yummilicous!
This buttermilk is the best refreshing milk one can have. It tastes yummy and love the freshness it brings along with it. The product and its packaging is nice as well. Would recommend others too to try this product.

Amul Masti Buttermilk
I did not like simple drinking butter milk.but i taste only one time amul masti spiced butter milk and the taste is i only prefer amul masti butter milk.

So cooling
Wow what a product it’s so nice and cooling .. once you drink it you will never stop buying . Pricing could be little better( lower) but taste and texture is fabulous.

Amul buttermilk
This is my cold drink in summer not only quenches our thirst but also refreshes our mind n body.full of amazing flavours.every sip is osum.i drink it everyday in summers love it .must try.

    Usage Tip:
  • Add some pudina for taste

Healthy & refreshing drink for your kids & family
Very refreshing & healthy drink to beat the heat of summer..My son loves Amul Masti buttermilk a lot and he wants to have it daily with his lunch.

tastes good but need improvement
i have recently tatsed amul masti spiced buttermilk and wants to share my experience.texture is good not so thick not so thin but I feel it is less salty and spicy.for me it tastes plain. brand should add a little more salt and spices like cumin would be better if you bring mint flavor too.

Amul masti spiced buttermilk
I had this for the first time it tasted too yum ? ? .The spices were medium an the drink was refreshing . It was like an energy booster. U can't resist drinking one. This buttermilk you can use for making ur spicy dhokla, or khandivi. The value for money is reasonable, packaging also good. It's better when u buy it,consume it on the same day . It's so refreshing . The curds r neither sour nor bitter. It looks like it's made out of fresh milk an the buttermilk is fresh. It's good for digestion. An keeps u cool,since in ths buttermilk no preservatives r present nor color. It has its own natural color an the ingredients what they have used is ,used in our day to day cooking . Hing& fresh jeera has been crushed is used which is natural an good for health,the taste of ginger is minimal,& the spices r the commonly used green chillies & black pepper s . It's easy to dispose

review on amul masti buttermilk spiced tetra pack
Amul masti buttermilk is very good for drinking as it is made of butter so it gives energy to the body. The taste is also not like normal milk, it tastes really good.

Refreshing and Tasty
Amul Masti Butter Milk is a refreshing natural healthy Drink without adding any food colors or flavors, made from Milk. Amul Masti Butter Milk is my favorite drink. Amul is a well-known company, famous because it produces all of its products including Masti Butter Milk in a very clean and hygienic atmosphere. It is in every Health book or Doctor also suggests Butter Milk is the best to drink for Summers, it protects us from Sun, and it improves our digestion system. It is cool for our stomach. It is full of Calcium. Must try especially in summers, just take one glass of Amul Masti Butter Drink instead of your morning Tea, you will find the best health results at the end of summers. You can add little salt and cumin powder to make it much tastier. Amul Masti Buttermilk is easily available in the market or amul stores. No doubt on its food quality. Good for health.

Yes you are right , and I too like the flavor of amul butter milk,what ever you suggested for morning drink it's Truly helps me because I love having coffee in the morning

Amul Masti Buttermilk
This is very healthy option whenever you crave for a soft drink... It's made from natural ingredients like milk solids etc. will love it's spiced flavour It comes in handy 200 ml convenient n pocket friendly pack

Amul buttermilk is chaas locally known in India amul masti the best butter milk, it can also with & after meal it also has a crush of some selected Indian spice & I love the packaging which gives it the long lasting life to the buttermilk I would recommend this drink to everyone also easily available in the market for 10 Rs.

taste and authenticity
awesome taste and extremely healthy. Gives you a large amount of energy with good taste. Easy to carry and an affordable ready to drink beverage.

Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack
Amul Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack is really good in taste. I love to drink this buttermilk daily with my lunch.This amul masti butter milk has appropriate amount of jeera, salt and spices in it which makes it awesome in taste.A big thumbs up to the packaging of product.

Amul masti chhach is really very nice and tasty. I always prefer it in summer when I am outdoor from home. It is easily available at any store. The spices are really superb.

Healthy Amul buttermilk (chaach)
Amul spiced buttermilk or amul (chaach) is an amazing and healthy product.Its refreshing and a bit spice & masala add n owsm taste! It's very simple to use and packaging is standard.Its also travel friendly.I always carry it while travelling. Price is also Worth it.??You can have it anytime.

Love it
Really love the Amul butter milk. I feel its a little tick so i mix a little water and more masala and drink it . It also lacks the ginger flavour that i love in the butter milk usually.

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